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    spring outfit contest at space 15 twenty!

    Apr 09, 2010

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    our free people store at space 15 twenty in los angeles is holding a spring outfit contest this sunday! stop by the store between 1pm and 3pm and put together your perfect spring look at the store.  they will photograph you in your outfit and select a winner who will receive a free people gift (…) Read more »

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    in bloom

    Mar 31, 2010

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    the sun is out, the air is warm and the trees outside are blossoming with pretty pink flowers that smile at the sky… if you’d like to download the last image, head on over to our flickr page.  i have it set as my background and it is making me very happy. (…) Read more »

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    bring spring indoors

    Mar 24, 2010

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    plants are really pretty to look at but they’re also good to have around the home because they improve air quality.  they’re literally a breath of fresh air, and a way to bring a little bit of the spring that’s blooming outside into your home. similar to the paper whites we posted about a little (…) Read more »

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    happy spring

    Mar 20, 2010

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    couldn’t imagine a nicer first day to the season…hope it was beautiful where you are as well :) (…) Read more »

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    spring forward

    Mar 14, 2010

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    yeah you might lose an hour of sleep tomorrow morning but look at the bright side – spring is almost here!! enjoy the extra hour of sunlight today… if it isn’t raining where you are, that is :) (…) Read more »

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    march catalog drops tomorrow!

    Mar 08, 2010

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    …and it’s a beauty.  says our creative director: “we wanted to keep it simple on a set rather than on location because we wanted the clothes and the outfits to shine on their own.” and shine they do- this book makes me so excited for spring flowers and warm sunshine. i could totally see myself (…) Read more »

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    something in the air

    Feb 02, 2010

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    last week i was over in the area where our visual display team works on the amazing creations that you see in our stores, and i spotted boxes and boxes of these colorful little creatures… so what are they? our new store displays for spring! here’s a look at the installation in our king of (…) Read more »

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    It’s Time for Change

    Jan 15, 2010

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      I’m almost done with Winter, aren’t you? I’m bored of the dull weather and more importantly the DULL colour scheme in my wardrobe! So I’ve decided. Note to self- that from now on I’m going to introduce a little bit of ditsy floral into the mass of Grays, Blacks, and Browns that are over (…) Read more »

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