bunny trash bags

These bunny trash bags are so cute! They were designed by Tokyo’s MAQ Inc. to promote responsible waste disposal. I guess they’re not getting the same message over there that plastic bags are no good? Or maybe they don’t have enough public waste baksets and they need to cart their garbage around before they can dispose of it?
In any case, they sure are cute.
found via psfk and pink tentacle

Alice -Sep 09, 2009, 9:36PM
Actually, there ARE very few trash cans around in Japan...I'd carry these things around!
Kate -Sep 08, 2008, 11:58AM
hehe, I guess if you have to cart about your garbage you can make it look cute!

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Have you seen our super-cute We The Free Bomber Jacket?
It comes in three colors:
Red Plaid,

Turquoise Stripe,

… and Yellow Plaid.
Which color do you like best?

enormous tiny art show

The Enormous Tiny Art Show opens tomorrow in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, but you can view the work online right now! The show is a collection of tiny original works, 10″ x 10″ or smaller, by artists all over the country. The idea is to make art accessible, and that everyone can own an original work of their own.
At first glance, I’m loving these artists (in the order pictured above): Lillianna Pereira, Dana Robson, and Ian Dingman (below). Check out the rest!

Clingstone Mansion

Isn’t this house incredible?! It’s 103 years old, and sits in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. After it had sat for empty for 20 years, the current owner bought it in 1961 for $3,600! Now, I know that was a lot more money in 1961 than it is now, but still- what a great buy!

To see quite a few more pictures, and some cute and interesting blurbs about the house, have a look at this New York Times article. Very cool!
I found this on A Cup Of Jo, a nice blog.

Megan -Sep 04, 2008, 5:10PM
I love this, I just imagined that was me outside on the little floating dock
Lauren -Sep 04, 2008, 1:29PM
beautiful! I want to live there=)

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You’ve seen FP girls create awesome jewelry and some very cute picture frames using their Free People catalogs. Well now have a look at this incredible journal made by Rebecca from Sudbury, Massachusetts – using, of course, Free People catalogs! It looks so good!
Here’s a little note from Rebecca too!
Well, I live in Sudbury Massachusetts. There isn’t much to do around here so I spend most of my time drawing, painting or just doing something creative. My real passion is photography and my dream job would be a photographer for National Geographic – I want to see all the far corners of the world! I’m currently a senior in high school and I hope to go to Connecticut College next year.
Some things that I love: lying in grass, the smell of art rooms, karma, dreams, cranberry and grapefruit juice, city lights, planetariums and museums, the universe and the thought of how something can be infinitely big, the smell of the ocean, hands, first snows, and meaningful conversations…

Thank you so much for sharing your journal with us Rebecca! It is wonderful!

suzanne -Sep 14, 2008, 9:22AM
Beautiful, inspiring work Rebecca! Good luck making your dreams come true.
shea justice -Sep 09, 2008, 10:22AM
As usual I'm proud of you. I wish more artists focused on collage and writing.

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I’m loving the Polaroid Project, polaroids taken in NYC by photographer Porter Hovey. The light and colors are always so beautiful in polaroids, and I love the idea of instantly capturing a little piece of your everyday life. Seeing the images also makes me want to stop and take a better look at what’s happening around me!

porter -Sep 03, 2008, 11:28AM
You've just totally made my day!! I'm so happy that you're enjoying the project. It's really just been so much fun doing it. Just adore Free People and soo happy you guys have finally opened a shop in NY.
pruittfpgirl -Sep 03, 2008, 10:42AM
Seeing the images also makes me want to stop and take a better look at what's happening around me! I completely feel the same way!

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I’ve been a little obsessed with postcards that have state maps on them for a while now. They’re pretty appealing looking, right? I had been looking for them on Google image search, with some luck, but not tons. Today, I am totally pumped, because I found this Flickr set, which is all map postcards! It’s an impressive collection with some colorful eye-candy!


First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts over the weekend, and to those who may have tried to view the blog and saw a blank page! Our server was on the fritz this weekend and even this morning. We’ve been tinkering with it though, and now everything should be working just fine!
Second, I wanted to show you guys a few of the awesome pictures of stairs I found on Stair Porn! Stair Porn is a blog devoted entirely to pictures of cool and unusual staircases. I never knew I could be so interested and intrigued by a flight of stairs!


ko -Sep 03, 2008, 5:48PM
i immediately thought of these awesome stairs in the longchamp boutique in soho, nyc...if you can make it to the store its totally inspiring design
Lauren -Sep 02, 2008, 5:23PM
wow, wow, wow. Those are amazing.

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vain and vapid

Vain and Vapid is my new absolute favorite blog, making it on my daily list of blogs to peruse. This is why I love V & V: she shares my love of Lula Magazine, she has a great etsy store with handmade clothes, and just likes lots of beautiful things!

Chloe Cumbow -Sep 02, 2008, 4:57PM
nice link, thanks! Chloe C.

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The latest edition of BLDG15 Threads is here!
Lately at Free People, we have been really into braids – you might have noticed them on many of our models!
In our latest BLDG15 Threads, we show you (with the help of our hairstylist) how to make three different types of braids – a knot braid, fishtail, and twist-rope braid!
Check out this video below, in which our hairstylist makes a fishtail braid on one of our models while showing us how! You can find a video for the knot braid on BLDG15 Threads, as well as step-by-step instructions and drawings for each braid. Be sure to have a look!

Just for fun, here are a few shots of some girls around the office today, sporting their braids!


stacy -Sep 24, 2009, 12:22PM
I braid my hair for the heat this summer. Its nice to do something different once in awhile. But, more than anything I could not help but notice the picture of the pink parasol in the background. So pretty!
Alex -Sep 14, 2008, 8:46PM
i lovedd the braids and use it now! thanx so much. oh btw i was wondering to be a model for freepeople what type of look are u going for?

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We received this request via a comment, so I thought I’d share with all!
Designers are wanted for the Eco Exchange Fashion Show at GreenFest Philly
Sunday, September 7th 2008, 1PM
Eco-Fashion hits South Street with style and sustainability. We need designers using organic, alternative (hemp/bamboo/etc.) and reused/vintage materials. The festival draws 20,000 people and you’ll have the opportunity to showcase designs and promo on and off the runway.
Please contact liza ASAP at liza@goodlifeevents.org to participate or check out GreenFest Philly for details (throw out the submission guidelines – we want you!)

Labor Day weekend is almost here! A time for cookouts and parades and camping and all sorts of other fun activities… It also brings to mind the old “rule” of dress: No white after Labor Day, until Memorial Day. I was chatting today with a couple of the girls on the knits team, and we had somewhat varying opinions on how much power this rule still holds. Some feel this rule has gone totally obsolete, for others, strict observance remains. As for myself, I’ll be wearing plenty of white shirts through winter, but you sure won’t catch me in any white pants or skirts!
I am so curious to find out what you guys think of this rule! Please share!

Megan -Aug 28, 2008, 5:10PM
The more white the better!!!

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