Meet The Founders: Josh Rosebrook

If Josh Rosebrook ever writes a memoir, I’d suggest the following title: From Chemical to Clean: The Josh Rosebrook Story. How A Classically-Trained Hairstylist Took Over the Green Beauty World and Became a Clean Skincare Darling All While Remaining One of the Nicest, Most Genuine Human Beings on the Planet

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Taos — Vapour’s Beauty Wonderland

The founders of one of our fave beauty brands share their thoughts on Taos and its inhabitants — a little bit pioneer, a little bit outlaw, a little bit adventurer and a lot of art.

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FP Awakenings: Awaken with Mindfulness

Not only do your morning thoughts have the power to influence your moods, decisions and interactions — they also affect the body’s hormonal balance.

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Current Obsession: Rituel de Fille Ash + Ember Eye Soots


“For us, Rituel de Fille evokes a sense of magic, intuition and a connection with the instinctive desire to adorn the body.” Read More