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    fp in nyc!

    Dec 18, 2007

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    The new Free People store in NYC opens tomorrow! 79 5th Ave, right near Anthropologie (it’s right next to Coach on the opposite corner). More photos and info coming soon! (…) Read more »

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    crochet trees!

    Dec 06, 2007

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    We got some comments asking for more details of our giant crochet tree display. Here you go! This is the prototype tree our display team made in their workspace at the home office. The visual team crochetters worked from the top down, starting with a styrofoam ball, crochetting around it and then down, connecting to (…) Read more »

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    free people opens in california!

    Jul 06, 2007

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    On Monday, we opened our newest store and the first store ever on the west coast! Visit us in Del Amo! The store design is completely new. Our designers planned this store to reflect the California aesthetic and lifestyle, making the space more airy and “modern”. Even the store front is a new design. (…) Read more »

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