Meet Sara, our Web Production Assistant!
Please tell us about your job and duties:
I work on the Free People website, updating it with new product. I also work with the images on the site, and copy on the product pages.
How long have you worked for Free People?
I started March 2008, 3 months.
What do you like best about working for Free People?
I love working with the great merchandise! It is exciting to see what is going to come out next and fun being at a company that has unique products. Also all the great people I get to work with!
Your favorite current Free People item?
The Crosshatch Printed Dress! It is so cute for summer and the print is really eye catching! It is a good piece to layer in creative ways as well.
Do you have a pet?
Yes! I have a cat named Rosie. She is looks like a tiger and has grey and black stripes. She is very fun and has lots of attitude! Some of her favorite things are cheese, hanging out in the bathtub and looking at birds out the window.
What inspires you?
I think traveling and being outdoors are some of the most inspiring things. Traveling always opens my mind to new things and different kinds of people. I love being outside too, enjoying a nice day and watching thunderstorms in the summer time.
What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?
I like going to yoga and cooking. I love watching the Food Network and the Discovery Channel. I go to concerts as much as I can, and spending time with my friends going to the beach or on trips. I also really love going shopping!
Have you a favorite artist?
I don’t know if I have a favorite but I really love art in general. My favorite kinds are contemporary and modern art.
Is there a current trend you wish would go away?
Well, I’m not sure if this is a trend, but I really hate Crocs. They can be cute on little kids but besides that I think they are awful!
Is there a current trend you wish would stay forever?
Right now I really like wearing summer scarves, which is something I haven’t done much in the past. I also love longer length tops and tunics over skinny jeans. I think dark wash jeans are great too because they are so flattering!
What are your favorite books? Movies? Websites? Music?
My favorite books are 1984 and A Place Called Freedom by Ken Follett.
Right now I am reading The Time Traveler’s Wife, which is really interesting so far.
Movies I have always loved are Empire Records and Spaceballs, which always makes me laugh no matter how many times I have seen it.
I also love gossip websites, like and celebrity gossip blogs.
The music I have been listening to right now includes the new Coldplay album Viva la Vida, and the new Weezer too!
Where did you grow up? Love it or hate it?
I grew up in Verona, New Jersey, which is in North Jersey. It is a suburb of New York and a very small town. I love it there, but I am happier to be living in Philly on my own! Though I do like going home to spend time with my family and friends.
What did you want to be as a child?
I actually wanted to be an author! I would write stories in 4th grade that were a few pages long, and think about when I would grow up and write big novels. The funny thing is I was the worst speller in the class!
What superpower would you most like to have?
Well, sometimes I wish I could read people’s minds but that could also be a really bad thing! So I would have to say being able to teleport where ever I wanted to go; it would make traveling a lot easier!
Where are your favorite places to hang out?
I like going to New Deck Tavern with my friends because it is a ten minute walk away and they have the best cheese fries! Also, The Bubble House is near there, and I like getting bubble tea and going for lunch. There is also a café down the street from my apartment called the Green Line Café and I love to go there on the weekends for iced coffees!
Lastly, here’s a picture of Rosie to brighten your day!

pruittfpgirl -Jun 20, 2008, 12:41PM
Hello R. Doty! Thank you so much for your interest in Free People Brand, and your friendly inquiry! I am sorry to say that we do not provide images or samples for external promotion. We appreciate your interest though! Sorry we are unable to help you out.
R. Doty -Jun 18, 2008, 4:39PM
Hello Sara- I LOVE your website ! Cool culture - I dig your art!! I hope you can help me. I produce a Woman's Magazine in Sioux Falls South Dakota. One of our advertisers, Hip Chic Boutique wants to promote some of your products in our next issue. The 'problem' is that all they are able to provide us are 'low resolution' images from the website. Are there 'high resolution' (300 dpi) images available for retailers to use in their marketing efforts? Please contact me at as soon as possible if you are able to help us out! Thanks in advance, R. Doty Sioux Falls Woman Magazine

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A big thanks to The Vintage Society for supporting our design a bag contest! Check out the vintage society for pretty vintage designs, Society Girl of the Week, and instant outfits. They also have a nice collection of videos. This one is their instant outfit feature come to life…

Chloe Cumbow -Jun 13, 2008, 10:21PM
huh...lovin this blog. Am a native of LA & currently unemployed & this blog made me want to take a whole unemployment check and go home for their thing on the 21st. Thanks for the fun! Chloe C. E T g o h o m e . . . . . . . . . . . .

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You may recall these from a post I did a couple of weeks ago:

They were on the wall in the Free People Home Office lobby, and I really enjoyed them and how they looked.
But today when I came into work, there was something new and equally cool in the lobby!

