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    Kitchen Confidential: Crab Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

    Mar 11, 2012

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    This week’s Kitchen Confidential comes from Adrian, a cook at our 543 cafeteria who hails from Harlem, New York. Adrian grew up with a diverse group of friends and neighbors who all taught him a little something about food. This week he’s making a tempura battered zucchini flower, stuffed with crab and laid over a (…) Read more »

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    Shades of Spring

    Feb 23, 2012

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    Tangerine… living reflection of a dream… the color of the sun just before it dips below the horizon; a powerful and healing hue that stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. Items pictured: Crochet Cuff Henley, French Lace Trim Shorts, Dahl Court Tie Bracelet, Atlantic Neon Rope Bracelet, Distressed Tessa Tote, Mini Cables Pullover, Cutout Ponytail Cuff, Cosmos (…) Read more »

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