robin cameron

I stumbled across these works by Robin Cameron on FFFFound and I am liking them pretty much! Regular readers might not be surprised, since I generally enjoy colorful artworks! If you like them too, be sure to check out Robin’s site, since she has much more of her work posted there!

ayelet -Dec 08, 2008, 3:44AM
thanks for this one...(link)

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knitted masks

How cool are these knitted masks by 23 year old artist Stephan Golddrajch? They were on display at the Berlin Preview art fair, and spotted by a blogger on The Moment. Read the entry to hear their view on the “woolly territory between fashion and art.”
I also think these are so appealing because the sweater quality makes me want to wear them, even though that would probably look a little scary. Maybe on the slopes. Anybody else loving the cardboard box display?

We mentioned James Cooper yesterday when talking about the underwater shots from our December catalog, so we’d like to share some of his work too. Beautiful!
My favorite is the last one where it looks like some magical place between water, sky and earth. Which ones do you like??

fpgirl -Dec 03, 2008, 10:31AM
I thought the paint was probably less than environmentally friendly too. I think it's in a pool though, so at least there are no fishies living there. And it does look beautiful.
Suzy Peabody -Dec 02, 2008, 11:57PM
spray paint under water is not cool

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Just a few shots from around the office today… Much hard work is being done!


This quick little video makes me so happy! It’s nice to think about plants growing and living, since winter is starting to bear down on us! I love watching the little roots grow…

I love these photos by Rune Guneriussen – I can’t stop looking at them! The phones look like they are watching for phone predators… And the first picture is so perfect for wintertime, the lamps look so cozy and cute in the dark of winter!
See more pictures here on Livejournal, and even more on Rune’s site!

For anyone that signed up for the Art of Giving winter craft swap, you should have an email waiting in your inbox with your partner’s info and the link for the flickr group. Please leave me a comment if your email is missing info (there was lots of fast copying and pasting, so I’m sure there are some mistakes) or comment if you did not receive an email.
Here is a list of people that signed up and did not leave their email address. Please leave a comment so I can give you a partner:
Karyn Frazer
Wendy Grupka
Zoe Phillips
Dattani Vidhi
Audrey Hamrah
Happy crafting!

fpgirl -Jan 05, 2009, 10:47AM
Hi jolieLaid. Yes! Here is the flickr group:
jolieLaid -Jan 02, 2009, 7:19PM
Howdy FP, Is there a flickr group to post our craft gifts? Just curious. Thanks so much this was such a fun thing!

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This is actually part of an advertising campaign for HSBC Bank! Their ad company had an aerial photo of city skyscrapers attached to the bottom of this pool, in attempt to raise global warming awareness. I just love the idea! It makes me wonder what other pictures would look really cool at the bottom of a pool!
Find a tiny bit more info here.


Check out these awesome landscapes, made and photographed by artist Carl Warner! They are created entirely with food!

The castle is made of cheese, and the wagon wheels are mushrooms! I bet you can pick out the rest!

I love those rock-potatoes! And corn cornfields!
Mmmm…. Bread mountains.
Here is the artist at work on one of his creations!
You can see a bunch more of Carl‘s foodscapes right here! Special thanks to FP girl Lisa, who emailed us to make sure we saw these! Thank you so much Lisa! Great eye!
If you ever see something awesome that you think we should feature on the blog, please always feel free to contact us and suggest it! We love to hear from you! Email us anytime at!

Anne -Nov 29, 2008, 12:31PM
What happens to the food after the artwork is created? Donated? Eaten? Thrown out??
free coloring pages -Nov 26, 2008, 9:24PM
it's amazing reaaly good design awesome..!!

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kup kup land

These little felt brooches are so adorable and carefully detailed! They were created by Kup Kup, whose Etsy store, Kup Kup Land, is filled with many more equally cute little somethings. I would love to pin a tiny collection of these treats on my jacket!
I saw this on Penguin & Fish blog!

nualan -Nov 26, 2008, 4:23PM
we love kup kup land!!!

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These incredible shots were taken at the Devil’s Pool on Victoria Falls in Africa. In the Devil’s Pool during September and December people can swim right at the edge of the top of the falls and not go over! This would be so amazing! Plus, Victoria Falls is arguably the largest waterfall in the world! What a great way to see it!
Via Black Eiffel.

MD SADEK -Nov 04, 2012, 6:47AM
tiffany -May 13, 2011, 10:25AM
NIce Butt ;)

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These gorgeous shots are from Kuwana Japan’s annual winter light show, in their Nabana no Sato theme park. There are reportedly 4.5 million LED’s in the show! I’ve always wanted to visit Japan, now I wish I could get there before March, when the show ends! So beautiful!
Via Gizmoto.

Deana -Nov 20, 2008, 11:05PM
this is soooo amazing. i love it!

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