Wow! I couldn’t wait to share these sequined floral canvases with you.

penguin & fish -Jun 19, 2008, 4:10PM
LOVE THESE! I would love to have a wall of these in my house.
penguin & fish -Jun 19, 2008, 4:10PM
LOVE THESE! I would love to have a wall of these in my house.

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Check out this week’s Decor It Yourself episode, the Backyard Overhaul. They have lots of good ideas to turn your backyard into a beauty, even if your yard is just a concrete wasteland.

It is my great pleasure to announce the Free People Design-A-Bag Contest!
Using the colors green & blue, create a design that will be screen-printed on our medium cloth bags, used at all Free People stores and trade shows!
Aside from having their design used, the winner will receive a $200 gift card that may be used at any Free People store or online, as well as 10 cloth bags with your design on it for you and your friends!
A Few Guidelines:
-Use no more than 3 colors in your design, and try to stick to cool colors. Green and blue are what we are looking for most.
-The bags are made from sheer voile fabric in a natural color that will have the design screen-printed on it. Because of this, please keep in mind that it is difficult to have any colors that look water-colory or less saturated. It’s more of an all-or-nothing deal, where the color is there, or it isn’t.
-Please avoid things like landscapes or other things that wouldn’t look good upside down– the design needs to be versatile and look as good upside down as rightside up.
-Please don’t worry about putting the Free People logo or your name on the design. Our cloth bag team will add the Free People logo and a small “designed by Winner Person for Free People” to the winning design.
-The bags will be in use for Spring 2009, starting in January. Try and make your designs kind of Spring-esque!
-The ideal size for designs is 11inches by 16inches. If you are turning in your entry by email, make sure it is scanned at 200 dpi, or a higher resolution.
-All e-mail entries must be received by Friday June 27th, 2008 and all regular mail entries must be postmarked by Friday June 27th, 2008 and received by Friday July 5th, 2008.
-Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number with your entry! One entry per person, please!
Email your entries to:
Mail your entries to:
ATTN: Pruitt Shutt
5000 South Broad Street Bldg#15
Philadelphia, PA 19112
A friendly reminder: Regardless of which way you enter the contest, be sure to read the Official Rules, as by entering the contest you will be deemed to have agreed to be bound by them.
Below, find a couple pictures of past bags for inspiration!
Best of luck to all that choose to enter!


John1110 -Nov 29, 2009, 10:36PM
Very nice site!
pruittfpgirl -Jul 02, 2008, 10:18AM
Hey Katrina ! You can find the answer to your question on this post, which is a contest update - Thanks! xo p

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Meet Krissy from our New York Showroom!

How long have you worked at Free People?
6 years.
Your job title?
Director of sales and operations for retail and wholesale.
What do you like best about working at Free People?
The people, the clothes, and the stimulating environment!
Favorite current FP item?
Meg’s Smocked Dress!
Tell us about your dog!
She looks like a snowball and misbehaves all the time!
What do you like to do when you’re not at work?
Ride my bike, travel around the world… and I’m also learning how to surf!
What did you want to be when you were a kid?
I wanted to be a ballerina with American Ballet Theater.
What do you like best about NYC?
I love the high energy and the eclectic mix of people.
What are your favorite places to hang out?
Cooper’s Beach, Bridgehampton, Nikki Beach in St. Barths, and The Christophe in Amsterdam.
And your favorite restaurants?
Max’s on Ave B in NYC, & Geoffery’s in Malibu.
What is your favorite website?
Candy Anthony, which sells 1950′s made-to-order eveningwear.
What is your favorite movie?
Fire with Fire.
What is your favorite type of music?
Anything rap!
Have you anything else to add?
This was fun! Thank you!
Here is a picture of my daughter Makenzie (left) and her cousin Madeline- Future Free People girls, shopping in our Arlington store!

morgan Gilman -Jun 15, 2008, 11:17PM
Those 2 cuties are just a Starbucks away from being the next Olsen twins! :)
Marcia Wunsch -Jun 12, 2008, 4:00PM
Krissy looks like a Ralph Lauren model, is she, or was she? Those children are darling.

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Joy Feasley

I love this painting by Joy Feasley. Doesn’t she look like she’s dressed in FP? Those are definitely our woolly mittens. The painting is called Midnight Sun. You can see Joy’s work in Philadelphia beginning this Friday. Here’s a bit from the press release:
“Locks Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by Joy Feasley. The exhibition will be on view June 6 through July 12, 2008. There will be a reception for the artist on Friday, June 6, 2008, from 5:30 to 7:30pm.
For this exhibition, Feasley has continued to create the work for which she is known – paintings that integrate landscape, abstraction, pattern and decoration, folk art and figurative imagery. Feasley uses a bold and flat color palate to help define her intimately-scaled paintings. Her paintings suggests the landscape experienced outide cities – remote forests and mountaintops. The works also retain a sense of place, at times referencing the Hudson River School, and on occasion reflecting actual locations such her home in Philadelphia, or scenic California, where she often takes residency to paint.”
Check out more info at the Locks Gallery.
Found on artblog.

