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    Trend: We’re All About Denim

    Feb 17, 2012

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    Denim is a fabric we can’t get enough of! It’s so easy, so versatile and so cool. This week we’re all about denim dressing as you can see by our Homepage. The trend: Head to Toe Denim! That’s right we’re mixing and matching different tones of denim to create a bohemian rock and roll look. (…) Read more

  • fashion

    Store Style: Blue Jean Baby

    Feb 16, 2012

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    In case you couldn’t tell by looking at our website, we’re pretty into denim right now – even the good old Canadian tuxedo!  But even if head to toe denim is a little too much for you, we love finding ways to incorporate pieces of it into every outfit, and it feels so fresh for (…) Read more

  • DIY

    DIY Studded Denim Cutoffs

    Feb 15, 2012

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      I have been wanting to do this DIY for quite some time now, but with the current denim dressing feature on our website and studded trend I told you about yesterday, the stars all aligned and it finally came together this week! (…) Read more

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