Post image for Book Club Meeting: The Alchemist, Final Post

The Alchemist is such a quick read, it seems like this book has just flown by! I really enjoyed diving back into the passages of this book and finding new meaning in them. This is definitely one of those books that stays with you long after you’ve turned the final page and even after years pass you may find yourself recalling certain quotes and thoughts and applying them to your life. Read more »

Allie -Oct 07, 2012, 2:41PM
Loved this book! What's next?
Moni -Oct 02, 2012, 11:03PM
I agree with Jennifer. I definitely can't wait to see what the next book is! How about something to put everyone in the fall spirit or should I say Halloween spirt. Edgar Allen Poe or The Legend of Sleepy Hollows, anyone?

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Post image for Video: Brit Band The Vices Made Us A Tour Diary

As we say goodbye to our September catalog shot in London, we wanted to give you one more thing we love from across the pond… The Vices. Read more »

alex -Nov 07, 2012, 9:13AM
Sydney -Oct 02, 2012, 10:28AM
really awesome! Definitely will be downloading this!

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Post image for 3 Fall Boots For Fall Strolls

When the leaves start to turn, the silence and mourning of the forest’s call out to me. A long walk in cold crisp air, apples that drop and rot, bare branches, and crude detail that is covered in the summer months comes alive. I take pleasure in the transformation that fall has to offer.  Read more »

Post image for Recipe: How To Make Welsh Cakes

always remembered them being around, and the smell of flour mixture cooking on the grindle is one of my favorite smells. I have carried the recipe with me from my Nana and Mum all the way here to America and today I’ve decided to share with you this simple recipe for Welsh Cakes. Read more »

Shae -Nov 21, 2012, 12:26AM
i'm in love. these are delicious!
Bethany -Oct 06, 2012, 7:19PM
I like them with chocolate chips. Not traditional, but delish :) They’re great warm too xx

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Post image for Album We Love: Lou Doillon “Places”

Lou Doillon is one of those women with seemingly endless talent… in addition to modeling, her career has also included acting and singing, and she released her first album this past August, titled Places. She has a captivating voice, one that brings to mind iconic singers such as Patti Smith in its strength and passion, and Joni Mitchell in its soft, sweet moments. Read more »

northerntransmission -Dec 12, 2013, 2:14AM
Album where all musical or lyrical ideas contribute to a single overall theme or unified story. Absolutely amazing, we can not be more thankful for all the albums we have played for and all the people we have met throughout our whole journey of playing. Album Reviews
Jenny Ekberg -Nov 20, 2012, 6:00AM
She is possibly one of the coolest women on the planet. I love her style and her music.

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Have you guys ever wondered what goes into creating those gorgeous displays you’re surrounded with when you walk into a Free People store? I definitely have. Read more »

Mary Etta Palmer -Nov 26, 2012, 8:22PM
This is such a great nest!!! We live in the South, in 'the woods', and enjoy our covered porch 10 months of the year. I would put this between our 'feathered friends' feeders' and delight in their using it as a community park and chit-chat station. Six or seven varieties feed often and the 'nest' would provide exploration and interaction and provide a lovely example of adding beauty to nature in a way that benefits both man and animal. At night, family and friends will flock to it's seamless luminance.
Macy Sanchez -Oct 18, 2012, 12:37PM
I have been saving up since high school for the day I get my first apartment and now it is creeping and creeping closer, this upcoming summer is the one. So everywhere I go I look for decorations, and by decorations I mean the cheap ones.... garage sales, flea markets, handydowns are a few of my best friends. These wire nests? OHMYGOSH. They shall dangle over my future dining room table and will be the conversational piece I could never find. They will add the perfect raw, natural feel I am going for.

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Post image for Free People Horoscopes, October 1-7

Image source.

By Tracy Allen ~ Week of October 1-7. Read more »

Kevin -Oct 03, 2012, 2:58PM
Hey, Thanks for posting my photo. I'm glad you enjoyed it. K

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Post image for Video: Behind The Scenes With Lou Doillon & Garance Dore

Take a peek behind the scenes of our October catalog shoot with Lou Doillon and Garance Dore in Paris!  Read more »

Ou Lin -Oct 18, 2012, 9:05AM
oh i love her!
Fashionisers -Oct 09, 2012, 8:47AM
She is just so gorgeous and perfectly captures the essense of Free People, the charming boho mood! :)

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Post image for Monday Quote: Certain Emotions


Image 1, 2.

olivia -Oct 01, 2012, 8:14PM
this is so accurate.
Tamie -Oct 01, 2012, 1:56PM
I had to wrap my head around this a little, but when I remembered Tavi's take ( ) on Bjork, it makes more sense!

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Post image for A Few Reasons Why We Love Dressing Up

What is it about dressing up that makes us feel incredible? Isn’t it nice when you have somewhere special to go and you spend that extra time perfecting your look? The accessories, the makeup, the hairstyle and of course the outfit all gets paid extra attention and spending that little longer time in the mirror perfecting your look to make sure everything is great. Read more »

Zak Shareef -Oct 01, 2012, 10:26AM
Instead of making a point to demonstrate that I have something to say or really enter into your life as Language as myself, let me take a moment as to speak as a man and just say Thank You. Well-dressed beautiful women make my day in exactly the way a sunrise would if the sky held also the the possibility of sex which isn't to say I try to or would try to or even entirely want to have sex with every beautiful woman I see, but that it's a particularity of the aethetic experience in precisely the way another dimension is a particularity of sculpture. That has to be a burden for the human beings who get judged as such all the time. I can't change biology, and I enjoy beauty too much to apologize, but I mean it when I say thanks and glad you love dressing up as much as I love it when you do.
megan -Sep 30, 2012, 10:29AM
I rarely have anywhere special to go, so this is saved for Christmas...this is when I get dressed up and spend a little extra time in the mirror!

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Post image for Download Our October Calendar!

Happy Sunday! Head over to our flickr page to download the large size of our October calendar in the horizontal or vertical format.

mohsin ali -Apr 22, 2013, 4:31AM
it look like so exceptional

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Post image for Blogger’s Picks: Our Favorite Posts From Summer 2012

It’s been an amazing summer here at Free People and we have had so much fun working on various projects and creating content for the blog.  We decided to take a little trip down memory lane and share some of our personal favorite posts from the summer. It wasn’t an easy decision, as all the posts we’ve worked on are very close to our hearts! Our lists below are in no particular order. :)

Read more »

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