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    Style File: Merchandising Intern

    Nov 14, 2011

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    Fresh out of college, our merchandising intern here at the office has sleek, cool-girl style. She pulls looks together with the ease of an off-duty model – rarely sporting color, and rocking a repertoire of easy tees, skinny jeans, ankle boots, and leather. Tattoos pepper her body with an added edge that’s subtle, but present. (…) Read more »

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    meet our new intern!

    Apr 21, 2011

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    we are so excited to have a new intern here to help us out! her name is naomi and she’s a student at drexel university here in philly, and she’ll be helping me out with blog stuff and writing the occasional post, so keep an eye out! here’s a little more about her… (…) Read more »

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    cream spinach soup & cornbread

    Apr 17, 2011

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    today’s recipe comes from our new intern naomi! i haven’t had a chance to “formally” introduce you guys to her yet but i will soon :) These random days of gorgeous spring weather we’ve been experiencing, have me thinking one thing – SUMMER. My friends and I have already jumped the gun and pulled out (…) Read more »

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    through our concept intern’s eyes…

    Jun 29, 2010

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    I made a collage using photos of scenes and images found around the office. The swatches of embroidery, illustrations, and inventive assortments of trinkets fuse into a colorful blur when I walk past each desk and I hope that the collage recreates that fleeting moment of wonder for you. Hi there! Not too long ago (…) Read more »

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    we need a planning intern!

    Dec 07, 2009

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    free people is looking for a full time planning intern! the objective of the planning intern position is to help maximize sales and profit by helping to develop and execute sound merchandise plans that support company goals for sales, turn and margin.  this candidate will possess strong computer skills, and be able to work independently both (…) Read more »

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