Post image for Mediterranean Pasta Salad with Raw Squash from Cookie & Kate

This recipe comes from vegetarian food blogger, Kate, of Cookie & Kate. I love her blog because it’s chockfull of unexpected food combinations that approach the vegetarian and whole foods lifestyle with zest. Just because you choose to eat food close to the source and in season doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. With her pup Cookie by her side, it seems like Kate is always playing it up in the kitchen, and it shows through in her recipes.

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eyelid Surgery -Nov 09, 2014, 7:30PM
Very nice post. I definitely appteciate this site. Keep it up!
Lynnette -Jun 29, 2012, 1:57PM
Wow! This looks delicious :D

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Post image for Thai Coconut Cucumber Salad from Love & Lemons

This week’s recipe comes from one of my favorite food blogging duos, Jack and Jeanine of Love & Lemons. Their blog is full of healthy (mostly vegetarian) and lactose free recipes that will make you salivate. Whenever I’m looking for healthy inspiration this is definitely a blog that I turn to. This week they prepared for us a Thai Coconut Cucumber salad that makes me yearn for late outdoor summer dinners. Read more »

Lily -Jun 24, 2012, 11:35PM
I made this as part of dinner tonight, a side of an asian put-together meal. It was very satisfying, very Thai! I omitted the edamame (because I didn't want to bother with it) and tofu (since the rest of the meal I made focused largely on tofu), but instead used beech mushrooms, which worked out really well. I am a huge fan of mint used in savory dishes, and this certainly pleased me. After my boyfriend and I had our shares, plus the rest of the meal, I went back to finish the salad. I couldn't resist.
Haille -Jun 24, 2012, 7:06PM
After church I saw this on twitter and thought "well I know what I'm having for lunch!" We didn't have red curry, so I learned how to make it! Instead of tofu I substituted with tilapia that had been broiled in butter and garlic salt. Since we were lacking arugula I just used romaine lettuce and added some spinach leaves in. I also sautéed some purple onions with a bit of butter, some of the red curry paste, and salt, then added those to the mix. I made it for my mother and I, and it was just delectable! We loved it. Even my brother (who doesn't like salad) was trying to devour mine. Thank you for posting this recipe! It was delicious. Next time I'll probably try using portobellos :)

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Post image for Charity Gala: The Great Chefs Event

Last Tuesday, I was so graciously invited to the seventh annual Great Chef’s Event, a night of charity and outstanding food to benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Over 50 world-renowned chefs were in attendance here at the Navy Yard, whipping up their best bites for the cause. Read more »

Post image for Tea Time with Alexis Siemons

I first met Alexis back at the Kinfolk dinner a few weeks ago. She prepared four types of iced tea for the dinner that were unlike anything I had had before.  Read more »

Erika -Jun 22, 2012, 10:24AM
Delicious recipes, thank you so much for sharing, I'm loving this so much!
Alexis -Jun 21, 2012, 4:51PM
Kristen, feel free to pop over to my blog ( for more recipes. I'll be updating it more frequently with tea-infused summer treats. Thanks!

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Post image for Flower and Berry Ice Cubes

These creative little flower and berry ice cubes give added fun to any drink. Whether you’re hosting a party or just relaxing at home, why not add them in? Read more »

harneet -Feb 16, 2014, 12:36AM
Super! But need to know edible flowers.
-Jan 22, 2014, 12:49PM
This is a beautiful result, but what flowers are you using? The recipe just says "a bouquet of flowers". Some types of flowers are poisonous, or even fatal when eaten, so it would be nice if the readers knew what edible flowers you were using here.

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Post image for Gluten-Free Vegan Roasted Balsamic Strawberry Tarts with Whipped Coconut Cream

Another delicious recipe from our friend Beth over at Tasty Yummies, the master of gluten-free and vegan desserts.  Read more »

i love tarts -Jul 17, 2013, 4:56PM
but I have got to give you credit for the great idea! its probably the healthiest tart ive ever heared of.
i love tarts -Jul 17, 2013, 4:46PM
we have no more flour so is it ok if we crush almonds?

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Post image for Vegan Restaurant: Candle Café in NYC

With two locations in NYC, one on the Upper East Side and one on the Upper West, Candle Café is dedicated to serving healthy vegan food that not only benefits your health but also the environment. Read more »

kristen -Jun 13, 2012, 10:13AM
Been going there for years! The owners are very kind people and not to mention the food is just delicious. It's a great place to bring your friends who are not vegan/vegetarian to show them not all vegetarian food is created alike. It's by far the best tasting vegetarian food I've ever had that captures flavors seemingly identical to bacon, chicken meat....
A. Bean -Jun 13, 2012, 9:30AM
Thank you for another vegan-oriented post. But, "and to cook vegan, you need creativity"? On the contrary; unlike meat and dairy, vegetables don't have to be overly cooked, processed or seasoned to taste phenomenal. Not to mention that everything tastes better when no animals are harmed in the making of your meal.

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Post image for Gluten Free Cupcake Decorating: Constellations

To go along with the theme, we served gluten free cupcakes decorated with constellations at our Astrology Picnic. They’re a fun and fairly easy cupcake to make at home – not to mention sinfully rich and chocolaty for a gluten free option.  Here is how to make them yourself. Read more »

Krytsal -Aug 13, 2012, 12:46AM
yum, these look great. i didnt have any xanthan gum but wanted to try another substitute other than the one you mention. i searched for ages and came across guar gum. i found the article here
Dani -Jun 19, 2012, 12:58PM
So Nai.... when are you making these for me? <3

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Post image for Living Local: Guest Post from the Parsley Thief

This week’s Living Local post comes from one of my favorite food bloggers, Katie Vitucci of The Parsley Thief. Her mouthwatering recipes and photos get me every time. Here she tells us about her favorite in-season ingredients and gives a great recipe idea on how to incorporate them. Read more »

Christie -Jun 07, 2012, 8:10PM
Looks amazing! Can't wait to try it myself!
meatballs & milkshakes -Jun 07, 2012, 1:06PM
beautiful and delicious looking!

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Kinfolk Dinner Series

Last weekend FP Brigette and I got to attend an amazing dinner put on here in Philadelphia by the people at Kinfolk! For those of you who don’t know what Kinfolk is, it’s a magazine produced by a group of artists “advocating the natural approach to entertaining.” The pages are filled with amazing photography, inspiring articles, and an emphasis on art, design, and spending time with friends. Read more »

Carrie Jordan -Jun 04, 2012, 1:03PM
I bet the decor and details at the dinner was beautiful. I just visited Terrain in CT for the first time this weekend and was blown away by the design there! Looks like a fun time :)
TotalKnockoff -Jun 03, 2012, 10:45AM
looks beautiful! love the natural and rustic look.

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Post image for Miso-Glazed Sea Bass

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I think that the way to mine is through miso-glazed sea bass. After hours of marinating, the miso mixture keeps the fish tender and then, when cooking, it caramelizes on the surface. Read more »

Preston -Jul 20, 2012, 9:50AM
lets make it!
lieske -Jun 04, 2012, 7:19AM
omg, yummie yummie yummie. I'm getting very hungry seeing this. I really love te recipes you show on this site. I hope you will continue with posting recipes

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Post image for Eggless Egg Salad – With Curry, Asparagus, and Raisins

Crunchy and sweet, spiced and creamy – all at the same time – this week’s eggless egg salad recipe is a must for any vegan looking to pack some protein into their lunches. Spread it onto a sandwich with some nutty bread, lettuce, and tomato, or simply top off a salad with a few large spoonfuls. Read more »

A -Jun 04, 2012, 11:45AM
That looks so yummy!

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