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    Best Friends

    Apr 03, 2012

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    Our model Martha brought her adorable pup Bear in to the office today and Abigail was so excited to have a new friend to play with! How cute?!? Bear is a Peagle! :) (…) Read more »

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    Friday Fun

    Mar 23, 2012

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    We had a festive party this morning for our web production manager, always a great way to start your Friday! Cinnamon bun rice krispies treats! YUM. UPDATE: She got the recipe here! Abigail gets around :) (…) Read more »

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    I’m the Alpha Dog

    Dec 09, 2011

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    By now I’m sure you all know who Abigail is. And, from her frequent popping up here on the blog, you can probably tell that she and I are attached at the hip. She is a loyal and loving companion who trots along next to me wherever I go. When people say that they and (…) Read more »

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