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    DIY Origami Butterfly

    Apr 25, 2013

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    Spring/summer is the perfect time for garden parties and decorating for the occasion is pretty fun, too. For a DIY this week we wanted to show you how to create cute little paper butterflies that will hang whimsically from your garden trees. You don’t need much, just paper, a pair of scissors, and a piece (…) Read more »

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    DIY: A Sweet Origami Heart

    Jan 23, 2013

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    Valentine’s Day is approaching, and with that in mind hearts are on the forefront. I love origami “paper folding” and have always been fascinated with the Japanese art.  There’s something about seeing a flat piece of paper come to life into a 3-D art form that I find so beautiful, and this is merely done (…) Read more »

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