Last night I attended the opening for the collaborative art project of Carrie and Doub!
Carrie happens to be our Assistant Art Director, and Doub, our Art Director, Assistant Design Director, and also my sister! :)
Together they created a gigantic eagle sculpture, made mostly of wood, cardboard, paper-mache. It is incredible!

The eagle will be on display here at the Philadelphia Navy Yard in building 543 for the next six weeks, and I encourage you to come check it out and write your thoughts on the wall beside it!
As you might imagine, it takes a lot of work to get a bird this big suspended in the air! Below is a little video clip showing the work behind getting the bird made, moved, and hung from the ceiling! Underneath that, more pictures!

After the eagle was finally lifted up where it needed to be, they were so glad they thought they’d give him a little kiss! :)
A picture of the artists at the opening, shown here with our buddy Bob!
People enjoyed themselves at the opening…
A little “thank you” from the artists, written on the wall!
If you are in the area at all over the next six weeks, come on down to the Philadelphia Navy Yard (at the south end of Broad Street) and check out this eagle! It’s so incredible!

Sandy -Aug 08, 2008, 8:23AM
Thanks Pruitt for posting the pictures and the posting. I was waiting to see the pictures. The show is amazing. Good job to Doub and Carrie and all the "helpers"!!
Beth -Aug 07, 2008, 8:25PM
I like all the bandannas!!

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Check out the video for our newest catalog, which drops today!
This catalog features the trend Proper Nomad, which mixes classic menswear and tailoring with more ethnic influences. The catalog also focuses on showcasing the many faces of the Free People girl! Enjoy!

mamie -Aug 06, 2008, 2:36PM
I just got the new catalogue today and it is amazing! I think fall-esque clothes are my favorite. I love the lay-out , especially the front half where it's just gorgeous outfits and writing. Cool stuff! I like the video and I'm so glad ya'll listen to Beirut! Of course groovy clothes would come from groovy people...
Toshi -Aug 05, 2008, 4:51PM
Can't wait to see the new catalog!!! Lovely faces in the video!!

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For our newest catalog, which will be dropping this week(!) we thought it would be cool to have various volunteers around the office hand-write the catalog copy! Here is a little video showing everyone working on writing the catalog! We are so proud of this catalog and we’re sure you will all just love it! Tune in a little later this week for our catalog video!

adesignaffair -Aug 13, 2008, 11:23AM
The answer to my comment above--I love this clip about who wrote the copy in the new catalog. Your blog is great. I love the sneak peeks.
Alexandra -Aug 10, 2008, 12:40PM
You guys did a great job on the catalog as usual. Though I love the scenery in others, this one had truly inspiring outfits and it's refreshing to see something a little different once in a while. oh btw, the dog on page 6 is adorable. made me smile.

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He’s one of these as a pup!
Meet Barley! He belongs to Dave. Dave runs our web site.
Name: Barley
Nickname: Bud, Buddy, Buddy Boy, Barls, Barls Gnarkley
Breed: Yellow Lab
Dislikes: christmas bells, doorbells (any bells actually), walks in the rain, being yanked away from free food on the sidewalk, the slow drive out to the park (too slow!), any talk of being neutered.
Favorite friends: Sadie (his sister three blocks away in downtown Philly), Maverick (a buddy from the dog park), and any FP office dogs, especially Indie! Also his new cousin Nook, a white retriever puppy (Nook is short for Nanook, which is Inuit for polar bear…he’s Canadian). Also his cousins black lab Banyon and Maple.
He’s also best friends with his sister Adelaide, a six month old human of the feminine variety. Addie’s instinctual response to Barley anytime he gets near is to close her eyes and pull her head back in defense against a big sloppy kiss.
How did you meet: Barley and his Dad met at the breeder’s house, north of Trenton in New Jersey. There were 3 available males in his litter, and he was chosen because he was the biggest and had the most dark yellow in his coat. Barley and his Mom met at the airport later that same day, she was flying home from vacation and was SO surprised to find a scared little puppy waiting for her at the international terminal at PHL.
Anything else you want to share: Barley’s sole purpose in life is to eat. Thankfully, he has never been put in this position, but if he were ever to find himself confronted by an unlimited supply of food, we’re confident he would eat until he could no longer stand up. His most terrifying moment came when his parents thought he swallowed a baby shoe. Turns out he didn’t, but we didn’t realize it until the surgeon didn’t find anything inside. He healed well and was swimming 3 days later, against doctor’s orders. He’s doesn’t care much for authority figures, except his parents when he knows he shouldn’t chew on the rug.
He’s an avid swimmer and has perfected the running leap into swimming pools.

