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    Blogger Diary: Fill in the Blank

    Feb 21, 2012

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    Since my last blogger diary, it’s rained, it’s snowed, I’ve taken sunny afternoon walks, visited museums – far too much to get straight into one (comprehensible) blog post. So instead, I thought I’d play a bit of “fill in the blank.” (…) Read more »

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    Getaway: Hong Kong

    Sep 09, 2011

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    It’s tough to come up with an all-encompassing answer when people ask me how my trip to Hong Kong was. I jump to, “it was great,” because it definitely was – but it was also more… The city has a lot to take in. Just walking around, your senses are overloaded with incoming sights and (…) Read more »

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    Weekend Getaway: The Adirondacks

    Jun 24, 2011

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    Summer is the perfect time to plan those weekend getaways, and our country is full of great escapes to explore. Last week I headed up north to camp in the Adirondack Mountains – a perfect getaway destination. The mountains, rivers, and lakes are immediately relaxing. We set up camp in Wilmington, NY right near Whiteface (…) Read more »

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