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Richard Hogg

I am loving these surreal and colorful designs by Richard Hogg. The centaurs totally rock my world, and the seals are so comical! There is a lot more cool art on his site, including, to my delight, a few desktop backgrounds and a (scandalous) screensaver! So right now I have an extra fun and very hirsute Richard Hogg desktop! :)

irregular expressions

So, I wandered over to The Moldy Doily yesterday, and she had these incredible pieces up. Aren’t they just insane? I can’t even think what to say about them, other than that I just like them so much, and even though I bet a lot of you read The Moldy Doily anyway, (as you should,) I had to post these, just in case you didn’t see them! They are the creations of Irregular Expressions, a family operation out of Istanbul! Aside from their Etsy, they have a ton of pictures on Flickr, definitely worth checking out!

Doub and Lauren have fun as they pick models.

Indy + Erin = Love!
The latest lobby decor.
Jenna’s awesome birthday treats, yum!
Kara hard at work on something pretty and arty.
Bob says, “EAGLES.” (P.S. The bottle is empty- it’s an Eagles decoration!)
What the Image Team does with their down time.
Courtney enjoying some work that looks tedious. :)

Lucy -Jan 08, 2009, 3:48PM
Thanks so much! That was very helpful. I replied in an e-mail back to you =)
pruittfpgirl -Jan 07, 2009, 11:48AM
Hey Lucy! I showed your question to Doub, one of our art and design directors, and she wrote this little blurb for you! Usually, the design directors get together and brainstorm. Everyone brings something that is inspirational to them at the moment- it could be a vintage garment, a beautiful dish, a magazine tear, a velvet trim, or a book on Mongolian nomads. Then we decide in which direction to go. Sometimes we imagine this girl that we in a way would like to be and often she is a girl that is in constant motion traveling to exotic places. Once the direction is decided, we start pinning our inspirations on the wall and open it up to the whole design team. We really depend on the youthful eyes to lead us and love to see what they have to show. At times we all can be very inspired by a place like Morocco, or the deep south, or we could love a certain look such as menswear clothing. One of my favorite trends was called "old loves" and this was about menswear. We all brought in any piece of clothing we had from a current lover or an old love. So when we hung up all the clothes we had every kind of guy represented from the sweet farm hand to the rebel without a cause. Another one of my favorites were simply journal entries of a girl leaving La. to journey to "burning man" to find herself and figure out what she really wanted to do with her life. And she ends up in New Orleans and starts painting with watercolor over old floral wallpaper. So, the nice thing is a trend can stem from anywhere- it can be emotional, nostalgic, cultural or simply from a muse that has a "good look" going on! Hope this helps Lucy, and if you have any more questions please feel free to ask! xo p

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Pruitt and I both did posts recently about different clothing label related art projects (here and here), and then I spotted this! These are custom designed Doc Martens by Fake London for the project Original Since1460.

Doc Martens asked designers across Great Britain and the world to customize boots. Some of them are completely wearable and awesome like the Chrome Hearts ones, and others are more artistic or fun, like the Barbie cars by Jason Kirk.
Found via Bleach Black

clickbank review -Feb 13, 2011, 7:52PM
come to think of that , i never considered it in that way before

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carolyn alexander

One look at that eating utensil family portrait and I flipped! Carolyn Alexander is an illustrator from the UK, currently living in France. Her site is full of treats for the eye, and she has a cute little blog too, if you feel so inclined!

Christina -Jan 06, 2009, 7:54PM
I love Free People and would love to work there. I love all you post on this blog! Hooray!!
Ashley -Jan 06, 2009, 1:11PM
You guys are always so great at giving us readers the hook up. I love this blog you've posted about!

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This little video just cracks me up! I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. :)

emily -Jan 06, 2009, 12:37PM
o meh gawd that is the cuh-utest little fashion show of meh lliffee this is soo worth watchinngggg!!!!!!!

