check out the fall 2009 playlist that is now up on fp radio…enjoy!

Standalone player Get Ringtones
jillian -Oct 15, 2009, 11:41AM
awww! i like this playlist even better than the last one!!! hot hot heat, the unicorns, klaxons... mgmt... wunderbar!
g! -Oct 14, 2009, 7:03PM
aw i love the unicorns!

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who am i?

these 10 quick questions will give you an idea (transcribed below)…

what is your job here at fp?
lifestyle blogger :)
what is your current state of mind?
still half asleep… (i filled this out first thing this morning)
who are your heroes?
mom & dad, john lennon, bob marley
if you could choose what to come back to life as, what would you be?
a sea otter
what or who is your greatest love?
friends and family
name one thing necessary to your happiness.
what do you hate the most?
what would the name of your band be and what genre? what instruments to you play in this band?
stoked. it would be a reggae/jam band. i would play keys and steel drums.
what color are you?
midnight blue
what is your motto?
no worries!

KmcDizzle -Oct 16, 2009, 10:43AM
Violence... good answer.
-Oct 15, 2009, 12:46PM
haha looking good

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make a wish

an old friend of mine is doing something really cool…

kael robinson is the founder of brazilets, a company that brings bracelets based on a 200-year-old tradition in brazil to countries all over the world. for years the bracelets have been worn throughout latin america, where it was believed that when the knots come undone and the bracelet falls off, your wishes will come true.
not only are the bracelets super cute (and they come in lots of fun colors), but 20% of all proceeds for selling the bracelets goes towards plant a billion trees, the nature conservancy’s campaign to restore the atlantic forest of brazil.
kael was nice enough to answer some questions for the fp blog.
where are you from?
i am from bryn mawr, pennsylvania.
when did you start brazilets?
i launched brazilets in august of 2008 and i launched live brazilian in august of 2009.
what inspired you to start the company?
i was inspired to start brazilets when I was given a brazilet as a gift. i made my three wishes on the braclelet and wore the bracelet for about 9 months until it fell off. when my ruby brazilet fell off in one month all three of my wishes came true. i thought if this can help me why not start selling brazilets to help other people around the world. so, i slowly started importing these bracelets from brazil, i went to brazil and met with manufacturers and went to the place where they originated,bahia brazil, and learned the history and found how amazing the culture is and the tradition of this 200-year-old tradition. i also wanted to donate back to brazil by preserving the amazon rainforest. so, i chose to donate a portion of our proceeds to since, then we have grown to have three distributors world wide and we have helped thousands of people have their wishes come true.
how successful have you been in your goal of protecting the amazon?
we have planted thousands of trees in the amazon and are trying to reach a goal of 1,000,000 by 2011.
what is the one article of clothing you can’t live without (besides brazilets!)?
i would have to say the one articles of clothing i can not live without are my sweatshirts! i love being comfortable and whether it is a worn old sweatshirt from high school or a new nice one that is a little dressier i can not live without it.
i love these photos of the bracelets from brazil:

check out the brazilets website here!

Fran -Jul 12, 2010, 10:54AM
So cute! Im going to buy a blue and yellow each for me and friends! Hope everyone's wishes come true!
lola -Oct 14, 2009, 7:45PM
that is such a cool story! the photos are beautiful.

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far out

erica prince is freelancing for our visual team right now, and she’s also a great artist! her work is part of an exhibit called far in far out going on right now at fuel (3rd and arch in philadelphia).

erica’s drawings explore the implications of distinct design decisions within interior spaces. by arranging furniture, “art”, clutter, and décor, prince creates environments of indulgence, frivolity, and dramatic potential. as she says, “i urge the viewer to make themselves at home. become the missing character. feel the silk upholstery, meditate, host a cocktail party, and entertain a lover. try the spaces on like trying on a bad outfit. you know it is too flamboyant, but you have a sick curiosity of how it might look.”
i would definitely like to step inside this space…

check out erica’s website here.


making a quilt!
i have a problem. i never throw anything away.
as a result, i have lots of scraps of fabric left over from past sewing projects, and old clothes that don’t fit any more, so i decided it would be fun to try and make a quilt…plus this way i don’t have to throw them away, and if it turns out well i have a nice new quilt for the cold months ahead.

