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We had an adorable visitor in the office yesterday! This is Sweet Pea and she definitely lives up to her name :)


We gave her a Free People-style bow to wear for the day, ain’t she purdy?

Lou -Nov 10, 2011, 6:16AM
Really cute dog ^^
kathryn -Nov 04, 2011, 6:35PM
she's the one eyed beauty

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Post image for FP Limited Edition Dresses: Coming in 6 Days

6 days until the limited edition dresses appear online and in our special pop-up shops in Brentwood, CA and 5th Ave, NYC! We can’t wait…

-Nov 04, 2011, 9:56AM
please expand to canada!!!

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Things felt pretty relaxed around the office today. I spotted some great patterns amongst the dressed down looks. Two ensembles roped in leather bottoms to spice up a normal sweater combo. And, as usual…we can’t stop with the shorts/tights combo – it’s just too comfortable and too good. One thing is for sure – we know how to do comfortable yet stylish, and here are my favorite looks that did just that today.

Picture 003

Check out the trims in this blouse. They remind me of friendship bracelets. What a great unexpected touch…

Picture 011b

Picture 015

Picture 013

The Shrunken Stripe Pullover is a never fail. It always looks so comfortable and cute.

Picture 016a

Get this look easily with one of our maxi sweaters and the vegan leather shorts

Picture 008

Picture 005

she made this jacket herself – diy anyone??

Jade -Nov 04, 2011, 2:55PM
I absolutely LOVE how creative and amazing everyone is that works at free people. i would give anything to work there at the home office. i have applied like a billion times. i adore the free thinking environment and how happy everyone always is, and how everyone is encouraged to be themselves. it would be a truly inspirational place to work! Keep up the great work guys, you are all fantastic!! Jade check out my blog! :)
Betsy -Nov 04, 2011, 10:14AM
Love the gal with the pink sweater and leather pants. That necklace is AWESOME.

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Post image for Thursday Poll: November Catalog

For this month’s catalog we celebrated fashion inspiration from decades past and present – moving through the 20’s, 50’s, and 70’s to current day. There’s so much to love about this book, and each decade truly has its own spirit and style. Now it’s time to vote: which decade did you enjoy the most?

MANSOOR -Nov 09, 2011, 7:11PM
Beautiful catalog! I just got it in the mail the other day! Would I be cheating if I picked every single decade as my favorite? I'm curious... who shot this catalog? The photographs are AMAZING!
salima -Nov 07, 2011, 3:16PM
They're all fabulous but my fav' is the 70's section and the moroccan cab is sooo exotic in there !!

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Post image for Store Style: Best Dressed

We’ve got party dresses on the brain! And with so many great options to choose from, finding that perfect dress is no problem – but picking just one might be! To help, we turned to our stylish New York fp girls to tell us which dresses they love most this season and how they’d style them.

The Miles of Lace Dress is one of our absolute favorites this season – I love how it looks paired with the ruffle leggings!! This dress is incredibly versatile – wear it to something more casual by paring it with a floppy hat, fringe bag, and fur vest. Add some fun accessories like the arrow feather hair clip and a fringe necklace. If you’re going somewhere a bit dressier, try pairing it with a velvet blazer, black platforms and a turban!

The Gold Rush Knit Dress is one of my favorites – I love the colors and the texture.  Dress it down with tights, knee socks and tall boots, with a maxi cardigan or robe like the moon duster maxi over top. Or, go for a dressier look with tights, studded ankle boots, the vegan leather jacket and dripped chain headpiece.


I love this look! Pair the vegan leather dress with a button down shirt or cardigan and some cute shoes.


This is such a cute combination! The Crochet and Lace Sweater Dress worn with the Bamboo Stripes Crop Top, Boucle Textured Jacket and Saffi Lace-Up Boot.


The beautiful Show Pony Dress, worn with tights, boots and accentuated with turquoise rings.


The Show Pony Dress again, worn with the Almond Suede Wedge, Floppy Hat, Variety Rib Cardigan, Embroidered Midtown Jacket and Ihamana Scarf.


