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Post image for This Kind of Grounding is A Good Thing

The most inexpensive, yet very rewarding, means of setting yourself on the right foot. Literally…

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Racheal -Apr 14, 2016, 7:43PM
I appreciate this so much. I often feel myself wanting to feel the Earth beneath my feet and the grass especially those with natural herbs nestled in it feel so energizing.
Priscilla Ivette -Apr 10, 2016, 8:47PM
I love this, grounding is an essential part of my meditation... and if I physically can't do it then I visualize it. Much Love, Priscilla Ivette

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Post image for Why I Threw Away My Television

The moment I walked my TV downstairs and into the trash, something shifted within me.

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Simone -Mar 07, 2016, 6:52AM
I gave my tv away 4 years ago. I never listen to radio or read newspapers. I totally agree with what you write about news... Always the same bad news which makes people living in fear and just talking about all the bad things around the globe. How can we be happy with all this and believe in a good life and a good earth?!
Adelaide -Mar 06, 2016, 12:29AM
I have no TV since I was around 10 years old and people has constantly give me this weird look ever since. I have no problem with that at all, really, and I feel very much content and connected with life and people around me, even when I don't have TV. I watch TV when I visit friend's house or when I slept at hotel, but that's basically it. It's been really long since I have TV now I just don't realise any difference whether there's TV or not. It's worth trying to live without, though, like try living without microwave.

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Post image for FP Escapes: Mischa Varmuza’s Morning Ritual

When I am in tune with the start of the new day I feel more grounded, connected and whole.

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Ro Vincenzi -Feb 05, 2016, 3:33AM
Hi, I always want to know what I suppose to do fist the lemon water or oil pulling? thank so much to share this morning ritual
Danielle -Feb 03, 2016, 11:33PM
I think my mornings are completely the opposite! I think I will have to try doing some of these things. My morning usually starts by waking up, going back to sleep, waking up, checking emails, coffee and then straight into work! Tomorrow I think I might try some meditation and journalling!

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Post image for A DIY Day in the Sakara Life

Join us for week 4 of our cleansing series with the inspiring folks of S-Life Mag, Sakara Life’s official online magazine!

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Lydia -Feb 04, 2016, 7:27AM
Hi to all This is great and so very inspiring, thank you! It would be brilliant to have a similar guide for those of us that do not have time to work out in the a.m. and so do their workouts at the other end of the day... what to eat/drink with this change in routine. I can see that a lot of this advice is transferable, however. Thanks
Ainee Beland -Jan 31, 2016, 5:34PM
Hi to you both. Have a lovely year!

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Post image for The Magic of Baking Soda

This household staple is good for way more than baked goods…

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Tawny McLeod -Feb 27, 2016, 1:01PM
I use it to scrub my bathtub so it's sparkly white again. A little baking soda + 3 drops of melaleuca (tea tree) essential oil A scrub brush and some elbow grease. And my bathtub is like-new! Lots of baking soda love, Tawny
Suezoo -Feb 25, 2016, 3:24PM
Notorious definition, widely and unfavorably known. "Notoriously good" = Oxymoron. As I was reading, I wondered about the advisability of using something that scrubs ovens and unclogs drains on my face and I see in the comments I was right to be wary. I also wonder about the long-term effects of spritzing baking soda around the room and shaking it into the carpet. Perhaps too much of a good thing? This is the first article I've read on this blog, likely to be my last.

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Post image for Let’s Change the Way We Think

Adopting a “yes” attitude can generate unyielding gratitude and love. 

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Lisa -Dec 04, 2015, 11:40AM
Beautiful, inspirational post. Chasing peace, love, and happiness produces such a life-altering high. So many of your comments today resonate deeply within me. Love your message!
Annelien -Dec 03, 2015, 7:02AM
Thanks a lot, very inspiring post :)!!

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Post image for Saturday DO

DO: Plant something











It’s no secret that humans adore flowers and plants…we love being surrounded by this peaceful form of life. Today, or sometime this week, begin to expand your own oasis. Whether inside or outside, flowers can create the perfect environment for thought and creativity. Planting is also a fun project because there are so many ways to go about it. Scrounge for neat flower pots, add stones, display terrariums, drape viney plants over a wall – you’ll never get bored coming up with ideas. Even if you don’t plant it for yourself, you can plant a tree somewhere so it can be a joy for somebody else. By planting something you are making a dedication to beauty and tranquility, and doing something good for the earth =)

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BohoQueen -Jun 25, 2011, 4:56PM
I really want to plant my own garden, but I never have time! :( Someday, I will fit it in with my busy schedule! xoxo
Lana Thompson -Jun 25, 2011, 1:57PM
Yay!! I just "adopted" a plant from one of my friends and planted it last night. Did you know there are plant clubs where you trade plants?!? Amazing.

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Post image for Weekend Getaway: The Adirondacks

Summer is the perfect time to plan those weekend getaways, and our country is full of great escapes to explore. Last week I headed up north to camp in the Adirondack Mountains – a perfect getaway destination. The mountains, rivers, and lakes are immediately relaxing. We set up camp in Wilmington, NY right near Whiteface Mountain and Lake Placid. It was the perfect spot to explore the village of Lake Placid and to get in good hiking and fishing. The town is full of cute shops, Olympics memorabilia, nice people, and even a pile of snow they keep year round. We shopped local specialties to picnic and grill (look out for this weekend’s recipe!) You can even bring your dog into most places, so bring the trusty friend along if you go. I had Abigail, and she had a blast getting down and dirty in the mountains. One day we hiked Whiteface, the tallest mountain in the region. She made it the whole way =). I highly recommend the challenge if you’re up to it. The view and sense of accomplishment are surreal and invigorating.



