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    FASHION trend: Colored shirts and high neck jewelry!

    Dec 14, 2011

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    As of late I’m pretty much all about shirts, I feel like I’m back in my school days again but I like it. I button them right up to the top, wear them under dresses or sweaters with the collar peeking out or just on their own with jeans. My new obsession is collar detail (…) Read more »

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    Trendspotting: Fancy Collars

    Oct 21, 2011

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    Shirts have become a fashion focus with an emphasis on the collar. Styled individuals are wearing their shirts buttoned up – right up! But it doesn’t stop there… Decorating the collar is key in creating a quirky new take on this trend whether it is with a necklace or actually customizing the shirt collar itself. (…) Read more »

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