Post image for Download Our November Calendar!

Happy first day of November! Visit our flickr page to download our November calendar, or click on the image below to be taken directly to the large version. Enjoy! Read more »

tsukiko -Nov 01, 2013, 11:06AM
Beautiful! Thanks for posting these on time <3

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Post image for Happy Halloween From Free People!

On this All Hallows’ Eve…

May the magic of the midnight moon ignite your spirit and charm your soul for a spellbinding night spent under the stars. Read more »

Jessica -Nov 01, 2013, 10:51AM
I had less moonlight and fewer stars and more mist and wind - but that's a great Halloween atmosphere, too!
Marissa Fischer -Oct 31, 2013, 9:08PM
Thanks for making the days leading up to halloween so fun, mystical, and sexy, FP!

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Post image for Down Dog Healing Café

“An ayurvedic café? No way,” I thought. But they absolutely exist. And there’s one in Philly that I recently entered for the very first time. Owned and run by Kei, yet another incredibly knowledgeable beauty in the Philly ayurvedic community, Down Dog Healing Café immediately found a place in my heart. Read more »

Niika Quistgard -Nov 02, 2013, 10:24PM
So Great! This looks fabulous! I'll stop in at Down Dog for a cuppa when I come into Philly to meet folks next week for private Ayurveda sessions at Temple of the Lotus.
Alex Deanne -Nov 01, 2013, 12:54PM
I agree with Marissa... this would be heaven for me in Chicago!

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Post image for Ayurveda Journal, Week 1: Exploring The Senses

After having a glimpse into the world of Ayurveda at Temple of the Lotus last week, I’ve decided that this is something that I’d really like to incorporate into my life. I have a few physical ailments that I’ve been trying to resolve for quite some time, and in recent years I’ve acquired a thirst to become more connected with myself and my surroundings, and to learn how to be truly present. I have a strong feeling that Ayurveda is exactly what I’ve been needing all this time. Read more »

Ayurvedichealingvillage -Apr 05, 2014, 7:27AM
Ayurveda is ancient knowledge that indicates the very measure of life, advising on the appropriate and inappropriate, happy and sorrowful conditions of living, and recommending practices auspicious for longevity. The meaning of ‘Ayur’ is life, and ‘Veda’ means knowledge, so Ayurveda means ‘knowledge of the science of life’. Ayurveda was derived from the most cherished scripture of India; the Vedas. The four Vedas are the Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda. For more Visit on-
sahyadri ayurvedic hospital -Feb 10, 2014, 4:07AM
I have read your blog.It is very informative and useful.

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Post image for Free People Horoscopes, Week Of October 28-November 3

Horoscopes by Tracy Allen. Read more »

EP -Oct 28, 2013, 6:10PM
It's really strange to me that whatever's going on in my life is actually relevant to this. Granted, I won't change my life to mold whatever my horoscope says, but it IS interesting that I'm frustrated with work and my horoscope reflects that haha!
Dina -Oct 28, 2013, 3:14PM
I don't wish to be rude, but Astrology makes me angry because it is NOT real and should NOT be taken seriously. It's only an excuse to wrongly categorize and stereotype people... :(

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Post image for Scenes From The Office

We have many different areas that make up the Free People Home Office. From design pods to the store display workshop, there always seems to be some new addition that pops up in each section week after week. I like getting the chance to capture this ever-changing environment that we work in. Have a look! Read more »

Louise -Oct 27, 2013, 10:28AM
Totally copy-and-pasting this around to all the FB bloggers, in hopes of a reply! I have a question I’ve been meaning to ask the FP blogger (or anyone else who’d like to help me out), I love the style of photography you all have, and am just wondering what cameras you all use? I’m hoping to get a proper camera, and love the arty side of photography, but am hopeless at understanding the technological side. If you could let me know, I’d be so grateful. (If your sugesstions turn out to fit my price range I’d be even more grateful!!)
regina -Oct 25, 2013, 7:24PM
loved this post, i make dreamcatchers and have them hanging in my bedroom and at my desk <3 thanks for sharing!

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Post image for 7 Days Of Giveaways: The Last Giveaway!

