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Post image for Weekend Do: Catch Peak

Walking along a path of orange. Crisp air beneath my coat, and a crunch under each step.Read More

Susan -Nov 02, 2015, 12:26PM
So Incredibly Magical. I wish I could be there right now! Thank you for sharing. The Weaver Of Words.....give me 15 words and I'll tell you a tale
Zoe -Nov 01, 2015, 4:40AM
Autumn colours really are amazinh! such a magical time of year. Zoe

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Post image for In the Studio & Across the Country With Jamie of Ax + Apple

Meet the creative mind behind FP fave Ax + Apple Jewelry
Read More

Post image for A Grand Opening for the New CF Sherway Gardens FP Store!

Toronto! You’re invited to celebrate with us Friday, October 30th! 
Read More

Courtney -Oct 28, 2015, 2:05PM
Love the camel coat with the black dress look! x Courtney
Michelle -Oct 28, 2015, 10:47AM
Wonderful! I'm in love with the black dress and overknee combination!

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Post image for Day Trippers: 12 Hours in Portland, ME

Spend an afternoon exploring Maine’s rocky shore…

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Kate -Oct 29, 2015, 7:51PM
If you ever want to take a tour of Portland, try the Portland Fire Engine Company. It's a really great overview of the Portland area...very inexpensive and only 45 minutes long. Plus how cool is it to ride around on a vintage fire truck :)
fp julie -Oct 29, 2015, 12:25PM
Court - haha, technically the Maine state treat is the whoopie pie and the official dessert is still the blueberry pie... but I think both are delicious and worth indulging in regardless of distinction :) I'll definitely give Arabica and Crema a try - Pumpkin sounds amazing!

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Post image for Travel Tuesday: What To Do In Asheville, North Carolina

Headed to Asheville? What’s doing in one of our favorite mountain towns…Read More

Laura -Oct 31, 2015, 2:34PM
I am so glad you loved Asheville! I live here and it is an amazing place to be. Below are some places you should try next time you come :) Places to eat: Bull and Beggar (dinner) King Daddy's Chicken and Waffles (breakfast/brunch) White Duck Taco Chai Pani (amazing indian street food ) Ben's Tuneup (really good restaurant and bar in an old car mechanic and there isn't a roof on part of the place. You can eat and drink under the stars!) Breweries: The Wedge Catawba Burial Brewery Hiwire Hikes and Waterfalls: Catawba Falls Sam's Knob Skinny Dip Falls Graveyard Fields
Jenny -Oct 30, 2015, 2:16PM
Thank you for doing this post. I'd waiting for ya'll do to a post on Asheville and then one day it came. And then I was happy. Beautiful place and now it has top priority in my weekend planning.

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Post image for The Ultimate Guide to FP Me/FP Me Fall Challenge

Get the most out of your FP Me experience, courtesy of a few seasoned FP Me users! And read on to learn how you can win a $100 gift card!
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Heidi -Nov 02, 2015, 2:14PM
Love everything! Great style and quality.
janette -Nov 01, 2015, 10:39PM
if I can't afford the clothes but only dream of wearing them, can I create a mood fashion board through polyvore but with only FP clothes ?

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Post image for Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of October 26–November 1

Find out what the universe has prepared for you this week…Read More

Kiss & Make-up -Oct 25, 2015, 7:58AM
Sounds like I have a fun couple of weeks coming my way :-D

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Post image for Fall Flower Chat: The Farmer’s Daughter

“You belong among the wildflowers. You belong somewhere you feel free.”  – Tom PettyRead More

Susan -Oct 27, 2015, 11:35AM
Such a gorgeous post! I too buy flowers each week for my desk...if I can't be outdoors, flowers on my desk are the next best thing! I also love, love, love vintage oil paintings, so far I have two floral paintings. I find them so incredibly inspiring! The Weaver Of Words.....give me 15 words and I'll tell you a tale
Nazlıgül -Oct 25, 2015, 7:20AM
Wow gorgeous place, and your photography is awesome! Don't forget to stop by to my blog! :) Nazlıgül | on my own way

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Post image for Photo Diary: Asheville, North Carolina

Jump into fall with this Asheville photo diary.Read More

Elise -Nov 05, 2015, 11:02PM
I was born here! :)
Michelle -Oct 26, 2015, 2:18AM
What app was used for those videos? So beautiful!

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Post image for Buckinghamshire Boho: Meet British Stylist Shelly Vella

Looking for  fashion inspiration? This is it — an interview (and more) with one of our favorite stylists, Shelly Vella!Read More

Kiss & Make-up -Oct 23, 2015, 4:37AM
Stick to it is good advice for any career. And I agree, the cottage looks sooooo cozy, I love the interior design!
Michelle -Oct 22, 2015, 7:57AM
The jackets and coats presented here are just beautiful!

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Post image for Friends Reunited

To reunite with close friends is to experience a feeling of home…Read More

Lawrence -Oct 23, 2015, 1:21PM
You're so happy having good friends. I have only 1 close friend. But she is going to marry and live far from me. We will be very difficult to reunite. I'm sad.
charlotte law -Oct 23, 2015, 4:37AM
absolutely stunning photographs as always, inspirational. CHECK out my travel & beauty blog... WWW.CHARLOTTEJESSICA.COM

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Post image for Get Away! Win a Trip to Mexico with FP Escapes

Enter to win a spot on our yoga retreat to Mexico, and take in a few tips from Yogascapes on how to prepare for your next retreat! Read More

Carly Usher -Oct 25, 2015, 2:06PM
I am trying to enter the competition but when I click the link there is no competition to enter!!
Ashley -Oct 23, 2015, 1:05PM
Rita & Julie...I'm not 100% sure, but it would be my guess that those are just rules specifically for getting into Mexico. It is my understanding that traveling across US borders with a criminal record is incredibly difficult (I've heard people say that Canada won't let you in even if all you have is a DUI conviction). I find it weird, however, that the contest is only open to women. I mean, I get that Free People is a women's clothing company, but still...

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