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Alissa, one of our wovens designers, showed me this cover of the Miley Cyrus song See You Again by The Mae Shi, and I am so addicted now! The Mae Shi‘s version is so catchy! The video is really funny too – enjoy!

heather -Jan 06, 2009, 10:17AM
ACK! I am hooked. I listened to this like 10 times today already!

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super surfer girls

This video makes me want the beach! I loooove all of the vintage footage and beach dancing chicks. Also love the fashion elements, the heels worn in the ocean, the suspenders with the bikini. Plus the hand drawings, this video has it all.
from Chicks on Speed. JC Report did a little analysis of the evolution of the band, if you’re interested…

pruittfpgirl -Jan 05, 2009, 3:01PM
i can't believe those girls who were water skiing on one leg! with the other holding the handles! crazy!
Miguel -Jan 05, 2009, 2:57PM
Fun video, I like the vintage bathing suits!

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What is your job here at FP?
Visual Display Coordinator
What is your current state of mind?
Who are your heroes?
frontiersmen, explorers, etc…
If you could choose what to come back to life as, what would you be?
recluse wild cat!
What or who is your greatest love?
Miranda (my cat when I was little)
Name one thing necessary to your happiness.
good books
What do you hate the most?
ego-centric greed and selfishness
What would the name of your band be and what genre? What instrument do you play in this band?
mellow country singer with tight leopard print jeans—> called TALONS
What color are you?
What is your motto?
“One sure sign of a bear… is a group of nervous hogs.”

lizz -Jan 08, 2009, 1:56PM
i want to hear what hilary's imaginary band would sound like:)

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Remember the little Electrabel ad I posted the other day? Well, above is the “making of” video that goes with it, and I rather think it’s even better than the ad itself! It was all done with lots and lots of candles, just incredible! This video has a more full version of the song too!
A note to those of you who have been wondering about the song’s artist and title: I have been searching too! I can’t seem to find it, but if I do, I’ll be sure to post it in the comments! I’m sure it’ll come out sometime!

Goedele -Jan 07, 2009, 5:04AM
Hello, I'm from the advertising agency Famous. The song was made especially for this tv-spot, so it doesn't really exist. Although, we are thinking of making an extended version, because we have had several positive reactions. If we do, I'll let you know! Goedele
Fiona -Jan 05, 2009, 7:08PM
Hey its me again! I just watched this and in the credits for music it says Sonicville... but no title of the song. I tried to look them up on iTunes and they don't have anything from Sonicville :/

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The Free People Art of Giving Winter craft swap is coming to a close. Some of the swappers have posted photos of their beautiful handmade gifts in our flickr group. They look so amazing!
Thanks to everyone that participated. I hope you all had fun:)
Check out the flickr group to see all of the gifts, and leave these crafters some comments if you love what they made. There should be more photos posting all week, so check back too.
Who would be interested in a Valentines swap??

Amanda -Jan 20, 2009, 1:17PM
Yes! Valentine's Swap, please!
Liz -Jan 12, 2009, 1:01AM
I participated in the Winter Craft Swap and LOVED it! I made a new friend and got to share art with them! I'm in for a Valentine's Day craft swap!

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patchwork label pillow

Lately I have been working on making a quilt, (I’ll be sure and post when it’s finished!) and so when I saw this pillow on Familyman5k’s photostream, it really caught my eye! It never would have occurred to me to collect and use labels to make a patchwork anything! Clever!
Here’s the blurb that Familyman5k wrote to go with the picture: My mother made this patchwork quilt pillow from labels I saved for years from old clothes, mostly from me, some from my kids. I really love how it turned out and wanted to share this as it’s such a creative and beautiful idea!
Remember to save those interesting labels from clothes before you throw them away. I feel that once people see something like this, many will want to save their labels and someday have one.

So true! I know I’ll be saving my labels now!

G -Jun 24, 2009, 9:20AM
Check out Terese Agnew, Portrait of a textile worker.
Sally So -Jan 05, 2009, 9:04AM
wow, thats a really cool idea. I'm just in the process of giving a load of my clothes to charity, I'm sure they won't mind if I take out some of the labels

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