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    3 Ways To Layer It: The Maxi Dress

    Aug 22, 2014

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    We all need that one piece in our closets. The one we can count on. (…) Read more

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    Office Style: Cozy And Cool

    Jan 03, 2013

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    This week’s office style is full of outfits that had that cool cozy appeal. Black netted skirts worn with cable knitted sweaters, ankle boots, and a cute stack of bracelets, or boyfriend jeans with applique flowers worn with a messy tuck and a statement red bobble hat. (…) Read more

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    Dreaming Of Cool Days By The Ocean And Cozy Sweaters

    Sep 26, 2012

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    When fall comes, wild oceans flow rapidly in my mind; stormy seas and grey skies, water so angry it doesn’t know what to do with itself. The music it makes, the swirling, the crashing and the hissing sends shivers down my spine and brings to me magnificent stories. Beach strolls on grey days can be (…) Read more

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    Trend: Snow Angel

    Nov 16, 2011

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    When I think of a snow angel I think of a soft wanderer, she walks quietly and oozes curiosity. Our Snow Angel trend derived from all things soft and pretty, beautiful cozy textures hang softly while pastels shades capture the nostalgic feeling of a dream like world. Snow Angel is about comfort, comfort in the (…) Read more

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