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Post image for Monday Quote: Complete the Sentence

I picked up this vintage postcard at Uncommon Objects in Austin. I loved it because it made me think – so for today’s Monday quote, I want you all to write your own quote by completing the phrase:

“I never did, but always thought I would like to _____”

(top image source)

-Jul 21, 2011, 1:19PM
I never did, but always thought I would like to take an archery class and be like Katniss from The Hunger Games <3
Lee -Jul 20, 2011, 12:54AM
...tell him that I love him.

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Post image for Homemade Herbed Ricotta Cheese

There’s not much that can beat the flavor of creamy ricotta cheese slathered over a slice of fresh baguette – except maybe the flavor of homemade ricotta slathered over a slice of fresh baguette. Make your own cheese? That sounds way too hard. But that’s the wonderful thing about ricotta. It is the easiest cheese to make, and doesn’t take forever. Once you’ve whipped up a batch, you can use it for just about anything. For today, I like the idea of serving it on fresh French or Italian bread as an hors d’oeuvre for guests. Sprinkle it with balsamic, figs, and walnuts for an extra tempting snack ;)

To make about 2 cups, you’ll need:

  • 4 cups whole milk
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 3 tablespoons good white wine vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons minced scallions, white and green parts (2 scallions)
  • 2 tablespoons minced fresh dill
  • 1 tablespoon minced fresh chives
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper


1. Set a large sieve over a deep bowl. Dampen 2 layers of cheesecloth with water and line the sieve with the cheesecloth. Then, pour the milk and cream into a pot to boil. Stir occasionally as it heats up, adding in salt as you go. Once it has reached a boil, turn off the flame and stir in the vinegar.

2. Allow the mixture to stand and curdle for about 1 min. Then, pour the mixture into a cheesecloth-lined sieve and allow it to drain into the bowl for 20 to 25 minutes. You may have to occasionally pour out the liquid that collects in the bowl.


3. When cheese is almost finished straining, chop up all of your fresh herb ingredients. Transfer strained cheese to a new bowl, and stir in.


Refrigerate or eat immediately.


All images via Smitten Kitchen

how to make money using instagram -May 01, 2014, 9:45AM
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Ruby -Jul 18, 2011, 9:25AM
Thanks so much for this recipe!! I can't wait to try it...sounds just delish!! How long will this keep when refrigerated?

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Post image for Play Me, I’m Yours

When we were in Austin in April shooting our July Catalog, we were fortunate to be there during the month when an exhibit by artist Luke Jerram was installed throughout the city. The live art installation is called “Play Me, I’m Yours,” and consists of several pianos that are placed throughout a given city, in public locations, for people to draw on, paint on, and most importantly, play music on.

This idea is so brilliant… not only do the brightly colored, somewhat oddly placed pianos attract a lot of attention, they invite you to be a part of the exhibit by playing music – and there is a website where you can upload photos and videos you take with the piano.

The exhibit started in 2008 and has been spreading joy and music all over the world ever since. Here are some photos from Austin (each city has its own website with a map displaying the location of each piano):

Recognize this red one from our July Catalog? It’s in a BMX park!

I love this photo of our creative director taken by Alexandra Valenti:

For more info on the installation check out the website.

rp gratuit -May 06, 2014, 6:20PM
Thanks for finally talking about >Play Me, I'm Yours | Free People Blog <Liked it!
Ellie -Jul 17, 2011, 11:34AM
They have that in Lancaster; pianos all about the city. :D Makes me wish I knew how to play...

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Post image for Saturday DO

DO: n’t think twice.











During college, I once went to hear a successful producer from the television industry talk on his career, and give out advice to us young students. People asked him questions about how he went about choosing new shows – what numbers he looked at and other dry research questions. He kindly talked about the importance of market research, and then caught my attention by taking the response some place totally different. Gut instinct. At the end of the day, he accredits all of his successes to a feeling he had inside, and decided to follow. “Your gut will almost never let you down,” he said. And that statement has stuck with me ever since.

It’s true. Some of the best things to have happened in my life, like my dog and moving to Philadelphia, are impulse decisions I made based on a feeling I had inside. I met my dog when she was just a tiny puppy, I wasn’t planning on it, but I somehow knew she was the one and took her home that day. There were sure adjustments I had to make, but I’ve never looked back. So today, don’t second guess yourself.  If a certain place, person, or action feels right to you – do it. I find instinct to be completely baffling and mysterious, but it is also undoubtedly a strong thing. Some may think that acting out of instinct is brash and reckless; they prefer reason and informed decisions. But creatures have survived all throughout history by living off of instinct, and that’s a high statistic for success that even reason cannot ignore.

click on all images for sources

elizabeth -Jul 18, 2011, 1:54AM
i got goosebumps reading this :)
Taylor -Jul 16, 2011, 10:57PM
This one was a Friday Do for me...I touched Keith Urban about 10 times! I pushed my way through to get to him! It was one of those 'now or never' moments! Still can't believe I did it!

