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    Thursday Poll: Color Pops

    Dec 22, 2011

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    Publications are always telling us which colors to wear. Are we calling it nude or blush this season? Open up a magazine, and you’ll see how neons are all the rage. We’re color obsessed! One of the most fun things to do is experiment with color. We’ve been doing exactly that here at Free People which has (…) Read more »

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    DIY: Brighten Up Your Jewelry With Neon Thread!

    Nov 30, 2011

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    When it comes to accessories I’m in a bit of a neon crazy lately – I love this editorial from Cosmo Australia that I saw on Oracle Fox and set out to create lots of fun, laid-back-surfer-girl-style accessories that look awesome when layered heavily like the photo above. (…) Read more »

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    DIY Inspiration: Nail Art

    Nov 09, 2011

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    Remember those rad newspaper nails I posted a few weeks back? Ever since then I find myself noticing nail art more and more… I’m terrible at the whole nail polish thing, because I bite my nails – it’s a habit I can’t seem to kick. But if I managed to get my nails to look (…) Read more »

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