I recently came across the work of Ross Bleckner, and I can’t stop looking at his paintings! I really enjoy them – they take me to some other world… He has quite a portfolio! You can find out more at his website.

emily -Sep 26, 2008, 1:51PM
love it!! the first and last ones are my favorite.

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Craziness! La Machine, a group of French engineers, created this massive spider and placed her in Liverpool UK for a few days… The photo gallery on their site has pictures of the whole exhibit, with lots of cute shots of peoples reactions. Pictures above by Matthew Andrews.

-Oct 02, 2008, 6:59PM
wow! that is scary & so strange it kinda reminds me of the nike headquaters in mexico with a gian soccer ball in the side lol
Lauren -Sep 27, 2008, 12:45AM
now that's scary!

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laura mccafferty

Laura McCafferty makes me smile. The English artist creates these illustrations with a mix of fabrics and hand-stitching.
She has a great collection of work on her site, divided into catagories like travel, clothes/accessories, and ladies/hairdressing/market. Check out her web site!

-Sep 24, 2009, 1:13PM
I love Laura McCaffertys work, what an inspiration!
pruittfpgirl -Sep 25, 2008, 10:52AM
these are cool. inspiring!

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jean shin

I am loving the beautiful photographs of Jean Shin’s artwork. The capturing of discarded everyday objects (like broken umbrellas after a rainstorm, or the ends of altered pants) is inspiring and I think speaks to the issues of waste, recycling, disposable culture, etc. But also craft.
And I also love these photos of materials she’s taken at the maket. They remind me of photo’s we’ve taken around the fp office!

fpgirl -Oct 01, 2008, 9:42AM
Thanks! I do like her work:) I like your blog too! Good luck with the new job!!!
jessica ann mills -Sep 30, 2008, 4:42PM
Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing these! You'd probably really love Michelle Moode's work! http://flickr.com/photos/michellemoode/2631810536/in/set-72157605944035779/

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Bethann -Oct 06, 2008, 5:31PM
awe, too cute, thats what i call fighting for love.

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created by Carrie Schneider.
via i heart photograph

Lauren -Sep 25, 2008, 12:12PM
Wouldn't you look attractive... =)

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Su Blackwell creates these beautiful sculptures out of old books, mostly ones she finds in second-hand book shops! Each sculpture is created using paper only from the book with which it is shown. You can see more of these amazing pieces on Su’s website. There is also an old post on My Love For You (where I got these great pictures!) that has a real nice interview of Su.

louis vuitton -Nov 10, 2009, 10:40PM
wow fantastic~
promdresses -Aug 13, 2009, 2:52AM
wow Very strange, very interesting,so Q

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glorious eggs

Franc Grom uses a little tiny electric drill to put literally thousands of holes in real egg shells. Fragile and amazing – he generally puts between 2,500 and 3,500 holes in each egg!

via Rag & Bone

Jaranian -Sep 26, 2008, 10:47AM
Lauren -Sep 24, 2008, 11:29AM

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Under the names Lizette Greco or grecolaborativo, the Greco family of southern California create these awesome stuffed animals! Using the drawings of their son and daughter, Mom and Dad create the plushies, representing the drawings as accurately as possible. It’s a family collaboration! They make up little stories for each of the animals too! You can see everything they have made right here, and if you like something so much you want to have it for yourself, they also have a little shop!


If you’re looking for a good browse this afternoon, I strongly urge you to check out Rachel Papo’s website. All the above photos belong to the Israel-raised photographer, and her website holds many more delicious photos. The way she captures people is mesmerizing.
via Lost – a really cool blog!

puglyfeet -Sep 27, 2008, 8:32PM
god, these pics are brilliant. love the colors!
vic -Sep 25, 2008, 6:50AM
Thanks for the link. Rachel's photos are stunning... And for the record, I sometimes call my blog lost.

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polish pavillion

I’m loving this design for the Shanghai Expo 2010 by Polish architects Wojciech Kakowski, Natalia Paszkowska and Marcin Mostafa. The design is inspired by Polish folk art paper cutouts.
There seems to be some controversy in the comments on Dezeen regarding how or if the physical building will turn out. I personally just enjoy the concept and the images!
thanks to black eiffel for the link:)

eliinbar -Apr 08, 2010, 1:00PM
If you are interested to know, what I think were the sources of inspiration, for few of the Pavilions at the Expo 2010 - Shanghai Enter my blog Archidialog.com at: http://archidialog.com/2010/04/07/expo-2010-shanghai-part-one/ http://archidialog.com/2010/04/08/expo-2010-shanghai-part-tow/

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It’s that time again folks!
You are all invited to Building 543 in the Philadelphia Navy Yard tonight at 5:30pm for a fabulous art show opening! Artists Hayley Carmo, Annette Monnier, Callie Konane Rickards and Lizzy Janssen will be displaying their work at the Gallery at 543 through October 17th. Come by the opening tonight for a chance to meet the artists, view their work, and eat delicious treats! It looks to be a real good time! If you are in the area, be sure to come by!
The Navy Yard is at the absolute southern end of Broad Street.

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