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    DIY Apothecary Bottle Necklace

    Sep 15, 2012

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    UPDATE: This post originally ran February 22, 2012 but lately I have become re-enamored with the idea of apothecary bottle necklaces! I particularly love this little one Brigette has, and I really want to fill one with sand from the beach so I can wear summer around my neck all winter long… (…) Read more

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    DIY Gold Chain Rings from A Pair and a Spare

    Feb 01, 2012

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    I have been into really thin rings in a big way lately – I keep spotting them on blogs and tumblr, and I love how delicate they look. Rumi rocks two little gold bands in the left photo, and on the right are a set of three that my dad gave me for Christmas (it’s (…) Read more

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    DIY: Brighten Up Your Jewelry With Neon Thread!

    Nov 30, 2011

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    When it comes to accessories I’m in a bit of a neon crazy lately – I love this editorial from Cosmo Australia that I saw on Oracle Fox and set out to create lots of fun, laid-back-surfer-girl-style accessories that look awesome when layered heavily like the photo above. (…) Read more

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    DIY Holiday Ornaments Turned Accessories: Headband

    Nov 25, 2011

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    DIY Ornament turned into Headband For this DIY we used the beautiful jewel encrusted ornament designed by Chan Luu. Our clever team used this ornament to create an adorable headband in just a few easy steps! All you need is a plain old headband and some fabric glue. Untie the ornament from its hook, and (…) Read more

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