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    Video: How To Use Our Mixed Thread Wraps

    Aug 31, 2012

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    Update: this story originally ran on April 12, 2012, but with brand-new hair wraps available in our webstore, we thought you might want a refresher course in how to style them. This time of year, there is no shortage of fun accessories – flower headdresses, head bands, festival paint, toe rings and crochet foot ties, (…) Read more

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    Which Sunnies do you like?

    Apr 26, 2012

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      The sun’s getting brighter… it’s time to pull out those sunglasses! We love the quirkiness that sunglasses can give your look — they can really make your outfit stand out in the crowd. (…) Read more

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    Trend: Accessories, Make It or Break It

    Apr 25, 2012

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    Accessories can either make an outfit or completely break it. We find that there always needs to be a little consideration when it comes to adding a bag or shoe to your look. We really love when a bag has a similar personality to the shoes. (…) Read more

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