Wellness Encyclopedia: Eucalyptus Oil + Eucalyptus-Lavender Room Spray

Not only refreshing to smell, but literally has the power to refresh your home and your health…

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Common Scents: Guide to Aromatherapy

The simple act of inhaling can change your life…read on to find out how.

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For the Love of Lavender

Why everyone can benefit by adding this super plant into their beauty regime…

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The Ultimate Guide to All-Natural Skincare With Farmaesthetics

Everything you need to know about all natural skincare by way of Newport’s own Farmaesthetics Read More

Peace Valley Lavender Farm + 5 Uses for Lavender

This is a guest post by Johnie Gall of DirtbagDarling.com

The smell of lavender is unlike any other, at once calming and invigorating, strong and subtle, and if you pay a visit to the Peace Valley Lavender Farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, you’ll get to smell like it for days! Read More

Beauty: Do you know how many benefits Lavender has?

The benefits of lavender have been at the forefront of my mind lately… maybe it has something do with our home office being surrounded by the beautiful buds. It’s one of my favorite scents — my mind is soothed and I feel like I’m up in clouds every time it touches my senses.

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