Some of the pups at the office this week… I know, just more proof that the folks at Free People just fool around all day…

Hanna Yang -Mar 26, 2008, 9:08PM
Omg!! That is so cute! Omg!! That is so cute! <3 puppies!!
Jess -Sep 28, 2007, 7:33PM
Aww what beautiful dogs and beautiful people! What's the song playing?? thanks! xx

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new wellies

Get prepared for wet and cold. We’ve brought back the Hunter Wellies in 4 colors. And this year we have the Wellie Warmers too (seen worn with the boots in top photo), to make your boots extra warm and comfy.
Hunter is the authentic Scottish brand of wellies dating back to the 1800s. So these are no joke…

jaja -Feb 12, 2012, 8:59PM
that outfite look cute
Stivally -May 24, 2008, 4:31PM
This wellies are very cool !!!

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craft inc.

Thought I’d pass along this recommendation to all of our crafty readers. I spotted this book on Lena Corwin’s blog and it definitely sounds like a must read for all of you small business crafty girls. Check out the website and Lena’s review!

FP girl has something to say to all you stache haters. But first, check out this hat made by Vik Pronsdottir. I spotted it over on love forever and it is fitting for today’s topic…
Anywho, those of you insulting the Free People girls, shame on you. These girls work so hard to make these beautiful things. There are people in this office working 12 hour days and eating lunch at their desks. There are people working weekend after weekend to find the perfect shoes, or the most amazing ribbon trim. And it’s not all fun; there are still endless emails, and paperwork, and meetings and reports. It might sound silly, but this is what we do. And we are lucky enough to work in an environment where we can work that hard, and still fit in some paper mustaches. There is love, sweat and passion put into Free People and we hope that is evident in the products we sell and the images we create.

Oakley Sunglasses -Jun 27, 2008, 3:39AM
The clothes are you can find anywhere else, but you should be appreciate people... Thanks...
fpgirl -Oct 15, 2007, 10:33PM
is Alicia still reading this?? I've passed along your comments and we'd like to respond directly to you. Would you like to comment and leave us your email address? We really appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

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margo slinger

Thank you to Bloesem for intoducing me to the work of Margo Slinger. You have to check out her website of work. It is so clever and funny and beautiful. All of the buttons on her website are little vintage buttons (an one silly rabbit?). The navigation is a little tricky, and it’s easy to get lost in Slingerland, but so much fun…

true nature -Sep 01, 2007, 6:14PM
totally gorgeous!!

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The girls at the home office were inspired by the gods to declare last Friday, Mustache Friday. Check out the pics…


Cynthia -Sep 17, 2008, 6:35PM
Haha Frank Zappa style :)
dirty sanchez -Oct 03, 2007, 10:15PM
LOL -- some people are way too uptight. Just thought you girls might want to know that for the past few years, we've been honoring the men who wear 'Staches, year round. In fact, we call them ProStaches. We celebrate Mustache Friday once a year, that day falls on the first Friday of December. Visit our site and maybe you can have another Mustache Friday on our day - together. Dirty Sanchez Director of Logistical Mustache Friday Operations Live for the 'Stache|Die for the 'Stache

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k o p party

The girls at our King of Prussia store hosted a party last week to celebrate their 2 year anniversary. Happy birthday KOP! Here’s a pic of a few of the shop girls sporting their FP face paint.

Storage Haslingden -Nov 15, 2010, 8:51PM
That is a great, thanks a lot to post this.
magda K. -Oct 11, 2007, 4:59PM
Hi Anna!!!! You look great...good luck with everything!!! Magda

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Check out this rather beautiful video of floating fabrics above Copenhagen’s harbor. Produced by Danish textile company, Kvadrat, I found it on Lena Corwin’s blog. I love the contrast of the organically flowing fabrics with the industrial surroundings…

austin photos

As promised, here are some photos of our new Austin TX store!

baba -Mar 06, 2010, 8:22AM
Where can i get to curtains you have in your dressing rooms? And- the clothing hangers the freepeople stores have!?!
Desiree -Mar 09, 2008, 12:32PM
I went there from San Antonio yesterday, I got the Ditsy Dress. The store is great, and thanks for helping me with directions. I'll come back next month I think!

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Our stylists put together some pretty involved outfits on our website. We kept getting questions like “what are those shoes the model is wearing?” or “I can’t find those earrings…” So we created a function to help you find everything else that is styled with a particular item. Like the image above, for instance, is for the FP Super Flare Trouser. But the model is wearing lots of other things. So click on the little T-shirt icon that says “what else is she wearing?”…

…and Voila! Now you know!

trompe l’oiel

Loveforever posted this photo from our catalog on both her blog and her inspiration board. But, she also questioned, is this lace or lace wallpaper? I had no idea, so I asked the catalog team. They said it was wallpaper, and that it looked so real, it even tricked your eyes when you were standing right in front of it. It was in the bathroom of this amazing house they shot at in London…

fpgirl -Sep 11, 2007, 7:55PM
wow. Thanks Di!
Di Overton -Sep 11, 2007, 5:43PM
This wallpaper is available from Sera London a fabulous boutique also online at

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Spotted this over on and had to share. Images above are by Audrey Penven. She sews on film negatives in a darkroom wearing nightvision goggles. Pretty amazing.

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