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    Creative Inspiration: Origami Street Art

    Jun 09, 2012

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    Street Art is not something I would usually describe as delicate and graceful, but with these paper origami installations peppered throughout the streets of Paris, Mademoiselle Maurice has done just that. (…) Read more »

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    Street Art by Swoon

    Jun 02, 2012

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    Street art is something I’ve always had an appreciation for, but it’s rare that I see something that really takes my breath away. (…) Read more »

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    Sunday Funday

    May 13, 2012

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    These “Art Attacks” by Filthy Luker are hilarious – I love his tongue-in-cheek sense of humor! (…) Read more »

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    Before I Die…

    Jan 03, 2012

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    I came across this street art installation by Candy Chang on stumble upon yesterday as I was waking up on the second day of the new year, lying in bed and looking for inspiration on my ipad. The timing couldn’t have been better – it’s a new year and my mind has been working overdrive (…) Read more »

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    Moving Mountains

    Nov 26, 2011

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    Have you guys seen these amazing installations in Iceland by artist Theresa Himmer? The Mountain series consists of these large-scale sequin street art installations, “Glacier,” “Volcano” and “Waterfall.” The use of sequins allows them to reflect light, making them sparkle and appear to come alive like actual ripples of water or molten lava. I would (…) Read more »

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    Inspiration: NeSpoon

    Oct 12, 2011

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    What if there was a magical spider that weaved its webs into intricately beautiful creations resembling lace doilies and delicate crochet… transforming abandoned or un-remarkable places into a beautiful work of art…and instead of being repulsed or scared, people would stop to admire its work… That magical spider may not exist, but these amazing installations (…) Read more »

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