sfgirlbybay got a case of Gocco Mania! I’ve heard the word “gocco” but honestly didn’t really know what the printing process entailed. She posted some great pics of the process. Check out her blog for the account of her illness.

recycled fp catalog

On the back of our last catalog, we challenged you to recycle the paper in a creative way.
We received the most amazing note via email. One customer took our challenge and used the pages of our catalog to create this awesome jewelry. We are so impressed and surprised at how she re-purposed the book. Great job Ashley!!! You can buy these pieces and more at Ashley’s etsy store or befriend her on myspace!
Did anyone else see that challenge on the catalog? Anybody else do something creative?? Leave your email in a comment!

Sarah Svendsen -May 05, 2008, 10:03PM
This challenge inspired me to make a necklace organizer. I was so tired of untangling the mess. I made one from a fp catalog and a few more from some 30s reproduction fabric. They really work great!
Melissa -Mar 12, 2008, 10:56PM
Inspired by the message on your catalog, I decorated the very boring box holding my makeup with the Free People catalog, and some dried flowers :) Recycling is fun! check it out ---> http://www.flickr.com/photos/24631741@N03/2329593351/

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window art

I spotted these window films by Emma Jeffs on Oh Joy! They are beautiful! I love it on the French doors. They actually remind me of the window that caught my eye at barometer. Theirs is made out of some sort of lace, or a velvet burnout, but from afar it could look like these films.

Design for Mankind -Mar 05, 2008, 10:10PM
Wow-- these ARE beautiful! Thanks for the link!

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Wandering through Chinatown this weekend, I was on the hunt for some craft supplies. As I made my way down Walker Street, my eye was captured by this amazing window on the second floor of an industrial building. The sign read Barometer. I rang the bell and went on up to discover the sweetest little shop full of “attic” objects and handmade jewelry. I met Miss Anna Studebaker, who curates the collection of objects. The jewelry is made by her partner, Jenna Wainwright. The shop is a bit like an attic, a bit museum, and a bit girly studio apartment. Check out their website and pay them a visit next time you’re in NYC.

Niccole -Mar 03, 2008, 9:36PM
thanks for the insight! I am headed to NY this weekend, hopefully I will be able to pay them a visit.
Anna -Mar 03, 2008, 2:25PM
Katie, it was so nice to meet you! Thanks for the shout-out.

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origami flowers

Check out these origami flowers made by artist/crafter/blogger ArguingTheMobius. Check out her blog for some info on works-in-progress and her etsy shop to buy her handcrafted bouquets!

mitra -Jul 13, 2008, 2:04PM
I Like to learn a bout origami

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diy sequined canvas

We first posted photos of the sequined canvases when our NYC store opened. Now they are part of all of the FP stores’ spring display. A reader commented asking how to make these, and one of our talented display girls had some great advice I wanted to share with everyone.
For our proto, our designer actually hand sewed each sequin on by hand, and then left a space for the screen printed flower applique. She does not recommend doing that yourself! Luren suggests going to a fabric store and buying a small amount of sequined fabric, maybe the stretchy variety. This could be a little expensive, so another great alternative would be to find some sequined wonder of a dress at a thrift store for a couple of dollars. That way you would be recycling material and not spending much $$. The fabric can them be fixed onto a frame of canvas stretchers and decorated as you like.
Hope that helps! If you end up making the project, you should send me the photos and I’ll post them on the blog! Just leave your email address in a comment and I will get in touch. Happy crafting!

Kayla -Jun 15, 2009, 3:36AM
Hello. Would you be willing to sell one to me? I'm in love with these art pieces and I'd be so thrilled if I could purchase one? Please let me know. Thanks soooo much! Hello. Would you be willing to sell one to me? I'm in love with these art pieces and I'd be so thrilled if I could purchase one? Please let me know. Thanks soooo much! <3
Corrie Hill -Jun 30, 2008, 4:15PM
I tried to do my own version of these fabulous canvas. Check them out at www.creativecorrie.blogspot.com

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vday craft swap photos

Check out the flickr group featuring the crafts blog readers made for the Free People Valentine’s Craft Swap! (If you sign in to flickr, you will be able to see the full photo pool. If not, you will only see a limited number of photos.)

