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    Oh Yes! Alexa Chung Will Appear in Gossip Girl

    Aug 03, 2012

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    Yep, that’s right, The TV presenter whose style we admire so much is hitting the fashionable TV series Gossip Girl. This week she started filming and we’re itching to see her grace a few episodes. (…) Read more

  • fashion

    Nail Art: Art Attack

    Jun 08, 2012

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    I recently came across this image that Alexa Chung posted on her Twitter account of DIY Nail Art. I’m sure she was trying to make a funny statement or to see if this trend would actually be picked up in the nail art trend world — after all she’s a trend setter — but it (…) Read more

  • fashion

    Trend: Peter Pan Collars

    Feb 29, 2012

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    With the introduction of our retro girl Molly we have gone Peter Pan collar crazy. The trend that derived from the 1900’s has come back around in a fun and girly way and we love the addition it makes to a neckline. (…) Read more

  • fashion

    My NYFW Diary

    Feb 09, 2012

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    I didn’t get much sleep last night at The Jane Hotel… The excitement was running through me. At 9am after a strong red eye I headed to the Lincoln centre for the 10am BCBG show. The fashion flock were swamping in and the adrenalin was sky high. Everyone was excited to see what the show (…) Read more

  • fashion

    Style File: Creative Design Assistant

    Nov 28, 2011

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    She’s like a mix between Rachel Zoe and Alexa Chung – a shaggy jacket paired with a retro mini. She holds one of the most coveted positions at a fashion brand, and she’s this week’s inspiring style file. Our Creative Design Assistant (assistant to the Creative Director) knows exactly how to rock her miniature frame. (…) Read more

  • DIY

    DIY Inspiration: Nail Art

    Nov 09, 2011

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    Remember those rad newspaper nails I posted a few weeks back? Ever since then I find myself noticing nail art more and more… I’m terrible at the whole nail polish thing, because I bite my nails – it’s a habit I can’t seem to kick. But if I managed to get my nails to look (…) Read more

  • fashion

    Trend Spotting: we LOVE polka dots

    Sep 16, 2011

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    Such a playful print is running through our minds lately, we can’t quite get enough of this adorable look. It’s a look that made a very popular fashion statement, especially for women’s dresses and blouses during the 1920, 1940’s and 50’s and now it has made its way back and is at the forefront of (…) Read more

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