ariella -Aug 14, 2008, 8:11PM
hoverdog says haaai!!!
Claire -Aug 12, 2008, 3:34AM
So adorable, he looks like such a sweetie!!! That last picture is really fantastic!

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One of our stylists, Mackenzie, took some stunning pictures while she was on the last couple of catalog shoots! Here’s a little note from her:
“We went to Virginia for the last two catalog shoots… and it’s ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL THERE!!!
Here is some proof!!!
We loved it!!!”

These pictures make me really excited to see the catalogs that were shot in Virginia! How beautiful!

pruittfpgirl -Aug 05, 2008, 11:06AM
Both the shoot and the bridge were near Goshen Pass, Virginia. yes, Va is beautiful!!
-Aug 04, 2008, 9:05PM
where in virginia was the catalogs shot?

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boot ruination!

Check out this video from the latest B15 Threads, in which we ‘break in’ our boots to make them look cooler for the catalog!

If you end up trying this method yourself, be sure to check on your boots after each time you run over them and see how much they’ve been distressed- you don’t want to beat them beyond repair! Depending how much you want your boots wrecked up, you can also bang them off a sidewalk or in rocks!

annie -Jul 30, 2008, 11:37PM
i just love this!!! thanks for sharing :)

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beauty of jam?

Yes, jam. Coolhunting made this video with June Taylor, a preserve maker in Berkley, CA. First of all, I love that they profiled her and put her in the mix with all the hip, hot artists and designers they are usually feature. Second, the process and her enthusiasm is fascinating. I love to see anyone that loves their work and puts as much effort, thought and design into what they are doing as any great artist would.
mmmm jam.

Please check out June Taylor’s website. There is a Michel Gondry-style video she made about her jams.

Our latest employee profile features one of our favorite models, Jenny! Frequently Jenny is seen gracing the pages of our catalogs, as well as modeling many, many items on our website! She is a total delight, and so charming! Below, find Jenny’s video interview, complete with a quick introduction by Lindsay, one of our photographers, who tells us why she loves working with Jenny!

Vanessa -Jul 27, 2008, 11:19PM
Jenny is my favorite Free People model, I think her look is so natural and beautiful, definitely fitting for the company. She brings such a grace and elegance to the photos. I am so inspired by the fp catalogs that I actually attempted to sort of re-create my own version as a college project last year (the URL posted). I would love to create another one and learned a lot from the creation of the first 'mock magazine.' I love the Free People company and dream of one day working behind the scenes! :)

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Hey Free People girls!
Show us your style! How do you wear your Free People? Head to toe? Flashes of flair?
We noticed that people would often upload pictures of themselves wearing
their Free People to our Facebook account, and we loved it! That got us thinking… and curious to see more!
Send us your pictures of you and your friends in your Free People
clothing, and we’ll put them all on our Flickr account!
Email your name, age, and current town with your pictures to, and we will upload them!
If you can, tell us which FP items you are wearing too!
Eventually, we’ll pick out some of our favorite styles and feature them on
the blog!
To get started, we put up a few pictures of our own employees rocking their
Free People here at the home office! You can check out our Flickr folder for
this event here!

Megan -Aug 03, 2008, 7:03PM
Oh my.. I am so glad I just found this. I saw it on UO but Free People is majority of what I wear! Glad I can flaunt it now. ;)
ParamusFPgirls -Jul 23, 2008, 7:34PM
Nice to see Meg and Sheila on the blog!!! Great picture!!! We love you!

