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  • Thumbnail image for Shine A Light


    Shine A Light

    Dec 25, 2014

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    The holidays are like no other time of year, the warmth of the season inviting us to celebrate those that surround us and bring light into our lives. (…) Read more

  • Thumbnail image for The BLDG 25 Holiday Survival Guide + Playlist


    The BLDG 25 Holiday Survival Guide + Playlist

    Nov 03, 2014

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    Each year it seems we’re trading in our Halloween best for holiday lights earlier and earlier. (…) Read more

  • Thumbnail image for Christmas Lights From Around The World


    Christmas Lights From Around The World

    Nov 26, 2012

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     Lights from Barcelona Every year I look forward to cities turning on their Christmas lights. It makes me feel all festive and happy and brings a coating of magic over the streets. For me, it kicks off Christmas and puts an extra bit of enjoyment to going out and shopping for gifts, and relieves some (…) Read more

  • Thumbnail image for Lazy Afternoon


    Lazy Afternoon

    Dec 27, 2011

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    I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!! I thought I’d share a few photos from my weekend, I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing and fun couple of days with family and friends. re-stringing dad’s guitar… Best gift? My dad saw here on the blog that I wanted a vintage camera strap, so (…) Read more

  • Thumbnail image for Saturday DO


    Saturday DO

    Dec 24, 2011

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    DO: watch your favorite Christmas movie Hopefully you’ve bought all of your gifts, you’ve traveled to your holiday locations, and you’re ready to settle in. Get cozy on the couch today, and let yourself relish in the holiday. It’s time to be cozy, lazy, and happy =). click on images for sources (…) Read more

  • Thumbnail image for How Magic It Seemed


    How Magic It Seemed

    Dec 22, 2011

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    When I was little I always wanted a white Christmas… well, it’s 60 degrees and sunny in Philly today – but I am not complaining, not at all. Happy holidays! click on images for sources. (…) Read more

  • music

    Tunesday: Happy Holidays

    Dec 20, 2011

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    I can’t believe Christmas is in 5 days?! Someone still has a lot of shopping to do… to help get you all (and myself) in the holiday spirit, here’s a playlist of xmas tunes for you to enjoy today :) (…) Read more

  • Thumbnail image for From Our Store Girls: The Perfect Gifts


    From Our Store Girls: The Perfect Gifts

    Nov 14, 2011

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    It’s the season for giving gifts, and we just launched our Holiday Boutiques last week full of great gift ideas. It can be a little overwhelming when it comes to picking out the perfect present, so we decided to ask our store ladies across the country what would be on their wishlist this year! Haley, (…) Read more

  • Thumbnail image for merry christmas!


    merry christmas!

    Dec 24, 2009

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    i’m signing off till monday…have an amazing holiday everyone! images: the drifter and the gypsy, we heart it (…) Read more

  • Thumbnail image for tunesday: bob dylan


    tunesday: bob dylan

    Dec 15, 2009

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    this album came out a couple of months ago but i felt compelled to write about it now, since the timing is appropriate.   in a career spanning roughly 50 years (!!!) and 47 albums, bob dylan has finally recorded a christmas album, which comes as a surprise to some of his loyal fans.  first of (…) Read more

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