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    BLDG 25 Blog Presents: Lucius The Band

    Oct 08, 2014

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    Meet Lucius – Jess, Holly, Dan, Andy, and Peter. Last year a dear friend passed their album my way (as best of friends do) and it was this song… “Go Home”…. This song did something. (…) Read more

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    Outside Lands 2014 Music Highlights

    Aug 19, 2014

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    Music festivals are not always the best venue to fully experience music.  With so many people in one place, the crowd can be overwhelming, and if the artist doesn’t have the right stage presence, they aren’t able to fully captivate the audience and the performance can fall flat.  I definitely did not get to see (…) Read more

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    A Look Into Sasquatch! Music Festival

    Jun 02, 2014

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    Our Social Media Specialist from Free People University Village, Katy, gives us a little peek into Sasquatch! Music Festival with help from boyfriend/photographer, Julian Peterson. (…) Read more

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    Music We Love: Lucius

    Nov 14, 2013

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    These two. What words can do these two remarkable women justice? Self proclaimed “wierdos” that loved to play in the dirt as children…. now touring the globe in head to toe matching outfits and voices that are finally now where they belong, together. These two can really sing. (…) Read more

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