How great is this?!
Get a print at dazeychic’s etsy shop.

Would you believe that each of these pictures shows part of a sewer?! The first shot is part of a sewer system near Niagara Falls, the second is the Tokyo storm drain, and the third is part of the sewer system in London. Aside from being very pretty, these pictures make me give some serious thought to the kinds of incredible structures that we have underground! You can see more pretty amazing sewers on oobject.

Maddie -Dec 08, 2008, 4:47PM
Love the last pic! That would be an inspiring setting for a photo shoot!

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crochet zoidbergs

If you’ve ever seen Futurama then you’ll recognize these cute little crochet figures as Dr. Zoidberg, the lovable lobster-like alien on the show. I saw them and went crazy – they are so so cute! The first one was created by ThatNanda of Craftster. She used a pattern for a Cthulhu from the book Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden as the base, but edited it a little to make it more Zoidberg-like. Amber at Cthulhu & Cousins Crochet made the second one, based on ThatNanda’s pattern, and then went on to create a crochet Nibbler too!
Wow! So cute!

Anna has been busy at the showroom preparing for the holiday. She’s handsewing names on stockings for everyone in the NY office! Later they’ll be filled with treats:)
Check out this entry for more of Anna’s handtouches at the showroom

meredith -Dec 08, 2008, 6:01PM
yeah anna!! looks great! :)

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Need some web browsing for the weekend? Check out the December issue of N.E.E.T. magazine. What I love about this web zine is that even the ads are introducing me to new crafters and web sites and shops I’ve never seen before, and all the links are clickable. So, it leads to lots of exploration!

Jane Church -Dec 09, 2008, 4:48AM
Wow, I never knew that . That’s pretty interesting...
MADDIE -Dec 07, 2008, 9:10PM
Love following your blog. Thanks for highlighting such creative and aesthetically pleasing ideas!

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Recently, WWD asked a bunch of top couture designers to make some sketches for Mrs. Obama’s inaugural dress. They put together a pretty big slide show of all the sketches on their site, and I have been really enjoying it! The sketches above are by, from top to bottom, Christian Lacroix, Kai Milla, and Reem Acra. I don’t know how Mrs. Obama will ever pick what to wear with so many fabulous options! See the whole slide show here.
Via Coco + Kelley.

Karen -Dec 20, 2008, 2:41PM
I wonder who is paying for these fancy clothes (Mrs & Mr. Obama) since clothing costs seems to be a factor in our election process this year??

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Holiday Fair!

This coming Monday, December 8th through Wednesday, December 10th, Urban Outfitters Incorporated (that’s us!) will be hosting a special holiday sale, featuring artwork, handmade crafts, jewelry, and all sorts of other goodies! The sale will showcase the work of numerous different artists and have something for everyone! It will definitely be worth checking out!
The sale will take place in Building 543 from 11am to 3pm each day, and while you’re there you can stop and get lunch at Shop 543, which is where many of us get our lunch each day while we’re at work! It has a really pretty view of the Delaware River too!
Below are a couple of pictures of work by artists who will have work in the sale! To see a list of more (but not all) of the artists who will have work in the sale, check out this page. It also has a map to help you get down to the Navy Yard!

Eric Fausnacht
Ellen Rockower
Darla Jackson

sweet felt advent

For those who use an advent calendar during the holiday season, I sure thought this was a cute one! Brooke, author of the blog inchmark, made it out of felt for herself and family to use. I absolutely love that for each day there is a little ornament to hang on the buttons of the tree! It’s such a fabulous idea! And a fun craft project too!

Megan -Dec 05, 2008, 2:15PM
This is so cute! I was going to pass along to some people in my family, but I think I might keep it to myself for next year:)

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It is my pleasure to bring you a guest post by one of our Graphic Designers, Kevin! (Also known as the host of DOG Talk!) Please enjoy!
Hi Everyone! My good friend Johnny Corndawg makes incredible airbrushed apparel that I wanted to share with you! Johnny does some amazing stuff with airbrush. Airbrush is a medium that’s usually overlooked for being cheap and tacky, but Johnny’s shirts are totally wild and original! Part artist and part musician, Johnny lives half the year in Nashville and half the year in the jungles of North Philadelphia.

While he’s still here with us in Philly, Johnny is having some holiday fun painting Pet Portrait T-Shirts! Personalized pet fan-art- think about it! It’s the perfect present. I’m having a portrait of my mom’s Irish Setter airbrushed on a sweatshirt. My mom’s going to freak out when she sees it! Johnny’s custom pet portrait shirts can be a little strange, but they’re totally exciting. (And pretty cheap!) Even if you don’t want an animal shirt, Johnny Corndawg has a great sense of humor and would probably airbrush whatever you wanted on any piece of clothing. Check out these shirts he already painted for other people!

Check out Johnny’s site to get your hands on one of these cool tees!

The Thursday Poll is back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week!
This week, I am wondering what everyone prefers as far as shoe types!
Shown below is the Barcode Ankle Flat in grey suede, which is a nice example of a flat.

Next we have the Lotus Flannel Sneaker in cool grey/white – a comfy little sneaker!

Shown here is our Linus Riding Boot in brown suede, exemplifying, as you might guess, boots!
Serving as our example of a wedge or heel, shown below is the Krystal Wrap Wedge in expresso.
And now I put it to you: what type of shoe do you prefer to wear?

Lola -Jan 08, 2009, 5:34PM
great idea with the tied flats. luv it!
Caroline -Dec 04, 2008, 7:14PM
RE the grey flats... Were those a bit too big for the model, or do they really have that much toe cleavage? They look like there is an awful lot of room at the top, meaning they would slide on the foot... I love the ties around the ankles, though.

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robin cameron

I stumbled across these works by Robin Cameron on FFFFound and I am liking them pretty much! Regular readers might not be surprised, since I generally enjoy colorful artworks! If you like them too, be sure to check out Robin’s site, since she has much more of her work posted there!

ayelet -Dec 08, 2008, 3:44AM
thanks for this one...(link)

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etsy’s outlook

Everyone’s favorite place to buy handmade goodies has been nominated by the World Economic Forum for a 2009 Technology Pioneer. Check out this video with Etsy founder Rob Kalin to learn a little more about the business he created and the dreams he has for the internet craft market.
read more on the etsy storque

Kari -Dec 05, 2008, 11:24AM
This clip is serious inspiration to small business owners, thanks for posting!

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