Learning to Love You More is a project by artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher. I had heard of the project before, but never really knew what it was about until this weekend. Miranda and Harrell have created this list of assignments intended to guide people toward their own experiences. In the book version of the collections, they talked about how, as artists, your life is all about creating. These artists realized that it was precisely in the moments of letting those thoughts of creation go, that they truly had these meaningful experiences.
The other thing I like about this project, is that so many of the assignments relate to childhood. We wouldn’t need these kinds of assignments as children, because we thought of this kind of stuff all the time and were just free to do it. As adults I think we forget that we have that freedom. So here are a few of my favorite assignments. Check out the website and the book, and do some of the assignments on your own.
10. Make a flier of your day.
15. Hang a windchime on a tree in a parking lot.
27. Take a picture of the sun.
33. Braid someone’s hair.
39. Take a picture of your parents kissing.

joanna goddard -Jan 28, 2008, 11:02PM
this is SO sweet. i would love to braid a friend's hair. my mom used to braid mine, and it was such a lovely experience:)
liz -Jan 28, 2008, 1:14PM
i love learning to love you more... almost as much as i love Miranda July's No One Belongs Here More than You

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cardboard carpets

wendyplomp.jpg Discovered these beautiful printed cardboard "carpets" over on Bloesem. Designer Wendy Plomp titled them “message in a box”. Here is a description from Louise Schouwenberg of Domus magazine.
Cardboard is probably the cheapest industrial packaging material available on the market. Any image that is printed onto this typically throwaway material can turn into a streetwise design object; something that can have a glorious second life if left to the street where it can be spontaneously employed in new applications.
For instance, it could be reborn as a disposable carpet that could instantly provide you with a clean space wherever you are, almost like a home.
To prolong the lifespan and usefulness of boxes, informative messages or ornate arabesque patterns reminiscent of precious carpets could be printed on the inside surfaces. An example could be the food parcels dropped in disaster areas; this unexploited space could be used to provide valuable information which, especially in those conditions, might be enormously helpful.

stairtread -Jan 07, 2014, 11:19PM
First time i heard about cardboard carpets. Good thought, I enjoy your post. Well done
Donnieboy -Oct 12, 2009, 5:18AM
Just wanted to drop you a line to say, I enjoy reading your site. I thought about starting a blog myself but don't have the time. Oh well maybe one day....

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love stories

Camille from Kissing Knees Craft wants to invite all you creative fp girls to participate in a project she’s putting together. Share you love stories. Ya gotta love something! check out her blog for the info…

Michelle Jackson -Oct 25, 2012, 9:31AM
thanks for leting me get that out!
Michelle Jackson -Oct 25, 2012, 9:30AM
I fell in love with a guy named Tyler, he has been my friend for about five years. Veronica, Tyer, and i were walking down the hallway when tyler said the most outrageous thing; he said that he thought that i thought that he couldn't stop talking about me. I cried and ran from him the rest of the day. the next day i write a note to him telling him that what he said was very rude and i slipped up and accidentaly told him i liked him, and he said the feeling was mutual!! We are STILL going out and it was over 2 years ago!!

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folkloric tin

I spotted Melanie Tomlinson’s work on designers block. She does these incredible printed tin tableaux. Check out her explanation of her work, and read more on craft2eu
Running through my work like threads, are themes from folklore. These allow me to step into another world, to explore the world of the unfamiliar and transform its stories and symbols. The themes and messages in folktales transcend time and culture and are still relevant to our own experiences.
Some of the tableaux are automated with the movement hidden inside the piece and some are static. I like the element of surprise that happens when you discover a small handle, that when turned brings the piece to life. Many of the tableaux sit on top of a box which has a printed interior. The boxes are not obvious at first, but when discovered, can become secret hiding places for personal artefacts.

peter -Jun 02, 2008, 4:48PM
wow. thanks for posting. these craft2eu guys from germany are such a good place to support. they just know whats going on

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doily chair

I just had to post Tara Murray’s doily chair. Free People is always attracted to the modernization of old crafts, and Tara’s work explores that concept. Here’s a bit about the chair from her website
The Doily Chair was an exploration in designing a new furniture piece utilizing an outdated object. The new composite linen doily has found its home supported on a wide walnut chair frame. The recontextualized doily provokes images of grannies and formal parlours of the past yet maintains its contemporary proportions and usage. The Doily Chair is a project from the thesis work on attachment and thus employs the six developed Design Tools to Encourage Emotional Attachment.

Diane Edwards -Jul 12, 2013, 4:28PM
I love the chair at Bloomingdales. Would love to buy it. Low - made for short people
jon -Jan 03, 2008, 12:16PM
this is really beautiful

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