intricate jewelry

These gorgeous rings are by Carla Nuis.
via Thoughtful Day.

Lauren -Oct 02, 2008, 8:04PM delicate

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Aren’t these so adorable!? I wish I had them sitting all around my apartment. Emily Sutton makes them, and she adds so many wonderful little details! You can see them all right here.

Elisabeth Timpone -Oct 02, 2008, 9:15AM
this blog is so much fun and very inspiring, thanks free people! Emily Sutton's birds are really beautiful, the colors and detail really make them special. Have a wonderful day!

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Oh Joy! shared the newest wallpaper styles from Flavor Paper, and I am impressed. Definitely bookmarking this site for when I live in a place that I can actually invest in such wallpaper…
I love all the trompe l’oeil patterns the best. They look like a classic toile or floral or geo pattern, until you get a good look. Like the first one is mutaches, and the third is a fire hydrant and rats! But check out the site (Flavor Paper), they have some other really amazing prints that aren’t so tricky…

createmo -Nov 01, 2008, 10:13PM
Thank you for your website :) I made on photoshop backgrounds for myspace or youtube and even more my backgrounds: take care and thank you again!
Fiona Richards -Oct 02, 2008, 11:40AM
these are wonderful - I love the shiny, mirrored finishes - great find.

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Knit for Needy Babies!

Need a fun craft project for this month that also helps the needy? Crafty Me Yarns, Elgar Richardson, and the Montgomery Hospital in Norristown, PA have gotten together to create a project called Knitting for Babies, which is working to provide warm winter clothes for underprivileged babies, from newborns to about 4 years old. Want to help? All you have to do is knit or crochet a baby item, such as a little hat, sweater, or booties, and send it to:
Knitting for Babies
Crafty Me Yarns
515 Maple St.
Conshohocken, PA 19428
If you have any questions, feel free to drop Anita at Crafty Me Yarns a line!

Jessica -Sep 30, 2008, 8:27PM
Okay, this is the cutest damn thing I've seen in a while! I just want to pick that lil kitty up and squeeze it =)! What a good cause by the way. If I knew how to knit I would def. help out!
fpgirl -Sep 30, 2008, 4:32PM
Hi Lauren! Checked out your blog. Those hats are great! I love the sweater vest too:)

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This sewn up sewing machine is so incredible! Made by artist Danny Mansmith, who has a history and a personal connection with the sewing machine as a means to make his art.
You have to check out his website and read his thoughts about art, and the inspiration behind creating things with your own hands.
Danny says, “My favorite sweater was one my grandma made out of a towel and embroidered a D. on it.”
Danny also says, “I love bad sewing. When you see something put together really roughly, you see—despite the individual’s apparent lack of skill and perfected technique—creativity.”
found via penguin & fish

computerized sewing & embroidery machine -Nov 17, 2009, 2:10AM
covering a sewing machine with such an incredible design around it can somehow difficult to used when you are sewing a dress. sewing machine
computerized sewing & embroidery machine -Nov 17, 2009, 2:10AM
covering a sewing machine with such an incredible design around it can somehow difficult to used when you are sewing a dress. sewing machine

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Meet Brownie! Brownie is the dog of one of our Intimates designers, Jasmine! We just adore Brownie, and he comes to work every day!
Nicknames: Brown-town, Buddy, Charlie Brown, Brown-eye
Breed: Boston Terrier
Likes: EVERYONE!!! Playing fetch with his little tennis ball, he keeps going and going and going…he’s like the energizer bunny, runs like a bunny too. A soft and cushy bed for him to stretch out on. Carrot sticks. Sunbathing, he’s from California. ;)
Dislikes: Loud vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers. People ignoring him.
Favorite friends: Agnes, Porter, Albert, Grandma Steph, Erin
How did you meet? He was a birthday present. Needless to say, one of most special birthday presents ever. Flew to Philly all the way from California and I went to go meet him at the airport. He was the cutest thing I ever saw! He introduced himself by going potty in my car.
Anything else you want to share?


jesse -Mar 08, 2012, 10:10PM
My puppadoo looks just like yours . . . seal/brindle with very little white on the face - just that stripe in the middle of the forehead. His ears are a little floppy - we have the pedigree papers, but I thought he looked more like a bug than a Boston Terrier. He's got a corkscrew tail too. His name is Fenway.
Terese -May 05, 2011, 11:55AM
Very Cute! My dog looks exactly the same- mean 100% the same. Same coloring in the same places and everything... I wonder if they came from the same breeder. If you don't mind me asking- where did you get your dog? From a Texas breeder by any chance?

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betsy walton

Last week I came across the artwork of Betsy Walton. (Sorry, I’m not sure where I found it! I just made a little note to feature her…)
What I love most about her gouache paintings is her color combinations. I also love how they all look like they are set in some kind of imaginary sea world. I even get that feeling when everything about the imagery says that it is set on land…
Check out her website and see all of her current projects and exhibitions, many of them in and around her home in Portland, Oregon. You can also buy a print or painting of your own at her etsy shop.

Don’t forget!

Don’t forget our Free People Fashion Illustration Contest deadline is this Friday October 3rd! That means there are only 5 days left to send us your Free People inspired fashion illustration for a chance to win an awesome surprise box including a signed print from illustrator Kris Chau!
Click here for all the details!

Thanks in part to HI+LOW, who found it, I have been combing the archives of Record Envelope all afternoon. It’s basically just tons and tons of pictures of old record sleeves – which it turns out is pretty interesting. The graphics are total eye-candy. Check it out!

Dutch artist Ferry Staverman makes these wonderful trees out of recycled cardboard and thread! Rag & Bone, which is where I discovered them, muses that he would like to live in an entire forest of these trees, and I wholeheartedly agree!

person -Jul 19, 2009, 1:12PM
scroll up and down by it and it looks like its blooming
FrurgySer -Dec 07, 2008, 11:33PM
Hi! My name is Jessika!

