The Free People display team is in the process of decorating our new New York showroom. The showroom is where we sell to all the other stores that sell Free People. We display all of our upcoming collections there and the girls in the showroom work with the buyers of each store to choose the best styles for their particular customers and locations.
So here’s a few shots of the supplies and process. I’ll try to get some photos for you of the finished showroom too!

Samantha -Jan 25, 2009, 10:57AM
Hello!! I'm a junior in high school and am 16 years old and in LOVE with Free People. I've been wearing your designs for years and adore everything about them. It would be my greatest dream to work during the summer at one of your store locations. Greenwich or Manhattan is possible. I plan on sending a letter to the managers of the stores. Do you have any other suggestions? -Sam
Marilyn -Nov 18, 2008, 4:48PM
Hi FP! I was just wondering- do free people employees get free/discounted merchandise? By the way, near my home in Eldersburg, MD there is a "main street" opening that I think would be a perfect Free People location!

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the workshop

Just wanted to share a few photos I snapped in the display team’s workshop. Doesn’t that first picture look like the most girly hardware store you’ve ever seen? So out of all this madness comes our beautiful displays. Our fall store displays are being installed now, so I’ll get you some photos and the inside scoop later this week!

nicole -Mar 25, 2008, 11:38AM
AMAZING! I am the visual manager at Saks Fifth Avenue...this looks like such creative, artsy fun! I love it..thank you for the inspiration! keep up the good work!
Ijlal/freegal -Jul 19, 2007, 7:31PM
girlie indeed makes me want to go out any buy a pink hammer and start banging on something lol. I just love it

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kit yee

Meet Kit Yee. She works for one of the factories we work with in Hong Kong and visited our office last week…
It was an awesome opportunity to get to know each other, and to work
hand-in-hand with our designers and production team.
She saw a lot of Philadelphia during her stay, including a visit to Franklin Fountain on Market St. She loved the egg cream!
Here’s a little message Kit Yee sent us…
6/23 3pm: I am on the flight CO099 way back to home
6/24 8pm: 15 hrs later, I am in HK international airport
Can¹t believe 5 days is just like a flash, remember all the nice and cool
people I met in Free People office, the tasty ice cream I have had, the cool
hair cut, and the surprise birthday party for Carrie!! (correct me if I
spell your name wrong. TKS!)
Haha! Seems I just have fun in Philly though I did. I need to mention
something about my hard work here!
This is really my pleasure to have chance work with all FP people in Philly.
Thanks everybody for providing me such memorable experience and especially
Lorie, Doub and my boss Andy and Joey help to arrange this wonderful trip
for me!
Hope to have chance to see you all in HK!

Last week, the Free People display team, the merchandisers, and the retail teams were all busy setting up our new store in Greenwich, Connecticut! You should definitely go visit the store and see how it came out, but here are some “behind the scenes” of the preparation.
The above photos are of the finished art in the fitting rooms. The display team hand paints, draws, stencils something unique in each room. Don’t they look amazing???
And here we have the transportation of the giant yarn balls. Looks like a comfy ride…
This is the first Free People store to have this cool new cash-wrap. (Don’t mind the mess, remember this was from setting up the store) The little windows are filled with treasures found in Hong Kong. Some have flowers, stationary, and other crazy sparkly Chinese decorations. One of our sweater designers, Amy, lives in Hong Kong and she found all of these incredible bits for us. She said she sourced them in these tiny hole-in-the-wall shops and alley ways. She had lots of fun finding them and it was so different from working on the sweaters. Thanks to Amy, the cash-wrap looks awesome! Go check out the store for yourself!

Emeline -Jan 18, 2010, 7:27AM
I searched on google "giant yarn " and I found your post. Can you explain me where did you buy it or how did you make ? Thank you !!
emily -Sep 01, 2007, 9:43AM
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Greenwich store. I live in Westchester NY and I was waiting and waiting for a store to open near me (because prior to this one, Bloomingdales small selection had to suffice, either that or an hour car ride to Roosevelt Fields Mall) and just as it opened, I left for camp. You can only imagine my distress. Anyways, I went to the store a few days ago and I LOVE IT. Free People is by far my favorite brand/clothing and makes up 25% of my closet. So THANK YOU for opening a store in Greenwich. It looks INCREDIBLE and I'm planning on going back VERY soon.

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our story

Lots of people ask about the history of Free People, how the brand was started, about the relationship with Urban Outfitters, etc. Well, now we have posted our story on our website for all to read. Check it out here!

Lara -Jun 26, 2007, 1:07AM
Well, I was 26 when I discovered Free People but I'm 30 now! ;) Thanks for being in love with me.
notcot -Jun 25, 2007, 7:55PM
SO nice to finally hear the Free People/Urbn/Anthro story! Always did wonder about that. hey fp girl ~ i love your blog, and we're in the midst of launching NotCouture to join the NOTCOT network of sites and would love to chat with you. Drop me an email? [i couldn't find the contact info for you on here] ~ jean

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baby onesies

We had a baby shower last week for our Planner (she figures out how much we need to buy of each style, what stores to send which styles, she manages all the numbers). All of her coworkers from the buying and web teams made her these adorable onesies! They have heat transfer graphics and are hand dyed. So cute, right!

sharon -Jun 28, 2007, 1:08PM
www.babyjay.com sells the BEST baby onesies. I use them all the time for baby shower gifts.
ginger -Jun 27, 2007, 7:07PM
A friend and I threw a baby shower where we had the same idea! We provided the guests blank onesies (three different sizes for as the baby grows), fabric paint, stamps, and plates for mixing colors. We had the onesies strung up bank as part of the decor, then rehung them as drying art decor. The mom-to-be then picked her favorite and the winner was awarded one of our centerpieces. It was the hit of the shower, and they all came out really cute!

