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    Love Mixtape Contest

    Feb 04, 2014

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    When it comes to love and romance, few things can set the mood better than a song.  For me, music is always tied to certain moments, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be a love song for it to convey the sense of emotion and power that comes with love.  To celebrate the approach of (…) Read more

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    Our Fall Playlist: Contribute!

    Aug 09, 2013

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    There’s a feeling that fall evokes unlike any other season. The crisp air brings about a feeling of freshness; of a new start. It’s a feeling filled with a little bit of wonder and mystery, too. I love fall dressing because the color palettes become a little darker and moodier, and outfits become more interesting (…) Read more

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    Friday Tunes: A Playlist for Air

    Jun 08, 2012

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    Tunes for your Friday, with the theme of Air. (…) Read more

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    Memorial Day Playlist

    May 27, 2012

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    Hope everyone’s Memorial Day weekend is off to a great start! Here’s a playlist of some of my favorite summer lovin’ tunes, put it on in the background as you enjoy the beautiful weather outside today :) (…) Read more

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    Blogger Diary: Can You Hear The Music?

    Mar 05, 2012

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    It seems like music has been taking over my life lately, and I’m totally ok with it.  Music is pretty much always playing in the back of my mind, a constant presence, maybe just turned down to a quieter volume at times, but lately it is blasting into my ear drums and I can’t seem (…) Read more

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    Tunesday: Gardens & Villa

    Feb 07, 2012

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    I was browsing through Yours Truly’s vimeo page the other day and, having heard a couple of songs by Gardens & Villa, checked out the video they did for “Orange Blossom.” (…) Read more

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