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    My Bikram Journal Day 5, Final Day!!

    Jan 25, 2013

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    I have come to my last day of this Bikram yoga challenge and I must admit I do not want it to end; having a challenge to document everyday has been somewhat therapeutic for me.  Although I will say I am looking forward to drinking coffee this weekend!   (…) Read more

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    My Bikram Journal Day 4

    Jan 24, 2013

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    I woke this morning feeling emotional, I wasn’t sad or upset, I just felt like I was in a quite calm place and it was making me feel odd having suffered for many years with a racing mind.  This feeling felt quite strange to me. During my work day I felt my eyes fill up (…) Read more

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    My Bikram Journal, Day Three

    Jan 23, 2013

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    I had the most peaceful sleep last night. I felt rested and relaxed and woke well before my alarm clock. My body was aching in places I never knew could ache and I did not wake with a headache this time. I was however feeling a little groggy from lack of caffeine, it’s the 3rd (…) Read more

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    My Bikram Journal Day Two

    Jan 22, 2013

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    My alarm clock rang at 6:30am. I woke, my body ached, and I was for sure dehydrated. The 2.5 – 3 liters of water was clearly not enough.  Although my muscles hurt slightly and I had a head ache from lack of water, I felted enlightened. I was ready to head back to Bikram class (…) Read more

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    My Bikram Journal: Day One

    Jan 21, 2013

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    I have always been the type of person who is continually searching for something… I have never felt rested. I needed to find my balance and calm the mild anxiety that had been following me for years. So, when the opportunity arose for me to participate in a 5-day Bikram challenge, I dove straight at (…) Read more

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