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Post image for Weekend Getaways: Inspiration from California

Last week I received an email from one of our readers, Molly, who sent me a link to photos she took on a recent solo trip to Big Sur and a trip to Ojai, and I immediately knew I had to share.  Big Sur is one of the most incredible, magical places I’ve ever been and these photos bring back a longing I can’t quite describe.
















Check out her tumblr and flickr for more inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing Molly!

carly -Nov 17, 2011, 6:00PM
morro bay, second to the last...i live there
BohoQueen -Jul 15, 2011, 9:50PM
These pictures are gorgeous! Ojai is so beautiful! My favorite pictures are the first one, the one of the squirrel is TOO CUTE, the two in the forest of the sun peeking through the trees, and the last one. xoxo

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Post image for Style File: Edition 2

Meet this week’s style inspiration – the design assistant for New Romantics here at Free People. I was immediately attracted by her laid back and beautiful – yet approachable – look. I checked in on her daily to get to know her better and bring you her week in style file.


In her romantic, somewhat demure, way of dressing she reflects her personality perfectly. She seems quiet and shy at first, but is then sweet beyond words as soon as you approach her. This is a girl who doesn’t wear outfits that shout “look at me,” but rather, “come closer.” Pay attention and you’ll notice a dainty necklace or a gorgeous etched bracelet.

Picnik collage

As assistant designer for the Free People New Romantics, she will be given a fabric chosen by her boss, the head designer for New Romantics, and then has to come up with styles using what she is given. The process usually starts with a sketch. Her sketches themselves are amazingly inspirational to look at. She will then drape the piece – usually doing about one a day. After she’s done draping, she will pass everything along to tech who takes it from there. This week she was already working on things for next summer.

Picnik collage

And now for a peek into her personal life =)



-Jul 19, 2011, 6:08PM
those sketches are such teasers! i'd love to see more fashion illustrations of hers!
guest -Jul 17, 2011, 3:29PM
I think girls who are interested in the boyish styles are less likely to feel lost once they reach their teens and adulthood as far as clothes go because there will always be guy clothes(rough, tough, easy, relaxed,etc..) so you don't have to go looking everywhere to try to find yourself. I know for me when I turned 16 I was so, so lost because there were not anymore girly, girl or popular culture type clothes in the stores. I didn't know who I was, and the only store I thought where I thought I found myself closed down so I didn't know what to wear. And, alot of older guys would approach me because I wore a lot of older ladies clothes because that's what was in the stores but I didn't realize how they made me look and how uncomfortable I felt all the time. So, I am so happy to see these new lines here and collections like Lou and Candy so girls like myself won't have to feel like someone who doesn't exist. It's great and I hope you continue to create styles for us girls that want to have fashion but can't find it.

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Post image for Things To Do In Austin: The San Jose Hotel

Tucked discretely among Austin’s best restaurants and vintage shops on South Congress, the Hotel San Jose is a peaceful oasis either to stay for a vacation or just to pop in for a drink on the patio. Self-described as a hotel with soul, the San Jose’s décor includes vintage concert posters, cacti, animal printed-throws, crawling ivy plants and lots of sun-dappled shade. It’s extremely zen-like, and makes you feel very much at home – from the tray of Texas-style snacks awaiting guests in the rooms to kitchen in the lobby that serves cocktails and cold water. If you’re on South Congress, you must check it out.









nice touch – a pair of tom’s in the bathroom that you can purchase if interested.


DO: have a drink at the outdoor patio (open to public)


Also – stop next door for coffee at Jo’s – home to the famous “i love you so much” wall, and you may even run into Leslie (an Austin celeb)!





holly anne -Jul 19, 2011, 1:50PM
the toms are a really nice touch... especially if you are traveling and forgot to pack appropriate shoes for walking around town
Malora -Jul 17, 2011, 10:29PM
i have that exact pair of toms in the tenth photo. I love them!!!