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It’s raining in New York, and the showroom girls all know how to dress for the weather! Check out the abundance of wellies today …

carrie -Sep 26, 2008, 2:34PM
wellie, wellie, wellie...will you look at that?

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Meet our first ever featured blogger, Rubyellen!

Rubyellen writes a wonderful blog called Cakies, which we first stumbled across when she mentioned a Free People–inspired bag that she made! (We get an email showing all the sites that mention us each day.) We went crazy over all the amazing things she makes with her hands and her sewing machine! She is so creative! We knew she was just perfect to be our first featured Blogger!
Aside from agreeing to be interviewed, she also created a wonderful craft project to share with you! Click here to learn how to make an awesome bag inspired by Free People!
Where do you live?
My husband, our two kids, and I live in a suburb of Los Angeles, about one hour from main city of Los Angeles.
Where did you grow up?
I have always lived in southern California.
When did you start sewing and how did you learn?
I started sewing right after I gave birth to my first daughter, True. I wanted something a bit more funky and personal, and since I am a stay-home mom, I couldn’t afford to have a shopping habit, so I turned to sewing.
I learned to sew by taking lessons at a local Joann’s fabric store. It was nice because the teacher let me choose what I wanted to make, then she would show me how to make it! It taught me enough basic skills to figure out the rest of sewing. Then, when I bought my sewing machine, the shop where I bought it offered free sewing classes! That place really helped me learn more tricks of the trade.
What advice would you give to someone who’s never sewn before but would like to start?
Learn how to do a straight stitch and after that you can pretty much learn to do anything!!!

What other crafts do you enjoy?
The first medium of art that I loved was drawing, but I haven’t done that in so long! I also love to crochet, needle felting, and how I wish I could paint! I would also love to learn how to make pottery one day…
What or who inspires you?
My husband, Ben, and my two little girls, Brave and True, are my greatest source of inspiration, but sewing for my little girls is what started all this. Ben is my quality control guy, and he just tells me if something looks cool or not!
Okay, not just because this is Free People, but Free People and Anthropologie catalogs really inspire me too!!! I get so excited and can look at each page over and over again! If you look at my inspiration wall it is nothing but torn pages from the two catalogs.
Also, I have a list of favorite blogs that I often frequent, which include:Black Eiffel, The Black Apple, Sugar City Journal, Soulemama, and so many more! (You can see a link list on the sidebar of my blog.) There is so much talent and creativity out there that I think everyone is learning and growing from one another.
Flea markets are also inspiring. I love that people can take something old and used, but give it new life with a new purpose. It is the same with sewing, taking something outside of the box and making it work. A tablecloth could be used as a dress or bag, doilies could be sewn in for some detail, the possibilities are endless…
What are your favorite projects?
I have to say I enjoy making myself a new bag every season and sewing dresses for my girls (and for me). There are just so many different little things I like to make that it is hard to pick a few!
Where are your favorite places to find hidden treasures for projects?
I love perusing through Etsy because there are so many ideas there that will spark another idea for me.
What are your favorite websites?
I have too many to name! (You’ll see I’m not lying if you look at the favorite websites I list on my blog!)
Where are your favorite places to travel?
I would love to go back to London & Paris, but with two kids, who knows when we will be able to do so!
Being a busy mother, a wife, and working, how do you find the time to balance it all and still make such wonderful, creative stuff?
I have been very blessed that my little girls both still take two 2-hour naps, so that allows me about 4 hours a day of alone time. This is when I try to get as much craft and work time as possible.
Please tell us about your little girls!
My daughter True is 2 years old and is really bashful and playful. She has honestly loved shoes since before she was a year old (scary, I know)… always has been drawn to putting them on. She can sometimes be very opinionated about what she wants to wear.
Brave, my 1 year old little girl, eats anything in sight! She just started walking, so she is keeping me really busy of late.
Their names are very different, but we love them and that is all that matters! When we meet people, I can’t wait for them to ask what our girls’ names are because their reactions make me laugh. You can really tell who likes them and doesn’t by their reaction! True wasn’t named until the day she was born–we fought the whole 9 months! And with Brave, it was worse–she came home from the hospital without a name, and was finally named 4 days later! I am little nervous for when we have more kids because who knows what we will name them!
Tell us about your blog and your Etsy shop.
Cakies is the name of my blog and my Etsy shop because when my girls were each in my belly and nameless, since we couldn’t think a name, we called them both “babycakies” -hence, we have Cakies.
On my blog, I try to document all of the different crafting adventures that go on in our house and other parts of our lives. It is a fun little space and community to learn and grow from one another. In my Etsy shop, I mostly sell hand-crafted hair accessories for babies to adults, though I do plan on adding more items for adults! When True was a baby (I guess she still is), I couldn’t find anything cool to put in her hair, so I experimented and came up with these hair clips. I love them because they had dimension and were different from the bows and flowers you see on all the other little girls, plus they were the only hair accessories that got a thumbs up from Ben to put in their hair, otherwise, he would have them in Mohawks all the time!
Don’t forget to check out the fantastic craft project RubyEllen made for us! You will want to make this bag! And if that isn’t enough, Rubyellen has generously offered to give away the Free People-inspired bag she made! To win her gorgeous bag, (shown here) just go to Cakies and leave Rubyellen a comment on her post about Free People! Be sure to tell her your favorite crafting site, and which items you like best from her Etsy!
Thank you so very much Rubyellen!
Good luck everyone in the give away, and happy crafting!

-Apr 21, 2011, 7:07PM
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Beth Perry -Nov 16, 2009, 5:58PM
Her daughter is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! I love how HARD she smiles! lol B

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