Remember a little bit ago when I posted about the jewelry that our accessories designer, Sarah makes? Well, I am very excited to report that some of her pieces will be hitting our Paramus NJ, Short Hills NJ, and King of Prussia PA stores this week! Make sure to check them out if you plan on doing any after-Christmas shopping at Free People!

old wrist watches

I am having a great time looking at these antique wrist watches, which I found on oobject! Most of the ones I’ve shown here are from WWI, and were government issue. They started handing out wrist watches to soldiers so that they wouldn’t risk their lives fumbling around for a pocket watch, and the cool-looking grates over the face of the watches are to protect the glass from breaking. Though the grates have lost their functionality, I’d still love to have a watch with grating on the face. Would you?

-Dec 24, 2008, 9:58PM
I want a watch like that!

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crafty drink cozy

Chet and Dot makes these adorable little drink cozies out of old sweaters and such! I saw them on her blog, and can’t help wondering to myself- gosh why didn’t I think of that? I just love them! They can be found on her Etsy shop if you feel so inclined!

katie -Dec 23, 2008, 5:46PM
seriously so cute. i think the little graphic patches really make them!

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boot bandits from Lawnmower Sounds on Vimeo.
Boot bandits are perfect for dressing up any pair of boots. They are a woven band of fabric that adjusts to fit over the top of your boots, instantly adding color, pattern and detail to your outfit. The 2 Bandits are Erica Chan and Tamar Wider, two girls in NYC who want your boots to walk and dance:) Check out the cute video they made showing exactly how easy it is dress up your boots.
Get your bandits here!

Cloe -Dec 30, 2008, 4:31PM
So why didn't I think of this? it's a decorative band that goes around your boot to make your boots look different from everyone else? YES PLEASE. Are there more styles?
Melisa -Dec 23, 2008, 6:09PM
Can I get the ones in the video????? I need Bandits. Why didn't I think of that? What a perfect way to funk up your outfit. Does anyone know if they are in stores or just online? I want to them on my boots.

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Word has it that this floating building is not photo-shopped, but is in fact real and exists in Ukraine! I’ll let you decide for yourself. Still, a very cool picture, right?
Via Microscopiq.

Happy holidays from the New York showroom team! Here they are enjoying a little pot luck holiday celebration in the office.

pruittfpgirl -Dec 23, 2008, 2:53PM
oh my gosh! this is so cute!

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For the life of me I can’t remember where I originally saw these book pages, but they are so darn interesting! I think the second picture would be really cool as the graphic on a tee-shirt. Like maybe take all the “R” stuff and put it on a shirt. What do you think? See more pages from the book here – seriously go look, they’re really neat!

surreal collages

There’s something about these collages by Joseba Elorza that I find really intriguing, and not just because I enjoy surrealism. (Though that’s probably a lot of it.) Wouldn’t you love to be that little boy standing over the pine forest? Check out Joseba’s site for more.
Via Booooooooom.

jingle bell bracelet

I really like this bracelet that was spotted on Dries Van Noten’s Spring runway! It’s so cute and festive – but even better is that Carbon Couture has created an awesome DIY version, with step-by-step instructions so it’s really easy to make! See how cute their version is below – I kind of like it even better than the Dries Van Noten one! Click here to go to the instructions!

yulia brodskaya

I was browsing Penguin & Fish and saw these stunning typography works by Yulia Brodskaya… They’re so inspiring! I can’t imagine the work it must take to create them! You can see more gorgeous pieces on her site.

It took Eric Tabuchi four years to collect the right pictures to complete this truck alphabet. Totally worth it, but I’m wondering, how did he ever find the Q? And I love the lower-case F. He’s working on another truck alphabet currently, and you can see what he has gotten so far on his site.
Via Many Stuff.

andrea -Dec 27, 2008, 11:21PM
i love these. reminds me of my twelve hour trips to Indiana for the summer.
Dallas -Dec 22, 2008, 3:56PM
these are amazing! imagine if you were in the drivers seat, poor eric! what a talent. dallas

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Can you believe this cake? It made me do a double-take! The sushi decorations look so real! I spotted it on We Heart It, and then discovered it was made by a local Philadelphia bakery, Whipped Bakeshop. Whipped Bakeshop were also the creators of the wedding cake for Betsey Ross & Ben Franklin’s wedding this past Independence Day. You can see it below, it was really festive!

I had to show you this Chase Utley cookie Whipped Bakeshop made as well. It’s just too cute!
While we’re talking baked goods – this morning I wandered into the Free People kitchen and saw these cute little reindeer cupcakes! Yum! Our Office Coordinator, Lindsay, actually didn’t make them for a holiday celebration, but for our Assistant to the President, Carol, whose birthday is tomorrow! Regardless, they are practically too sweet to eat!

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