I love this ad for European energy company Electrabel. It’s incredible! It must have taken so long to create! Enjoy!

Anastasia -Jan 02, 2009, 6:33PM
this is incredible and i love the song ! i've been looking for days does anybody know the name or artist of this?

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Everyone here in Philadelphia is enjoying the annual Mummer’s Parade, which is a real spectacle, and very exciting – a smaller version of Mardi Gras! Below are just a few pictures of one of the string bands.
Happy 2009 to all! Hooray!


I saw these dollar origamis on Yatzer, and I am quite impressed! They are the work of a man named Won Park, whose love of origami began when his mother took him to a Japanese paper shop as a boy. It was there that he got his first origami folding book. Now, at 38, he is an origami expert!
You can see some more of his creations right here on Yatzer, and below is a video I found where you can watch him fold a paper rose!

serena -Jan 06, 2009, 4:22PM
this is very cool~~ love it~ i will try it~ i really love you web~~
kristy -Jan 01, 2009, 10:33PM
that fish is insane!

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Remember a while back when we featured our blogger friend Rubyellen? She writes the fabulous blog Cakies, where she documents many things, in particular her extremely cute sewing machine creations! If you didn’t see our post about her, you should check it out, and her blog too!
At any rate, yesterday we received a little package from Rubyellen – and to our delight, inside were a pair of pretty little felt flower hairclips, handmade by Rubyellen! There was one for myself, and one for Heather, our Direct Operations Manager! We love them so much! Here we are modeling our flowers…

Aren’t they adorable? I just can’t get over them! Thank you so much Rubyellen! The clips totally made our day!

Banu Karagil Dalaman -Jan 07, 2009, 5:25AM
love your felt roses. Please closer photos to understand how to.

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Kate Bingaman Burt

I am sooo very inspired by this q & a with Kate Bingaman Burt over on My Love For You. Kate did the handlettering in Handmade Nation and writes the blog Obsessive Consumption. She DRAWS all of the things she buys, and draws all of her credit card statements.
You need to read the interview and check out her blog. It will change the way you think about shopping, consumption, and your general relationship with money. Oh and art and craft too:)

Having moved to Philadelphia from the Ohio countryside, I couldn’t help but notice there were less outrageous (and often tacky) Christmas displays in people’s yards – something I had grown up with and enjoyed in Ohio. So I was totally cheered by this video that Heather, our Direct Operations Manager, took a couple of weeks ago. She and some friends went on a night-time scooter ride around south Philadelphia, and got really fun footage of all the holiday lights! It’s a real festive and fun video – and at the very end there is a cameo by a cute baby! Enjoy – and if you want to see the video in higher quality, just click on the screen and get whisked off to Youtube, where the high quality version lives.

HEATHER -Jan 01, 2009, 5:43PM
Thanks Katie and Caroline. I always have fun picking out the songs to accompany my silly videos.
Caroline -Dec 31, 2008, 4:55PM
w0rd on resurrecting "Christmas in Hollis"!

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Thank you all so much for participating in the calendar giveaway! It was such a pleasure to read everyone’s resolutions! There were a lot of really unique and interesting ones too. I felt really inspired to think about my own resolutions! Good luck to everyone in the coming year, and good luck with your resolutions!
And now, the winner, chosen at random: Congratulations to Jen!
in 09 i plan to work hard to grow spiritually and to be less apathetic. i think and talk about things passionately but don’t feel as though i DO enough about the things i believe. also, to get my life more simple and organized.
Everyone else, don’t lose hope! It was so much fun to do a giveaway, we will definitely be doing another one very soon! Stay tuned, and thank you!

josi -Jan 12, 2009, 1:37PM
Free People! Sell these please. I would definitely buy one.
jen -Dec 31, 2008, 4:12PM
yay! thats me!

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labels project

Ever think about how far your clothes have traveled? I like the way artist Luca Pizzaroni is approaching clothing labels as a cultural symbol.
From the Labels Project site:
“The Labels Project Sculpture sets out to serve as a metaphor of travel, capable of taping memories of time and place to reveal a sense of unspoken collective identity.This installation sculpture relies on the conventions and familiarity of clothing to communicate and uncover a greater sense of self. Label-gazing, becomes here, a valid geographical-psychological challenge. The viewer’s interpretation belies his personal notions about geographical provenance, time and memory.”

kitty talk

I couldn’t resist posting this adorable video of two kitties conversing with one another! You may have already seen it, as it’s apparently had 55,000 views! I showed it to my kitties at home and they watched it with interest – really, they did!

Dez -Jan 02, 2009, 4:32AM
cutest thing I've ever seen! Ha ha so great.

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Valerie Hegarty

What do you guys think of these pieces by Valerie Hegarty? I am partial to the last one myself! Very organic, less destructive. Though the cracked wall and painting are nice too. All very interesting… I couldn’t find too much information about Valerie herself, other than that she lives in Brooklyn, but you can see more of her work here, if you’re intrigued like I was.

arty -Jan 05, 2009, 6:43PM
You can get more info at her gallery's website: guildgreyshkul.com Also Brooklyn Museum Blog: http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/community/blogosphere/bloggers/2008/10/21/contemporary-take-on-landscape-painting/#comments

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Hello all! I have another very cool guest post from Kevin for you! Please enjoy!
Hey Guys! I just saw the Pipilotti Rist show at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York this weekend. It was a giant video installation with dozens of projections all over the atrium of the MOMA! There was a giant eye-shaped couch on the floor, and people were just laying everywhere, soaking up the atmosphere! Totally awesome, a total fantasy of flowers a girl and a pig. Check it out if you are in New York City!
Also, have a look at this sweet interview with Pipilotti from the MOMA’s website!
Here’s a short little video of part of the show.

The MOMA also has a number of her works in their permanent collection, including the video Ever is All Over, featuring a pretty girl smashing car windows with a giant steel flower.

As the holidays are starting to draw to a close, people are trickling back into the office. So today, I asked around, what did you do over the holidays? Here’s what a few people had to say!

Jessica: I shopped sales! I also got a massage! I played with my dog, saw old friends, and generally schmoozed!

Katie: Well, I had a cold, but I made curtains with my mom, which was fun!
Heather: I ended up driving about 1200 miles! I was finishing my big move from Columbus Ohio to here in Philly! I drove from here to Columbus, from Columbus to Indiana, then back to Columbus and back to Philly again! Whew! It’s good to be through moving!
Lindsay: I went to Mass for the first time in years, with my boyfriend’s family! Then I spent Christmas day with my mom and uncle! One of my favorite gifts I received this year was a silver necklace from my boyfriend, which I’m wearing right now!
Morgan: I spent the holidays in southern Indiana, and I ate a lot of great food that my mom cooked! Yum!
Luren: I went home to Texas and spent the whole time helping my dad with this painting experiment he’s working on. He’s trying to recreate Vermeer‘s optical painting tools, as well as his room. I spent a lot of time going around to thrift stores and trying to make old Dutch costumes, finding props and such. It was fun and interesting!
So what did you guys do over the holidays?

cake. -Jan 05, 2009, 11:25PM
ah! katie!!! also, i want to hang out with luren's dad!
Adam -Dec 30, 2008, 1:34PM
you guys are my Holiday Hero's!!!! :)

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