For a cool rock ‘n’ roll look, pair the Gold Rush Dress with a Plaid Button Down, the Vegan Leather Jacket, Scarf, Darla Platform and Clutch.


A cute casual look: the FP Beach Mitered Maxi, Margarita Textured Scarf and Denim Jacket.


Dress up the same maxi by wearing a cute cami over top!

Thanks for all the great styling ideas, ladies!!

Shop all dresses.

Post image for Once…the Countdown Begins

Pssst… In one week we are launching a collection of limited edition dresses that consists of six magical gowns dreamed up and hand crafted by the lead designers at Free People.

We will be launching the dresses with pop-up shops that will appear in our Brentwood and 5th Avenue stores on November 10th for a special three-day viewing experience that will leave you with sparkles in your eyes.  But don’t worry if you don’t live in NY or LA because they’ll be online for you all to see a week from today!

Each day until then, I will share a special sneak peek of each dress, with one word that each designer chose to describe it, before we reveal the final pieces.


A girl became a star, and for the night she shone the brightest light,
She became a magical attraction that was breathtaking.
A shooting star that will never be forgotten.


Taylor -Nov 03, 2011, 4:20PM
Will the dresses be sold?
Tiffany -Nov 03, 2011, 2:31PM
so excited for these dresses! XOXO,

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Post image for DIY Holiday Ornaments

It’s November and holiday season is officially upon us – so why not get a head start on your holiday shopping and decorating? When it comes to both of these things, there’s nothing better than something handmade – it gives it that special little personal touch that can go a long way. I can’t get enough of these clear Christmas bulbs because there is so much you can do with them – and they make great decorations or little stocking stuffers for your family and friends :)

For those of you who are coming to our Cambridge Crafting Party on Saturday, we’ll have the supplies to make these cute little ornaments, but for everyone else here’s a tutorial!

What you need:

Clear Christmas bulbs – I got these at A.C. Moore but you can also order them online from Amazon!

Gather whatever other embellishments you like! I used yarn, glitter, fake feathers, fake flowers, glue and a little plastic figurine I had lying around. But the best part about these is you can literally do almost anything!

I’ve had this little plastic deer sitting at my desk for a while now, and for my first ornament I knew I wanted to make him a little snow globe :) I gave him a bed of green yarn that I used fabric glue to attach to the base of the ornament. The deer fit perfectly into the ornament – I just dabbed a little bit of glue on his feet and stuck him right in! For the finishing touch I added some white glitter to give the appearance of snow when I shake it.


I would love to have a whole tree decorated with ornaments like this – with little woodland creatures and scenes living inside!


For my next ornament I filled it with some fake flowers and added some glitter for a little sparkle :) I think this would look really pretty with real flowers too – dried flowers would look so nice!



For the third ornament I used different colored fake feathers – I like how this one looks different as it turns at different angles, and almost like tie dye :)



As a finishing touch, I love the idea of hanging the ornaments with neon thread!

If you guys have any other ideas for what you can do with these clear ornaments, I’d love to hear! I’ve seen some pretty neat ones made into mini terrariums…

Gayle -Mar 12, 2013, 11:25AM
Great ideas for filling these clear ornaments. The ideas are endless!
ALYSON VANDIVER -Mar 13, 2012, 5:58PM

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Post image for Guest Blogger: Tres Awesome Street Style Chicago

Street style has always been a significant source of inspiration when it comes to fashion trends. It inspires us here at Free People daily so, we invited Emma Arnold of Tres Awesome to do a street style swap with us, She sent us pictures of style savvy girls in Chicago while we let her into our fashion parade here at Free People home office.

I introduce to you Emma for Tres Awesome:

“I’ve been documenting the creative and fashionable people of Chicago over the past year on my street style blog, Très Awesome, The beauty of great style on the streets of Chicago is that is DOES stand out. So when you are out to grab a coffee at 11am on Tuesday morning, and you spot a man, perfectly coiffed, wearing electric orange parachute pants and a mesh shirt (and actually pulling it all off) you can’t help but look twice and get a little excited to see something so original ”

Here’s some style all the way from Chicago and check out Tres Awesome for FP street style you won’t be disappointed!

street style 3

street style 5

street style 6

street style 7

Ashley -Nov 03, 2011, 7:24PM
That first photo is bananas! Love that sheer skirt.
Rachel -Nov 02, 2011, 11:56PM
I SO love the last photo. All those necklaces are insane. Are they available on Free People?

