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    november catalog chapter four: wee people

    Nov 11, 2010

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    chapter four of our november catalog features our new line for little girls, wee people! as mentioned, this line is the baby of our director of design, who wanted to create a line of clothing for her daughter with free people’s unique aesthetic.  her daughter was her muse, and is also one of the models (…) Read more »

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    wee people is here!

    Nov 01, 2010

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    wee people is now up online! it is so exciting to be able to see the whole collection after hearing about it for so long – and the little models are really too cute for words. here is a collection featuring the favorite items of our managing director of design and image, who was inspired (…) Read more »

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    november catalog sneak peek!

    Oct 28, 2010

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    this year’s holiday book is incredible- not only is it twice the length of our usual catalogs but it is put together beautifully.  the book is split into six sections, each with a different focus, setting, photographer and models. here is a sneak peek at the book, which drops tuesday november 2nd. chapter one: be (…) Read more »

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    introducing wee people!

    Oct 28, 2010

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    i am so excited to introduce wee people… a line for our tiniest muses! the collection captures the spirit of the free people girl in her earliest stages, when fairy tales are real and imagination knows no boundaries.  whimsical party dresses to release her inner princess, cozy sweaters and items with free people’s unique details (…) Read more »

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