It has been so much fun celebrating our blog’s 7th birthday with 7 days of giveaways this week!  For the last day, we’ve rounded up some amazing accessories and beauty products including hats, scarves, sunglasses, jewelry, nail polish, and mud masks from Alaska Glacial Mud Co! The first 50 people* to comment on this post will receive 3 items each!  All you have to do is comment — just be sure to leave your email address in the appropriate field when commenting so that we can contact you.  Thanks again everyone for being a part of this blog — we love you!! Read more »

Martha -Dec 26, 2013, 2:15PM
I love the essence of love, passion, and beauty inspired by nature in all of her work. It's fresh, it's light, and nature just comes alive through all her pieces.
Alisha -Oct 28, 2013, 3:59PM

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Post image for Free People Takes On Tokyo!

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that the first Free People store in Tokyo will open tomorrow! We will have a free standing store and showroom in Harajuku as well as a shop-in-shop in the Lumine Est shopping center in Shinjuku. We fell in love with Tokyo when shooting our October catalog there, and are thrilled to have a presence in this amazing city.  Much like the city of Tokyo itself, the store is a mixture of old and new design – a sleek white building is brought to life with colorful gardens and twinkling lights, and the store interior incorporates many of the vintage-inspired, handmade touches we love so much.  Read more »

Alexa Sonken {Invitations for Creatives} -Oct 28, 2013, 12:09AM
Wow that store looks gorgeous!! Wish I could see it live!
Kiana -Oct 27, 2013, 1:11PM
You guys pleasee open a store here in Jakarta, Indonesia. FP is my favorite clothing line ever! Pleaseee222 open a store in Jakarta, we need Free People store!!!

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Post image for Win A Juice Cleanse From Love Grace (Juice Recipe Included)!

It’s day 6 of our 7 days of giveaways, and today we are excited to offer a one-day juice cleanse, courtesy of Love Grace!  Love Grace makes amazing gourmet juices, smoothies, and elixirs that are all raw and organic, and packed with nutrients.  They’ve also been kind enough to share some delicious recipes exclusively with Free People!  Get a new recipe below from Jake Mabanta, the founder of Love Grace, and be sure to check out our past recipes for Super C Tonic and Berry Chia Fresca! Read more »

Bella -Oct 26, 2013, 3:08PM
This seems amazing, would love to try it out :)
Rachel -Oct 26, 2013, 12:11PM
Yum!! This sounds amazing! I've been feeling so stressed out with school and midterms and a juice cleanse sounds exactly like what i've been needing! @SpielmanR

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Post image for Philly File: Sarah of Two Percent To Glory

Philadelphia is made up of many different neighborhoods, and the one I spend most of my time in is Fishtown. Here you can find one of my favorite boutiques in the city: Two Percent To Glory. Read more »

Domestica -Dec 08, 2013, 9:01AM
Another Iowa girl makes good - in Philly! Cannot wait to hit up Sarah's shop nxt time I'm back. I'm from Center City (and can totally attest to how inspiring it all is), but now live in Des Moines. Philly really is a lot like Des Moines in terms of its close-knit community, and even though the city's huge by IA standards, you really can be a stand out if you're willing to do the work. Love Two Percent for Glory - loved this profile piece. Thx!
Natalie -Oct 24, 2013, 3:26PM
Would love to talk to Sarah about her travels in finding herself - I'm always conflicted with what I want to do and what I should do, at least professionally. Would be nice to hear if from somebody on the other side.

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Post image for Plant Shop I Love: City Planter

It’s rare that you go inside to get a breath of fresh air, but that’s exactly my intention when I go to City Planter. Read more »

contact -Jan 20, 2014, 12:32PM
quite Amazing tutorial!
Danielle -Oct 21, 2013, 8:16PM
Absolutely in love with this post. Love the photos, nice work!

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Post image for Free People Horoscopes, Week Of October 21-27

For our 7 days of giveaways in celebration of the blog’s birthday, today we are giving away a free reading with our amazing astrologer Tracy Allen!

To enter: Tweet the link to this blog post, and leave a comment below with your Twitter handle!

Horoscopes by Tracy Allen. Read more »

Alexandra -Oct 26, 2013, 1:05AM
Christine -Oct 25, 2013, 11:09PM
I love this horoscope! I look forward to it every week :) Twitter - @maiautumndesign

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