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Post image for Vegan Leather Makes its Free People Debut

I am beyond excited about the fact that Free People is now launching its very own line of vegan leather pieces! As I mentioned in the video, I am a vegetarian and although it doesn’t bother me when other people wear leather products, it’s not something I can bring myself to do. Which is torture, because working here I see so many amazing leather items that I love – but it seemed only natural that we would do this, being a company that loves animals so much! After months of anticipation, vegan leather is here, and I’m happy to say that my search for the perfect vegan leather jacket has ended :)

In addition to the jacket, the other items online now are the vegan leather pants, vegan leather skirt and vegan leather shorts. I love that these items can be styled in a girly way, with pretty blouses and heels, or in a boyish rock n’ roll way:


And here’s how I styled the pants for the video – I paired them with the concert raglan and sandals for an easy casual look. Clearly the boyish look is more my style :)


items pictured: vegan leather pant, we the free raglan tee, calypso pendant necklace, kale collegic stack rings, zion ring, molly beaded sandal.

Your response will help determine whether we’ll continue to design into this line, so I would love to hear your thoughts on vegan leather!

Michelle -Sep 05, 2011, 8:26PM
PLEASE get vegan leather bags too!!!!
Athena -Jul 19, 2011, 10:16PM
Just because it's vegan, it doesn't mean it isn't tacky.

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Post image for Office Style

Today’s been a busy day! The first half of the day I got to travel out to the owner of Urban Inc.’s personal farm. I shot some photos of the stylish interns on the outing.


Although I enjoyed the trip, it was fun getting back to the office and noticing lots of new Free People buys around. These two ladies are actually wearing two of my favorite items right now – both just happen to have been sitting in my shopping basket for about the past week now.


The Free People Printed Kimono


The Mohawk Embroidered Dress

I love the flirty sheerness these two coworkers were rocking today.


How cool is this shirt? I love the combo of it with the braids.


I caught this stylish woman sauntering up the stairs in her carefree printed summer dress. Her tattoo juxtaposes against the girly-ness of her outfit for an intriguing look.


Denim and lace…one of my favorite combos for summer


Taylor -Jul 21, 2011, 1:34PM
The denim and lace look kills me its so cute!
Stargirl -Jul 15, 2011, 1:29PM
Oh my gosh, where is that bag from? I've been looking for a new bag and that would be perfect!!

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Post image for Thursday Poll: The July Lookbook with Bambi Northwood-Blyth

Our July Lookbook, “FALLing for Bambi,” is definitely one of my favorites yet – maybe because I think Bambi Northwood-Blyth is insanely adorable, but also because I love these pre-fall, layered looks. This lookbook actually has 15 total outfits but I pulled out some of my favorites – which one do you like best?

look one:

look two:

look three:

look four:

look five:

look six:

look seven:

or look eight:

(view the entire july lookbook)

time to vote!

Vicky -Aug 16, 2011, 7:11AM
This does look pomisring. I'll keep coming back for more.
-Aug 01, 2011, 1:20PM
is there a make up tutorial to go with this? her eyes look beautiful!

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Post image for July Catalog: Behind the Scenes in Austin

The first day of shooting in Austin was a blast – we shot at the Mohawk Room with the Happen-Ins, and models Ashley Smith, Anastasia Khodkina and Jessica Mau took turns pretending to be in the band. Ashley was a natural on the guitar and Anastasia blew us away with her rockstar energy! With Alexandra Valenti making magic behind the lens, it was a day of live music and fun in the company of friends.

















view the july catalog.

Dani -Jul 30, 2011, 12:44PM
Just because a girl is thin, does NOT mean she has an eating disorder. Nor does the fact that she doesn't have "breasts". It's called genetics, people. By saying someone that is size 14-16 is "average" is insulting to the girls smaller than that, and the bigger girls, too. So because we don't fit into that category, that means we aren't normal, or average? Please. Ignorance is not flattering.
Ruby -Jul 18, 2011, 9:30AM
While your models do have breasts, they are not the average American female, as the average female these days is a size 14 - 16.

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Post image for Pitchfork Music Festival 2011 Lineup: Who We’re Watching

Pitchfork Music Festival starts tomorrow and the lineup is pretty awesome — a mixture of indie cool and electronic. nothing beats live music and the open air.Read More

Stargirl -Jul 15, 2011, 1:33PM
I'm always looking for new talent, thank you for this!(:
mer -Jul 15, 2011, 10:45AM
I love the Smith Westerns! What day are they playing at Pitchfork, though?! I don't remember seeing them in the lineup. *Wild Nothing is going to be awesome.

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