to start out, i cut the scraps into evenly shaped squares – to do this i used a record and a cd and cut around them, because i can’t cut in a straight line to save my life.
then i just started sewing them together in whatever pattern i felt like. i lined up the two squares, turned them over and sewed them by hand.

pretty simple- it would go much faster with a sewing machine but i don’t mind doing it by hand and it’s actually a pretty relaxing thing to do on a rainy day while listening to music :)
these are leftover from an old pair of jeans i made into cutoffs. i think they’ll look really cool in the quilt!
i cut some of the squares in half to make triangles.
i’ll probably cut some flowers, stars and other shapes out of some of the extra fabric and then stitch those onto some of the larger squares to add some flair.
if any of you try making your own quilt, send us photos!

g! -Oct 14, 2009, 7:07PM
This will be a great project for the coming rainy/blistery days for me! Thanks!
Lindsey -Oct 14, 2009, 12:13PM
What a great idea, something so simple but love it! I'll have to try it out!

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meet your maker

i love this idea…every sunday from 11am-6pm a one-of-a-kind diy market takes place at the old american can factory in brooklyn. each sunday a different “maker” creates their product live, giving visitors the chance to see how it is made. the makers specialize in a variety of crafts including jewelry, clothing, food and home décor. I definitely want to go one weekend – if any of you are attending, let us know!

For a list of participating vendors, click here!

Ashley B. -Oct 15, 2009, 1:32AM
Loveee this! Wish I could go :( Whats going on for the We The Free Designer search for New York & Cali. Any cool new designers!?
Dentist Irving -Oct 15, 2009, 1:31AM
That's fantastic. If you are very much engrossed with vintage stuff, you can find some there. I think that's the fun part!

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welcome to another new feature on the fp blog! each week we will review a new album coming out that we think you all might enjoy. this week…brooklyn band grooms with rejoicer.

grooms (formerly known as muggabears) is a trio consisting of emily ambruso, travis johnson and jim sykes. grooms might be another indie band based out of brooklyn but they differentiate themselves with their ability to create soundscapes that alternate between noise-pop and clean, smooth guitar and vocals. this unpredictability makes rejoicer an interesting album to listen to, and it’s sure to make for a great live show as well. rejoicer officially comes out on october 20 but is available starting today on itunes. you can listen to some songs from the new album on their myspace page, here.

psst…If you live in new york, you can catch grooms at the knitting factory in brooklyn on thursday night for the rejoicer album release party, and they’re also playing a few shows during next week’s cmj festival (check out the full cmj schedule here).

Eagan -Mar 09, 2010, 8:17PM
great analysis

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yer fave bands!

a few weeks ago, i shared my love of the cure from way back when…
well, a couple of you emailed me with your faves…here’s a sampling. i love all these guys (and gals) too!
guns and roses


pearl jam
pink floyd
sonic youth
babes in toyland

artist stephen powers grew up in west philadelphia, where walls and rooftops were a blank canvas for the former graffiti artist. now, with the help of the philadelphia mural arts program, he has put a spin on the traditional notions of graffiti with love letter. the project is literally his love letter to the city where he grew up, that can also be read as a love letter from one person to another or from the residents of west philadelphia to their neighborhood.

you can find a map of the mural locations here.

fpfan -Oct 13, 2009, 7:05PM
these are awesome!

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le office style

a few pix from around the office last week…


Whitney -Oct 21, 2009, 8:38PM
Yay, Thanks!
fpjulia -Oct 20, 2009, 5:08PM
Whitney- the oxfords are going to be available at free people in december!

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i’m stealing some of the warmth of this pic for my brisk monday morning… :)

sorry…not sure from where this photo came.

Dana -Oct 12, 2009, 2:35PM
the photographer is jess gough!

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monday quote

“sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” thich nhat hanh

smiling is good to remember on mondays…

Lisa -Oct 12, 2009, 7:28PM
smile. :)
Jocelyne -Oct 12, 2009, 4:32PM
He is an amazing being...

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