Word has it that this floating building is not photo-shopped, but is in fact real and exists in Ukraine! I’ll let you decide for yourself. Still, a very cool picture, right?
Via Microscopiq.

For the life of me I can’t remember where I originally saw these book pages, but they are so darn interesting! I think the second picture would be really cool as the graphic on a tee-shirt. Like maybe take all the “R” stuff and put it on a shirt. What do you think? See more pages from the book here – seriously go look, they’re really neat!

surreal collages

There’s something about these collages by Joseba Elorza that I find really intriguing, and not just because I enjoy surrealism. (Though that’s probably a lot of it.) Wouldn’t you love to be that little boy standing over the pine forest? Check out Joseba’s site for more.
Via Booooooooom.

yulia brodskaya

I was browsing Penguin & Fish and saw these stunning typography works by Yulia Brodskaya… They’re so inspiring! I can’t imagine the work it must take to create them! You can see more gorgeous pieces on her site.

It took Eric Tabuchi four years to collect the right pictures to complete this truck alphabet. Totally worth it, but I’m wondering, how did he ever find the Q? And I love the lower-case F. He’s working on another truck alphabet currently, and you can see what he has gotten so far on his site.
Via Many Stuff.

andrea -Dec 27, 2008, 11:21PM
i love these. reminds me of my twelve hour trips to Indiana for the summer.
Dallas -Dec 22, 2008, 3:56PM
these are amazing! imagine if you were in the drivers seat, poor eric! what a talent. dallas http://www.dillydallas.blogspot.com

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sweet graphics

I love these vintage cereal box designs! The graphics are really interesting to look at, and some of the names of the cereals that don’t exist anymore are really amusing! (MMmm King VitaMan cereal…) From the Aeron has a whole collection of these images right here! Fun stuff!
Via Metafilter.

pruittfpgirl -Dec 19, 2008, 4:20PM
Hey Cherry! I'm afraid you have to be 18 or older to work for Free People - but don't despair! You should totally apply in 2 years! Good luck! xox p
Cherry -Dec 19, 2008, 3:12PM
Can you work at Free People at age 16?

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balloon canopy

Landscape architect and designer Gustafson Porter created this beautiful floating canopy with helium balloons and some shade cloths (and I imagine they’re tied to the ground somehow, otherwise your canopy would just fly away!). I love the idea of marking off a space in nature, and the fact that it’s floating makes it kind of magical and organic.
This was posted on Apartment Therapy back in September, but I just discovered today on Cup of Jo.

-Apr 03, 2012, 12:18PM
Magritte - like. My think is that your day would have to be just right! but it is visually stunning. Less cliche than butterflies,doves,bubbles-although they are fun too. This would take a stage crew!
fpgirl -Dec 23, 2008, 12:24PM
yeah it would be so beautiful for a wedding! can you imagine on the beach?!

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This is so incredible, right?! I’ve seen a lot of really spectacular light shows, but this one really strikes me because the lights are all in such natural shapes! Lights made to look like flowers and peacocks? Awesome!
The display is at Bellevue Botanical Gardens in Bellevue, Washington. If you live near there, please go check it out for me! The great pictures were taken by Lecia of A Day That is Dessert, where you can see a bunch more pictures of the display!

Karla -Dec 22, 2008, 12:38AM
I grew up in that city and still live really close - the Botanical Gardens are a real Christmas tradition around here! They even have hot cocoa and hot cider to drink as you stroll through the park :)
Lecia -Dec 19, 2008, 10:38AM
Thanks so much for the mention!

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jack smith

Many of you may already be familiar with the work of Yorkshire-born artist Jack Smith, who created the awesome pieces above, among many others. I love his style – abstract and colorful! Flowers Gallery in London is currently having a show of his work to celebrate his eightieth birthday, and to my delight, their site has a fantastic slide show featuring many of his pieces! Definitely worth checking out!

garland light

Tord Boontje is the creator of this delicate light, called the Garland Light. I’ve seen (and really liked) some of his work before, but this is just so eye-catching and natural-looking, I can’t get over it!
Via Now Voyager.

cake. -Dec 16, 2008, 12:57AM
they used to sell them at the AIA bookstore in philly!

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Aren’t these graphics so awesome?! I recently discovered the work of Copenhagen-based art and design studio Hvass&Hannibal, and I am loving the bright colors and fun shapes! I especially love the fish in the top picture, don’t you?

fprebecca -Dec 15, 2008, 4:25PM
I love this! Is this the guy that did the Shins album art for Chutes Too Narrow?! I love that album :)

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These gorgeous creations are the work of one of our accessories designers, Sarah! She has her own little jewelry business, Sarah Lewis Designs.
I asked Sarah to tell me a little bit about where she gets inspiration for her pieces and how she got started making jewelry. Here’s what she had to tell me about it:
I first started making jewelry when I was a kid, creating necklaces with beads and hemp and things. When I was 14, I learned how to blow glass, and I just fell in love with the art form. I am inspired by so many things, everything around me, especially nature – which is how I got into working with crystals and rocks. I just love gemstones, and when I see a gemstone I immediately envision ways that I would want it to adorn the body. For me, jewelry is like a small-scale sculpture that you can wear!
Be sure to check out Sarah Lewis Designs, as there are lots of fabulous pieces to be seen there! And the best part? A few of our stores will be carrying Sarah’s jewelry starting in a couple weeks, and in April, our catalog will be featuring and selling some of her jewelry too! Look forward to it!

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