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Check out one of our newer items, the Lacey Bandeau Cami!
This cami, aside from featuring a lacey bodice, has an awesome acid washed bottom!

We asked our Assistant Design Director, Doub, to tell us a bit about acid washing! Here’s what she had to tell us: “We love acid wash! As we all know, acid wash was a big deal on jeans and heavy metal tees in the 80′s. Those of us who actually did experience this time period maybe either don’t remember it or would rather not admit to owning something acid washed! Haha! We love to bring this 80′s acid wash back but on something unexpected like a sweet cami. Often if there is anything too sweet or too pretty we like to acid wash it, to bring it down a notch and roughen it up around the edges. It also makes our thermals and lightweight jerseys so so soft and antique-looking.”
We also tracked down the designer responsible for this cute cami, Dana! She tells us: “The acid wash is done as a spray over the finished garment, to get a variety of results on the different fabrics and trims. We love the acid wash! We like using it because it adds a rougher boy edge to the more girly feminine styles, and also because it adds a lot to the fabric and the overall look of the style. We’ll be using it again in upcoming seasons, on different kinds of fabric to get different effects!”
We adore this technique, and this cami! Keep an eye out for more acid wash styles coming this fall!

Affiliate Programs -Dec 17, 2009, 11:19AM
Such a good site. I am bookmarking this page.
saeed -Nov 21, 2009, 4:04PM

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The picture above is one of Adrianne Lee’s awesome fashion illustrations! She posted it on Free People’s Facebook profile a while ago, and from there we found her website, NinkyBink Boutique! On her website we found a ton of other cool fashion illustrations, as well as some really cute clothes she has designed! One thing lead to another and we asked Adrianne if she would be willing to do a guest post here on our Free People blog – and she was! So today it is my delight to bring you Adrianne’s awesome post, where she teaches us how to easily make a really cute corset tank! (With a lot of her great illustrations too!) Enjoy!

In less than two hours from now, you can have in your possession a corset worthy of envy from Marie Antoinette herself! This corset will defy the idea that corsets are uncomfortable (it’s made of a t-shirt!), it will be adorned with exquisitely quirky pieces of flare, and it will be made by the finest couturier, you! Don’t have a sewing machine? A needle and thread will be fine! I assure you, even if you have never sewn before, this project will be something you can handle with success!
Furthermore, this project was intentionally created to work as a coordinate with your Free People wardrobe! While it’s hot out you might pair it with a skirt and some fun leg wear and as it gets colder layer it with sweaters, jackets, and other tops! I drew a picture to give you a few ideas but I am sure you can come up with more.
This tutorial video will walk you through the steps! Good luck!

Here’s a little scrapbook to go along with the project!
I love this! I can’t wait to make my very own corset tank! Maybe tomorrow… on a relaxing Sunday? Thank you so much to Adrianne Lee! What an awesome craft project!
Also, if you find yourself wanting a corset tank very badly but not wanting to do the work, you can find other gorgeous tanks at Adrianne’s Etsy Shop!

AstrologyReadings -Nov 08, 2009, 1:16AM
Hey, sweet site. Keep up the good work!
katie -Jul 26, 2008, 3:52PM
ahhh i loved this!!-it will be my weekend project :) more videos like this would be fantastic :D and it would be awesome if one day you made a video showing how you do all the hairstyles that can be seen on the models :D thank you adrianne! (nice music too)

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Congratulations to our Free People Design-A-Bag Contest winner, Olivia Wendel of Marina del Rey California! You can look for the bag with her design to be in use at the stores in January!
Also, most of the entries have been uploaded to our Flickr account, so check them out!
We want to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated! And if you didn’t win, don’t lose heart! There are more contests on the horizon, so stay tuned!

pruittfpgirl -Aug 14, 2008, 9:40AM
Hey Carolanne! Some designs weren't uploaded to Flickr because we received them in a file format that Flickr doesn't accept. However, if you send your last name to, (so I can find your entry) I can have a look at it and try to tinker with the file type, if you would like.
Carolanne -Aug 14, 2008, 12:52AM
I was just wondering why my design wasnt uploaded onto the fliker thing?

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