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Post image for Spirited Catering: Quick Bliss Avocado Pudding

A week of wellness during our stay in Costa Rica meant a week of eating healthy and wholesome. Read More

Maïa -Jun 06, 2014, 6:06AM
Wow this is just an amaizing life Lauren & Keith have ! Can't wait to go to Costa Rica this summer to discover Pura Vida !!!! Sure I wanna try this delicious pudding ! xx Maïa
Tiffany -Jun 05, 2014, 1:32PM
This photographs are wonderful way to be transported to another land :) so lovely...and thank you for this post...Avocado season sure does make me smile :)

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Post image for Vegan Avocado Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

UPDATE: This post originally ran on April 24 but this recipe is way to delicious not to share again! We’re making it all summer long.Read More

chantelle -Aug 07, 2014, 5:31PM
I'm going to make this but by freezing the banana, some of the coconut milk and avocado first. In theory they should blend into automatic icecream. Not sure yet if gonna use 70% cocoa or cacao nibs. Oh and just stevia for sweetening.
Yael -Jul 11, 2014, 2:38PM
Coconut milk like in a can or like coconut-based milk alternative?

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Post image for Blood Orange Margarita

UPDATE: This post originally ran on April 30th, but we can’t get enough of this delicious recipe as the weather warms up! Read More

Lovey -Jun 01, 2014, 2:03PM
Mmmmm looks lovely! Check out my homemeade gluten free, vegan granola oxoxo
Juliette Laura -Jun 01, 2014, 10:03AM
This looks SO SO good, and the photos are perfection.

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Post image for 20 Days Of Movement, Day 19: Green Smoothie

I can never resist a good smoothie recipe, so when I saw that this green smoothie recipe as part of our 20 Days of Movement, I knew I had to try it.Read More

Mae -Jun 15, 2014, 1:30PM
I tried this today, it was so good!!!! Plus it's really easy to make. It tasted a little like kiwi, so I thought I'd trick my boyfriend and say it's a kiwi smoothie, He drank the whole glass! The expression on his face was priceless when I told him it was kale.
Juliette Laura -Jun 01, 2014, 10:09AM
Love the tips in the second half of the glass! My blender was broken for a few weeks, and I am so glad to have purchased a new one!

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Post image for Chocolate Avocado Fudgesicles – Gluten-Free & Vegan

This post is part of our restricted diet series from Beth of Tasty Yummies.Read More

Simona -Feb 18, 2015, 5:02PM
Ahoj Petro, Koukni na to. Kakaová zmrzlina z avokáda pro Huga? Jen jsem si vzpomněla na tvou avokadovou 'dietu'.. Toto by se ti možna hodilo.. A možná taky ne.. Měj se. Simona
Charlotte -Jun 02, 2014, 12:11PM
I just made these and I can't wait to eat them!!! I am not a big avocado eater, yet I couldn't keep myself from eating the preparation! I used almond milk and some shredded coconut Thank you for this healthy and so delicious recipe

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Post image for Good-For-You Cocktail Recipes From Nekter Juice Bar

This post comes from our contributor FP Naomi.Read More

cristina -Jun 03, 2014, 10:13AM
UMMM so i went to nektar to get these mixers... only to find out they were discontinued :( at least for now... they may be tweaking their recipes, but they took them out of the stores right now :'( so sad!!! please come out with them again nektar!!!!
Juliette Laura -Jun 01, 2014, 10:11AM
Mmmmm! Sounds so good!

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Post image for Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie

This post comes from our contributor Jill of a Better Happier St. Sebastian.Read More

Juliette Laura -May 27, 2014, 11:11AM
Oh wow sounds delish!
Carpet Cleaning Battersea -May 26, 2014, 6:18AM
Oh my gosh, looks so delicious! This is the perfect breakfast for me, healthy and yummy :)

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Post image for Iva Lee’s: Behind The Menu Of Our FP Me Camping Trip

When the plates of food began appearing along the table at our FP Me Camping Trip, jaws were instantly floored. Read More

Torsten -Jun 09, 2014, 7:10PM
Wow... I can't believe this was for a camping trip... Amazing food with stunning presentation... Looks like it's for a high society wedding!! Torsten @
Flourish Design Co. -May 25, 2014, 1:40PM
Stunning food styling.

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Post image for The Best Way To Fight Off Allergies This Season

For the past couple of weeks, my allergies have been bad.  With the first bloom of a new season, specifically in spring and summer, my eyes and nose begin to suffer. This has always been something that’s affected me, and I know I’m not alone. Thankfully, when we were in Atlanta, I picked up a tip from a friend who swears by a sweet and gooey substance that will help do the trick…Read More

Latha - Columbus Allergists -Jan 29, 2015, 11:24AM
Very interesting way to combat allergies! Never would have thought raw honey would do the trick!
Las Vegas Frigidaire Repairman -Sep 13, 2014, 7:27AM
I just like the valuable information you supply for your articles. I'll bookmark your weblog and check once more here regularly. I am rather certain I will be told a lot of new stuiff proper right here! Best of luck for the next!

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Post image for 5 Reasons To Eat A Dandelion This Spring

Dandelions are incredible.Read More

Nicole -May 21, 2014, 3:10PM
Growing up, my great grandmother - and eventually my grandfather, mother and her cousins - would all go dandelion 'hunting' in open, empty fields, Dandelion salads were a staple for our summer diet with a little oil, vinegar and salt to taste. Now, most fields are plowed over and its harder to find them as most lawn dandelions are usually treated with weed killing chemicals, or otherwise very small. After reading this post, I'm determined to plant my own dandelion garden!
Emily -May 20, 2014, 5:29PM
I've never thought about eating dandelions but the health-benefits are amazing. Oh, how I wish I had a yard so I could plant my own...#bigcityproblems

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Post image for Strawberry Salad With Arugula & Honey Lemon Dressing

This post comes from our contributor Jill of a Better Happier St. Sebastian.Read More

Lauren H. -May 19, 2014, 9:44AM
This looks delicious! If you're into healthy food, and healthy ways of growing it, you should check out Cayisa. They sell gorgeous jewelry to support learning gardens, sustainable farming, and other programs that are good for farmers, us, and the Earth. Check them out at!
Lovey -May 19, 2014, 12:21AM
Totally making this for my organic lunch for school tomorrow!!! I can never figure out dressings so thanks! I think I’ll add some organic red quinoa too! xoxoxox

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Post image for Spring Liver Cleanse Tonic

Our friends at Love Grace sent over this delicious recipe that is just what my body is craving right now. Read on for the recipe and some info on this detoxifying juice from Jake Mabanta, founder of Love Grace!Read More

Tiffany -May 17, 2014, 2:53PM
Not always a huge beat fan either, but its worth a try! xx, Tiffany |
Flourish Design Co. -May 16, 2014, 2:07PM
Beets are so healthy, never thought of using them with dandelion! Thanks for sharing this!!!

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