I love the looks of this book shop in a greenhouse in the garden at The Wapping Project, a hydraulic power station that’s been converted to a contemporary art space and restaurant.
The architect writes:
“As an only child I lived in my books and still have every one of them. I also ran a shop in a dis-used hen house at the bottom of our ramshackle back yard where I sold jars of soapy water to myself and imagined who I would be” smiles Wright. “Now I’ve made a tiny glass bookshop with a coal fire, selling the most beautiful books, where everyone can browse and imagine who they might become, while others watch them through the glass and imagine who they are.”
Check out a complete article on the space on Dazed Digital.

Hooray! We have a new Free People wallpaper for you, and it has a super cute Halloween-theme, made for you by our graphic designers! I have it as my desktop right now!
Go here to download it, and be sure to check out our desktop wallpaper set on Flickr for more fun FP wallpaper!

yttr -Oct 27, 2008, 11:38AM

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I saw this video on Yatzer, whose post about it is very informative. I just want you to watch the video, because it’s so cool!

Boy, wouldn’t you love to show up to someone’s party in that dress?!

Halloween in Philadelphia always brings talk of the Eastern State Penitentiary, a creepy old historical prison where they do a haunted house every year.
Right now you can also view an exhibit called Ghost Cats by Linda Brenner. The work consists of a series of white cat sculptures, representing the colony of cats that lived on the prison grounds until the closing in 1971.
The photos are by Freddy Sarabia on JPG

pam -Jun 21, 2013, 10:14PM
I am sure my passed cat still lives in the bedroom
Freddy Sarabia -Nov 06, 2008, 9:15AM
Eastern State Penitentiary is one of my favorite places to photograph. I hope that people enjoy my Ghost Cat pictures. Thanks for the post.

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crystal chair

I saw these ethereal pictures of Tokujin Yoshioka‘s exhibition in Tokyo on Lark About, and though his natural crystal chair is amazing, what I was really taken with was the crystal-like and smokey stuff hanging from the ceiling! It looks so pretty! Tokujin has more info about the exhibition on his website, and I found a really cute interview with him right here on DesignBoom!

Dez -Oct 23, 2008, 6:35PM
I love his website! There are these amazing chairs under New Project called Moroso I think, anyway they remind me of a bouquet of peony's or pretty!

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Scrabble Bench

I love these benches that look like scrabble trays, with pillow letters! They remind me of playing scrabble with my parents as a kid, and losing terribly, haha! The pillow letters would be fun by themselves too! The benches were designed and created by Stephen Reed for the lobby of a company in London. When I was browsing his site, I also saw these really cool alphabet paperclips! A very fun idea!

minutestar -Oct 24, 2008, 10:03PM
OMG they are SO cute! Also, I am soo glad to stumbled upon your blog. I'm an AVID fan of FreePeople!
Leona Raisin -Oct 23, 2008, 12:58AM
If you like Scrabble you'll love nods adorn fans.

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I’ve posted one of Ann Wood’s castles and a boat before, but this one was made for Halloween! Ann constructed this cardboard wonder for the window at the Lower East Side shop Johnson (you can see it in person until Halloween).
Check out her blog for some detail shots and to hear about the hidden ghosts and enchanted horse!

sculptural crochet

I really loved these ideas about the sculptural nature of crochet. Wunderkammer on SuperNaturale explores how crochet stitches are not unlike pixels in the way that they are individual elements making up the whole. The artist also points out how technical or organic a crochet can be.

I really love the “CURVE + DECREASE” specimen. That says it all for me!

Mark Handforth

I wish this was one of the walls in my living room. Awesome!
This sculpture was created by Mark Handforth of Miami Florida.

Lord -Oct 22, 2008, 7:10PM
Me like.
Casey108 -Oct 21, 2008, 7:55PM
This piece is very inspirational.

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nest house

So beautiful with the autumn leaves! This nest house was designed by Gerard Moline for Droog. The concept is that you can construct this shelter and use materials from the natural surroundings to complete it. Create your own experience that relates to how the animals are connected to their natural surroundings and gain a better appreciation of your own.
found via pan-dan

pruittfpgirl -Oct 21, 2008, 11:37AM

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There are lots of groups of things!


fpgirl -Oct 21, 2008, 2:21PM
Hi Tara! Glad you found us:) I did stop by your blog, and I did feel the love. You take beautiful photos!
Tara -Oct 20, 2008, 2:59PM
what a great stumble upon today! Love this bloggy....I'm an FP lover and Anthro Freak. Besides that, I'm a writer and editor for some cool magazines. I recently blogged about my stop at 18th & Walnut, you may know the place? Stop by my blog, you'll feel the love :)

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Daydream Lily
posted this image of a beach on Thailand. I’ve never been there, but I want to go just to witness this!
They release these lanterns on the beach as a symbol of good luck. How beautiful!

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