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    Styling 101: Leopard Sport

    Feb 07, 2014

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    As our minds turn to spring, we’re getting really excited about incorporating leopard into our outfits in any way we can. For this month’s Styling 101, we’ve turned to our amazing stylists Ebony and Kylee to create 3 looks for us and share some expert tips on how to do leopard right. Enjoy! (…) Read more »

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    Style File: Assistant Merchandiser

    May 14, 2012

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    While in college, this week’s Style File spent some time in the south of France, and I think she may have picked up some style influences from the experience. There’s a sophistication and quality of freshness oh-so-reminiscent of French style in her way of dressing. (…) Read more »

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    friday style

    May 06, 2011

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    today is our stylist(on the right)’s last day :( we will miss her very much! she requested that our web producer wear the amazing outfit on the left :) (…) Read more »

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    Lovely Leopard

    Jan 19, 2011

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    Animal Print would you wear it?? Leopard is the type of print I have a love/hate relationship with. I can’t decide… I look at it and think naaaaaaaaaah, and then my conscious slaps me in the face and says “hang on a minute this can be cool”. Then, I bounce around with ideas of how (…) Read more »

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