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web shoot

Our web team was working on a photoshoot with new product for our website, so I made a visit and took some random photos. Here we see hair & makeup…

I’m sure you’ve noticed our latest backgrounds that look like photographs, and sometimes they look so real you’d think they shot on location. Well here’s a photo of just the backdrop. Our creative assistant discovered how to make these in Illustrator. She tiles out a photo and then prints each piece on a regular color printer. Then you put all the sheets together like a puzzle. Looks awesome right? Check out them out on our website.
Another background, a personal afghan belonging to one of the girls on our display team.
And just a silly candid of our photographer (part of the Cracker Farm team) and the two FP girls that make all the webshoots happen…

april -Jun 12, 2007, 8:36AM
ooochee your photographer's a hottie lol
karra -Jun 06, 2007, 10:36AM
i love the afghan! that's such an awesome pattern.

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Our accessories designer has just returned from a month of travelling in India and Hong Kong. She brought back all of these amazing trims and ribbons to use for inspiration. They all looked so great together, so her team made this cool display and hung them on the wall in their office. Don’t you just love the huge pompoms?

Suzanne Lynnette -Jun 14, 2007, 8:16PM
They are absolutely hideous and the display looks utterly stupid and frivolous! What a waste of time. Is that what you all do there? You actually paid someone to go to Hong Kong and India and this is all they came back with??!!! I have seen better at local flea markets!
kayte -Jun 06, 2007, 4:53PM
beautiful!!! i love the giant pompom trim! i want it right now.

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I was deleting photos on my camera and found these shots I took at a trend meeting last year. This is when the designers were first starting to think about the India and Africa trends that have been our past two design concepts. Everyone on the design team brought in inspiration that related to the themes. Some brought fabrics, some vintage garments, magazine tears, accessories picked up on travels… Someone even brought in some paintings they did while in school! This is just the start of the long development processs they go through when working out new concepts. Thought you’d like to see a little peek!

Jessica -May 02, 2007, 10:34PM
I just looked at loads of inspiration boards at my job today and got super excited. These things really get the creative juices flowing...
Casey -May 02, 2007, 6:28PM
wow. i love seeing and reading about how these collections begin. the brainstorming process is always so fun to see--the diversity of stuff is *amazing*!! thanks for sharing. :)

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So there were seriously eight different FP employees in the home office yesterday wearing blue and white stripes. How ridiculous is that? And yes, we have an FP man! He merchandises the stores!
And about the swap…
There are just under 200 people signed up! woohoo! Thanks to all you bloggers that spread the word! So I’m gonna match up partners and email you info. There are about 10 people that didn’t leave me your email address! If your name is listed, (I left out your last name for security or whatever) please comment with your email. I won’t post the comments… This is gonna be fun.
Laura P
Cody F (male swapper! woohoo! he did the vday swap and the poor guy received a necklace, so this time I’ll let his partner know he’s an FP man…)
suzi b
Jessica G
Crystal-Ann K
Rachelle C
Natalie S
Claire B
Patrina F
Reethi J
Helen H
Heather R

Reethi -May 11, 2007, 7:46PM
I forgot to check this... Is it too late to swap?
fpgirl -May 09, 2007, 4:05PM
Hi Sarah & Swappers, I'll be sending your partners to you by Friday. I was trying to give those people that forgot to send their email address some time to respond. Sorry about the wait!!!

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This is the desk of Heather. She is the Free People Direct Operations Supervisor. She works in the home office and oversees the distribution center and customer service concerns that require the above and beyond. She likes to keep her stuffed creatures in a jar.

Most of these little Mexican icons were gifts bought at the Eyes Gallery on South Street in Philly. The last piece on the right was a college art project titled “Good Girls & Bad Girls”.
And Heather’s in a scooter club. I use to wonder why she came into work in the morning wearing a helmet…

naughty secretary club -Apr 22, 2007, 11:38PM
Tell Heather I love her little oil cloth horse. I have the matching bunny.

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I promised to share a couple of books that were really inspiring to the creative team while working on April’s catalog. The first is called “Zara’s Tales” , a memoir about Peter Beard’s adventures in Africa and dedicated to his daughter, Zara. Beard’s beautiful photography and drawings are scattered throughout.
The second is called “The Jouney is the Destination: The Journals of Dan Eldon“. Dan was an accomplished photo journalist by the age of 22 and was also a fantastic artist, combining collage techniques with his amazing photographs. This book was compiled from several scrap books he kept and his family assembled after his tragic death at 22, when Dan Eldon was working in extremely dangerous conditions in Mogadishu. A truly inspiring man of passion and talent. I recommend you check out this website “An Electronic Revolution” inspired by his life and work.

Ijlal -Jun 04, 2007, 8:03PM
Dan Eldon truly an inspiration to us all
Eliz -May 10, 2007, 2:53PM
Dan Eldon is my absolute hero. He went to the same summer camp as I did when I was little! All the way in Iowa. Free People is also my aboslute hero and his book has inspired me to make alot of lovely things too!

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