Spring is coming, I can feel it… you start to notice a little change in the air, it carries with it a scent of the warmth that is on its way, flowers poke their heads out of the ground to see if its safe to bloom yet, and the sun fights to stay out a little bit longer. Read more »

Emilie -Mar 06, 2012, 11:00AM
It's apity I cant find this one on youtube for my blog.. Anyway thanks for sharing..
Linda -Feb 21, 2012, 8:13PM
Miss Martha gives vintage love a whole new light. Love her in all the pics..She totally rocks it. Love your February lookbook!

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Post image for Monday Quote

“Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverance.”

- Thoreau

Photo by Anna Palma for our February lookbook.

kassia -Feb 20, 2012, 5:37PM
fp julia -Feb 20, 2012, 11:16AM
sofie - the march book drops on the 5th, it's a beauty we can't wait either!

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Post image for Kitchen Confidential: Charred Fennel and Carrot Salad

In this episode of Kitchen Confidential we caught up with Chef Jamie as he prepared a charred fennel and roast carrot salad with lemony herbed agave dressing for our prepared salad station. Read more »

KK -Feb 20, 2012, 6:09AM
I absolutely love radishes. This looks like a very interesting salad, but suuper delicious!! http://www.skyandkai.blogspot.com/
aria -Feb 19, 2012, 4:36PM
yuuuum! hey when does that amazing march catalog come out??cant wait to see what you did in vietnam!!! :)

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Post image for The Worlds Inside of Us









Incredible double exposure series – done in camera – by the talented Dan Mountford.

-Feb 21, 2012, 4:06AM
some of those shots are from brighton england. i lived there for a year. that just made my day.
-Feb 20, 2012, 3:51PM
vivid, wrapped in my own world

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Post image for Saturday DO

DO: Stay in touch









It’s funny how life events coincide around similar themes to get you thinking. I went back to my hometown for visit the other weekend and brought a good friend from Philly along. I got to see some old friends and spent quality time with family. The warmth I felt from seeing everyone made for a good weekend, and also coincided with the conversation my friend and I had had on the car ride up.

She was telling me about an article she read that summarized the top five life regrets people report on their deathbed – one of which was losing touch with friends. They wished that they hadn’t let themselves get so caught up in the day-to-day here and now, and instead, picked up the phone or written a letter once in a while. People who once really mattered got lost in the mix of life, but in the end what’s going to matter is who you’ve loved and who loves you back.

In the days following my visit my thoughts resonated on this article and my hometown visit. Some of my friends weren’t around when I was home, and I found myself wanting to give them a call. I’ve vowed to try and do better at staying in touch, so that I don’t let those people get away. Especially today, with all of our technology – smart phones and email – there’s no excuse to not take a little bit of time. Learn from what the dying have said and stay in touch. When you come to the end of your road, you don’t want to be looking back with the same regrets.

click on images for source

Ann Vidgoff -Feb 18, 2012, 11:29AM
Great Photos! Loved every one of them!
Charity Poole -Feb 18, 2012, 11:29AM
It's so true. This has been something that's come up for me a few times over the years, and I try to make sure to stay in close touch with those relationships that have been significant. Facebook helps, but a phone call means so much more.

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Post image for Happy Friday!

A little peek at our lookbook, coming next week!

Have a great weekend :)

Taylor -Feb 19, 2012, 8:14AM
Aww Martha! ~She needs to do a FP shoot with her new puppy, Boss Lady! www.forsurejadore.blogspot.com
Savannah Marie -Feb 18, 2012, 1:23PM
I can't wait to see!

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Post image for Trend: We’re All About Denim

Denim is a fabric we can’t get enough of! It’s so easy, so versatile and so cool. This week we’re all about denim dressing as you can see by our Homepage.

The trend: Head to Toe Denim! That’s right we’re mixing and matching different tones of denim to create a bohemian rock and roll look. Yesterday we went up to the studio to see what looks we could create out of our Denim Collection ; from long and bohemian to short and funky, denim sure made us cool and easy towards the end of the day!

Items: Sweetheart Denim Romper, Contrasting Denim Maxi, Radio BBC Boot

Items: Mason Tee, Roadie Denim Shirt, Beach Cruiser Short, Studded Seattle Love Boot, Jenny Floppy Hat

denimItems: High Waisted Seamed Chloe Short, Top coming soon, Bag coming soon, Daphne Platform

denimItems left: On the Fringe Crochet Cami, Made to Last Denim Short, Zipper Ankle Boot, Marrakesh Floppy Hat, Where The Boys Are At Beaded Bracelets, Delhi Floral Crossbody, Ladder Quill Necklaces

Items right: Denim Cutoff  Shorts, Scallop Edge Lace Crop Top, Seamless Directions Top, Crochet Cardigan, Mainland Studded Boatshoe, Necklace coming soon.

threader -Feb 18, 2012, 4:12AM
That skirt is following me. It's the third time I've seen it today. Therefor I must buy it. I just can't bring myself to do the denim on denim thing though. Did that in the '80s....
Mary R. -Feb 18, 2012, 2:11AM
Very cute, and girl #3 is beautiful! As are the others!

