Wellness Encyclopedia: Why We Heart Hemp + A Grain-Free Tabbouleh Recipe

Ever wondered how to use hemp hearts? Or what makes them so good for you? We’ve got the answers…

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Wellness Encyclopedia: Maca, Explained + A Raw Blondie Recipe

Ever wondered what to do with maca? Learn all about the superfood and our favorite ways to use it, below!

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Wellness Encyclopedia: Lucuma Powder + A Superfood Chocolate Recipe

Ever thought to yourself, “what exactly is lucuma powder?” We’ve got the answer + an easy (and delicious) recipe

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Your Ultimate Guide To Plant-Based Proteins (+ Recipe Included!)

Kate Jacoby, Chef/Co-Owner at V Street and Vedge (two of Philadelphia’s famed vegetable restaurants), breaks down everything we ever wanted to know about plant-based proteins!  Read More

1 Cheesecake, 3 Ways: Raw Vegan Cheesecake Recipe for Valentines Day with Rawmio

Show your love this Valentine’s Day with something sweet (& healthy) for your sweetheart…

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The Lover: Hot Cacao Elixir

Click through for an interview and recipe with Sydney, Australia’s Orchard St. Read More