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Post image for Cambridge Crafting Party This Weekend!

We have a very exciting event taking place this Saturday at our Cambridge store! I will be there from 12-3PM with lots of fun crafting supplies to make some of our favorite DIY projects from the blog! As the holidays approach, there’s really nothing better than crafting something for someone you love with your own two hands :)

We’ll have lots of fun supplies and embellishments but feel free to bring your own stuff too – maybe you have an old shirt or jeans that you want to spice up, or a Christmas stocking that you can personalize FP-style… the possibilities are endless :) Put your crafting cap on and come out and join us – you can RSVP on the facebook event page here.

I’ll have more info on one of the DIYs later today but here’s a little peek at what we’ll have on hand this weekend…

Hope to see you there!

AMY -Nov 02, 2011, 8:51PM
omg! this is so awesome! i wish this was in california! i would def be there.
Madison -Nov 02, 2011, 2:40PM
This looks so fun. Wish I could be there! You guys should come to Jersey and do this. ;)

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Post image for Paris in the 1920s: Behind the Scenes

Paris was the perfect setting to capture the fashion of the 1920s for our Through the Decades holiday catalog.  The grayish light and romantic architecture created a dreamy backdrop to the 1920s styling worn by Elsa Hosk and sisters Zuzanna and Julia Bijoch.

Here’s a peek behind the scenes thanks to Thomas Northcut!



The FP crew – such a stylish group of gals!















Shop the November book.

hairday -Nov 02, 2011, 10:26PM
blonde elsa hosk her twin hair chrishell stubbs
-Nov 02, 2011, 8:52PM
Est-ce que tres belle! Belles femmes beaucoup!

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Post image for Details: Hair Style

I always find so much hair inspiration here in the office – we have girls who are experts at perfecting their ‘do.  It’s funny though, I think about half of the girls whose hair I took a photo of said they were having a bad hair day – but I think they all look awesome! That’s what is so great about things like hats, turbans, twists and cute little buns on top of your head – you may think you’re having a bad hair day but to everyone else you look completely put together and fashionable.










The Zigzag Turban is quite the trend today!

(I’ve got my eye on this adorable new head wrap – so perfect for the holidays!)

Check out all of our hats and hair accessories.

Angelina -Nov 01, 2011, 4:06PM
Those are some fabulous victory rolls!

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Post image for Blogger Diary: California Dreamin’…

“I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering…”

Sometimes I feel like the thoughts in my head fly around at a frenzied pace and the only way to sort them out is to get away for a bit.  Even if it’s not far away, just to get out of the city, and surround myself with new sights, smells and sounds can do the trick.  This weekend I did actually travel though – I went to California for a quick vacation with my sister to catch up with some family and old friends.

California is one of my favorite places in the world – and while I prefer San Francisco, I do love LA.  We stayed at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood – located on Sunset Blvd, it has a really cool modern vibe and great location. We spent our days doing some vintage shopping on Melrose (where I found a pair of perfectly beat-up boots in just my size for a mere $20!), hanging out in Santa Monica – where we even went to the pier for the first time in years, and just lounging by the pool at the hotel, relaxing before a night out.

It was just what I needed before flying back to a cold, snowy (!) Northeast on Saturday.


The Standard Hotel




Chateau Marmont


I loved this store Slow – especially its little off-shoot full of vintage treasures called As Is.





Another great store – Wasteland – where I got my boots.


Santa Monica Pier






karen -Nov 09, 2011, 1:42AM
aw everyones posts below are exactly how i feel about california and this post, and i just got back from visiting san francisco. now i live in las vegas but california is just where it's at. i'm really excited to the new free people store opening up at the mall i work at on the strip though!
Emily -Nov 03, 2011, 2:46PM
this post makes me miss Los Angeles so much! i love Slow and Wasteland. and i miss palm trees so much!

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