My beer, the Ubu Ale, was named after a local legendary dog =)



Abigail, always thinking she’s the star of the show…



Almost to the top!


“climbing mountains is hard work, give me food!”



It’s not often you get to enjoy nighttime in the middle of the woods – talk about a getaway…

Adam -Aug 16, 2011, 12:58PM
Love the outdoors up there and you're highlighting my favorite beer, Ubu. Some Philly stores are carrying it now, but definitely available at the beeryard off of 30. Named after a dog, loved by Clinton & The Boss.
alexazandra -Jun 30, 2011, 12:25AM
what campground did you stay at?

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Post image for happy summer solstice












“do you always watch for the longest day of the year and then miss it? i always watch for the longest day in the year and then miss it.”

– f. scott fitzgerald, the great gatsby

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diya -Jun 27, 2011, 8:35PM
the flowers pictures are actually from Ann He. Her entire series of photos in this set can be seen at:
kathryn -Jun 22, 2011, 7:48PM
these pics make me want a beach getaway in the worst kinda way. the one of the redhead peering through the blades of grass is from bleubird vintage's lovely look book :

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Post image for Saturday DO

DO: indulge a guilty pleasure.

give in to something sweet

…or salty


coddle yourself with breakfast in bed


enjoy a nerdy movie


lose yourself in a romance novel


laugh at bad reality TV


belt the words to a cheesy pop song


rock a knock-off


laugh at a completely inappropriate joke


waste time Facebook stalking (gotta make full of use of modern technology, right?)


revert to child-like games


treat yourself to yet another pair of shoes

I once asked my father if he was going to give up something for lent. He responded innocently through a thick Italian accent (in the way only he can do), “there are already so many denials in life – why should I choose to give up yet another thing?” I laughed. This is a man who wants nothing but to enjoy decadent meals followed by desert, to disappear for hours on a long walk, or to be a kid and play with his toy trains. Often what life requires – a trim waist, hard work, maturity – denies him of these simple things. Obligations can become laborious and exhausting. If you never let go to do what YOU want, you’ll go crazy. It’s good for the soul to lose the control and indulge once in a while. They say life is short, and at the end of it all, you want to be able to look back and know that not only did you work hard, but that you also enjoyed everything it had to offer.

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Drew -Jun 14, 2011, 6:12PM
I've definitely got the Facebook stalking down! And I'm in love with the cut tie dye rolling stones tee the girl is wearing in that picture...who knows where I can get a look a like?!
Fp naomi -Jun 13, 2011, 2:48PM
thanks for all of the music suggestions guys!I will definitely check them out!

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Post image for the burning house

ever since i first heard about the site the burning house i’ve been completely fascinated with it. it’s based on this simple premise: if your house was burning down, what would you take with you? sure, it’s not a pleasant thought but it’s a really interesting way of seeing what possessions are most valuable to people. when i was growing up, this was my biggest fear- i would literally lie in bed thinking up a plan for what i would grab on my way out of the house (usually our cat).

the photos are beautiful and often quite touching.









to see more and read about the items these people pick, check out the site here.

so i was inspired to pull together my “burning house” items and it was really difficult but here’s what i came up with:


1. favorite hoodie that was my mom’s from back in the 70s
2. buddha that i inherited from my dad’s collection
3. my huge photo album that encompasses high school through college and is full of amazing memories
4. stack of vintage postcards
5. journal from my road trip a few years ago
6. favorite book
7. photo of my mom and her ring that rarely leaves my finger
8. favorite record of all time- an original copy of the white album that i found at a thrift store in ocean beach san diego
9. vintage film canister and loupe from my dad’s childhood darkroom
10. good luck charms: friendship bracelets, lucky lighter and case, handmade necklace with charms, pocket knife and little stone and turquoise frog that probably has more sentimental value than anything else in this photo.


what would you guys grab first on the way out of the burning house?

Jenifer -Feb 07, 2013, 9:38PM
I only surround myself with beautiful mementos. My whole entire room is full of treasures that I can't let go of. Things that have no meaning or purpose in my life or left on the curb. Everything that I have is given to me from people I love or things that have symbolism in my life. I think the most valuable of them all would be my pets, my hat box full of memories, my art supplies, jewelry, Photo albums and memory books I've made, a jewelry box my deceased papa made for my mom when she was 2 years old.
the lovely harbour -May 26, 2011, 11:10AM
Thanks for sharing these amazing photos! I love this collection of images - what a novel idea too, how creative! I agree with several of these people on what I would grab if in a burning house.

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Post image for Brimfield Photo Diary

Some of our buyers have just come back from Brimfield’s one of the world’s largest flea markets. It’s in Massachusetts and happens 3 times a year May 8-13, July 10-15, and September 4-9.

Here are some pictures they took and wanted to share with you!

It’s unbelievable the amount of great things you can find there with so much history and stories behind them.

Have any of you guys been?


weightloss pills -Dec 23, 2011, 6:58AM
Hi all, Images like this and the people who stand behind them are alive and well. We need to acknowledge this image. We must be appalled that it ever existed, then we need to get fucking angry and do something about it.
Jen -May 28, 2011, 6:27PM
"Anonymous" - have you ever even looked through FP's website and catalogues? How can you even say that they only use white people? Why does everyone have to be soooo offended about everything? Damn.

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