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Post image for Snapshot: Leah Durant, Yorkshire











Lives in: The leafy North of England, Yorkshire. However in a few months I am embarking on a journey via train for a month in Europe.

Shoots with: I always have my Olympus Trip 35 or a disposable camera to hand. The idea of  Toy- point and shoot cameras allow an element of play and experimentation which is something that interests me.

Favorite subject: I’d say my favorite subject are things that we come across in everyday life – for example, things you see when you are walking to the shop or on a train. From the concrete nature of a building or a window frame to the ephemeral snapshot of a reflection of light on water.

Inspired by: I have a strong interest in poetry and old projectors, interior/exterior of houses, 1970s music, nature, science and my favorite photographer Tacita Dean.

Time Period and place I would love to shoot: I would have to choose late 60s early 70s in America

Random Fact: I am addicted to eating jars of olives


Tamberine -Feb 20, 2012, 12:03PM
This is a really great feature!
fp julia -Feb 20, 2012, 9:12AM
holly i'll email you!! :)

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Post image for Office Style: Meadow

Today, I went around the office and captured Meadow looks. Sadly, I think that the true, true Meadow comes out in warmer weather, so I didn’t find a ton of it on this rainy Philadelphia day. There were hints of her though! Even in the dreariest of conditions, we can’t help but pull out our bohemian touches – flowing bed jackets, paisley prints, lace detailing, and cozy knits among our favorites. Now, if only it were nice enough to lie outside in a sunny field…

Picture 036

Picture 013

Meadow loves intricate detailing like fine-touched eyelets. Pick up our Daisy Eyelet Button Down if you’re into the look.

Picture 019

When Meadow wears cardigans, she does them long and flowing. Get the look with our Ribbed Long Cashmere Cardigan and Jenny Floppy Hat.

Picture 032

Picture 040

Get the flower-child look with our Mulberry Rose Crown.

Picture 035

The Voile Trapeze Slip is a must-have in any Meadow closet.

Picture 007

Picture 008

Picture 026

fp brigette -Aug 27, 2012, 9:15AM
Molly - That's beautiful!! And your photography is gorgeous :)
Molly -Aug 26, 2012, 12:10AM
I love the fp flower crown... I did a photo shoot not long ago and made one for it! I love the look of them. http://mollypeach.blogspot.com/2012/06/flowers-in-your-hair.html

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Post image for Store Style: Blue Jean Baby

In case you couldn’t tell by looking at our website, we’re pretty into denim right now – even the good old Canadian tuxedo!  But even if head to toe denim is a little too much for you, we love finding ways to incorporate pieces of it into every outfit, and it feels so fresh for Spring. Here’s some styling inspiration from our always-lovely store girls!

The denim bustier dress is definitely our dress of the moment – change it up a little by adding a slip underneath!

The perfect cutoff denim short – wear them now with tights and boots; wear them later with bare legs and sandals – and of course the laguna coast pullover!


A sweet Meadow look: the fp high rise flares, flower smocked tube top and suede floral headband.


I love how she paired the denim bustier dress with a belt in a contrasting shade of blue – the dress also looks great with the caballero tall boot and jane wide brim hat.


Denim on denim! The cutoff denim short, riding with cowboys tank and traveler denim jacket.


The denim bustier dress looks absolutely adorable with boots or converse!


And lastly, we love the denim bustier dress with the traveler denim jacket!

Shop the Blue Jean Baby collection.

Post image for Thursday Poll: Molly Items

You’ve all now become acquainted with our new FP girl, Molly. So where do you all like to show your Molly style most? Is it with a cute dress, top, romper, shorts or maybe in an accessory? Tell us where you’re embracing the Molly look!


The Denim Bustier Dress


Peter Pan Lace Top


Printed Romper

printed romper


Scalloped Linen Short

scalloped linen short


Drew Lace Oxford

drew lace oxford

Michelle -Feb 17, 2012, 5:33PM
Check out my one of a kind vintage finds, feather headdresses, stone jewelry, and fringe leather bags!!! www.etsy.com/shop/electriqueladyland
Michelle -Feb 17, 2012, 5:32PM
I'm lovin these looks!!!

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Post image for Store Events Today and This Weekend!

An evening of Art, Fun and Fashion at Free People Brooklyn Read more »

Free People Greenwich -Feb 16, 2012, 3:56PM
we're so excited for our yoga day on Saturday! It's going to be fantastic!! Come on out for the morning, ladies!
Savannah Marie -Feb 16, 2012, 11:36AM
How fun! I will pass this info on to my friends in Brooklyn! If I was close to Greenwich, I'd totally take you up on the yoga! Great events! Have a lovely day! Cheers, Savannah Marie everybodysbuyingvintage.blogspot.com

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