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    Adventures From Our LA Designer: LAX –> PDX

    Jul 05, 2013

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    Portland is a really nice town. You can ride your bike everywhere, everything is delicious, and it’s really, really beautiful! We ran around in the rain, met beautiful people, and got to see our FPX Designer Dana in her Northwest environment. (…) Read more

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    Adventures From Echo Park, Via Our LA Designer

    Apr 04, 2013

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    You may already be familiar with our designer based in LA from the Style File we did a couple of weeks ago and the feature inside her home. Well, now we’re going to have her send us little postcards from LA of the small adventures she gets up to and will be sharing them with (…) Read more

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    A Los Angeles Cottage We Love

    Mar 26, 2013

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    Our LA designer’s home is what you’d expect from a creative soul whose passion is drawing and making her visions come to life. Her one bedroom cottage-style home is full of things that inspire her; art books, great music, notes from friends, art from friends, vintage finds, good food, and a lot of beautiful natural (…) Read more

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