Meagn -Jun 04, 2008, 3:03PM
I love this painting!

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Suffice it to say I am obsessed with our V Neck Embellished Belt Top!
I did a bit of investigating and found that the pretty little shapely shell is the creation of our knit designer Melissa. The awesome embroidered belt was produced by Kris, who we recently featured in an employee profile. She found a printed vintage dress, and cut off a strip of it and sewed it over top of a belt. After that, she carefully sewed over the print to create the embroidery, and presto – the prototype for the belt was born!

Megan -Jun 03, 2008, 2:49PM
I love this vest SO much more now!!!

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I confess, I am somewhat hesitant to post the following video, for a few reasons. It’s not the highest quality video we’ve taken here at Free People, and also, I don’t want to be too self-promoting. However, I have had much encouragement from everyone at the home office to post it up, as everyone here finds it pretty hilarious – and it is kind of funny…
So here it is, me, very nervously getting myself ready for my interview at Free People trying to get the internship I have now. Cutting up one of the shirts I made and putting some finishing touches on it is my big sister Doub.

-Nov 23, 2010, 8:57PM
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Bill Bartmann -Sep 02, 2009, 9:53AM
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Georgie is the dog of Doub, who is the Senior Designer for knits and pants and the Creative Director.
Name: Georgie
Nicknames: gorgeous georges, georgie georgie puddin in pie
Breed: frenchie
Likes: to secretly go to web shoot shh! don’t tell anyone
Dislikes: the rule about no dogs at web shoots
Favorite friends: Stella her big sis of course and the web team
How did you meet? we met on the internet
Anything else you want to share? georgie likes to do imitations of Yoda. She is very talented and is considering a voiceover career since her web shoot modeling career ended quite abruptly.

prace maturalne -Oct 18, 2011, 2:22PM
Really awesome.
dez -Jun 06, 2008, 3:48PM
she is so adorable! She reminds me of Stitch from Lilo & Stitch :)

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*First name: Dana
*How long have you worked at Free People? A year and a half
*Tell me about your job: I work on the FP knits team, designing for alternating seasons (Holiday, Spring, Summer 2/ Fall1). I get to sketch and design things for each trend, select fabrics and work with our color team to chose prints for each style. And then we travel to our overseas vendors to check up on the product and help them out.
*What do you like best about working at FP? I love the people I work with! I love having creative freedom, and the ability to design things that are unique and hand crafted. When we get to see our styles for the first time before we show them to the sales team, it’s like Christmas. Everyone gets so excited opening the boxes, and looking at the product that we’ve all worked so hard on.
*Favorite current FP item? I love the Seashore Dropwaist Tank in white because it’s great to wear with jeans, and it’s a cute stripe which is always fun if you just want something to throw on.. and you can layer it or wear a cute belt. OH And I LOVE the Chubby Change Purses!! They are so tiny and cute and fabulous.
*What do you do when not at work? I hang out with my son Asher, go thrift shopping, sew stuff, bake pies, watch movies in the winter, go camping in the summer, shop ebay like an addict
*Top 5 favorite things (books, movies, websites, music, artists etc)? WOW i have a ton! I just finished the last Harry Potter book – it might be nerdy but I love them! I have also read Watership Down a thousand times, I like the Steven King Gunslinger books and any sort of biography/ autobiography. Some good movies are Moulin Rouge, Footloose, and Urban Cowboy. I heart art by Elizabeth McGrath and Audrey Kawasaki.
*What did you want to me when you were a kid? I wanted to be a ballerina until I was 12, and then I wanted to be a veterinarian until I did a job shadow and realized it wasn’t for me.
*Favorite places to hang out? The shore, the woods and Pennypack Park. I’m from Seattle, and when I’m there I love the Bleu Bistro on Capitol Hill, vintage shopping in the University district, Lincoln Park in West Seattle, Moses Lake for camping, Ocean Shores for vacation.

stephanie -Sep 10, 2009, 6:04PM
Hi Dana, Where did you go to school and what was your major? I'm studying design in New York City right now and I am love free people and would love to have a job like yours!!
DEZ -May 27, 2008, 2:47PM
I'm from Seattle too! I love it hear and can't wait for F.P to come so I can take my shot at working for you guys. Glad to hear someone local is livin the dream :)

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Sew Kewl

Friend of FP Elizabeth Garvey loves and collects old photographs, and houses them all in her blog, Sew Kewl. “One of the things I love more than anything are old photographs, especially from different cultures. Life seemed so simple back then, and their outfits were just the cutest!” says Elizabeth.

Check out Sew Kewl at Etsy where you can find little wonders such as this…

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