Our stylists put together some pretty involved outfits on our website. We kept getting questions like “what are those shoes the model is wearing?” or “I can’t find those earrings…” So we created a function to help you find everything else that is styled with a particular item. Like the image above, for instance, is for the FP Super Flare Trouser. But the model is wearing lots of other things. So click on the little T-shirt icon that says “what else is she wearing?”…

…and Voila! Now you know!

august poetry

hayley was blue.
blue hat, blue coat, and big bouncy blue curls.
jane, she was violet.
violet hair, violet velvet maxi coat, and violet eyelashes.
betty was yellow.
yellow trench, yellow sunglasses, and yellow canary
feathers in her yellow hair.
the decade that swung.
never knowin what was to come.
i felt alive in these frocks.
all dolled up for a swingin’ party.
walkin down london streets
platform shoes
twiggy legs
skippin to the beats.
mini skirts, mini cars
big life and bright stars.
young, fancy, free
my heart belonged to biba,
but my love belonged to me
…written by one of our fp girls to put the trend inspiration into inspiring words…

Jess -Aug 11, 2007, 2:50PM
Aww...it's beautiful! I adore this poem! It really captures the swinging sixties era of BIBA and carnaby street, and London back then! It's lovely...really a favourite poem for me now! I love free people girls..so creative and beautiful! Thanks for such an inspiring poem! Much love!! xx
Jo -Aug 11, 2007, 4:09AM

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On it’s way to you, our August catalog! The inspiration for this collection is a mix of art nouveau, mod and glam. Kind of dark, decorative and beautiful… Our catalog team was in London a few months ago, on their way out to shoot the Grunge Princess July catalog at Vintage Vacations. While in London, they met up with some friends at a restaurant. The atmosphere was so amazing there and they decided it was perfect for their next shoot! They also scouted some other locations, a private home and a beautiful park.

Here I’ve posted a couple of books the creative team referenced for inspiration to do the graphics and illustrations. They were looking at a lot of art nouveau artwork and ornament.
And here is one of the original watercolors painted by one of our creative assistants. Amazing, right? Check out the catalog online, and check your mailboxes!

Jess -Aug 11, 2007, 2:47PM
Aww thanks so much! I hope it works out! =) Many kisses! xx
Jo -Aug 11, 2007, 4:05AM
Wow! Jess´s idea is amazing, it would be great if it became true!

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I spotted these on poppytalk and just had to share! I love these silkscreened chair pads to make any seating area a lot more interesting. Get your own on etsy

penguin & fish -Jul 25, 2007, 3:05PM
HAH! these are super great!
penguin & fish -Jul 25, 2007, 3:05PM
HAH! these are super great!

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Want s’more behind the scenes info on our new catalog? Well, I’ve told you that the trend concept is Grunge Princess. This idea is how the inspiration for the artwork came about. All of the little drawings and color swatches are done in crayon and colored pencil. They are slightly juvenile looking to me, the way I might have doodled in my notebook the first time grunge was cool. Very Sassy magazine like. And the swatches of color also relate to the idea of patchwork and afghans. Then there are all the scrolling designs and flowers, to meet up with the “princess” part of the trend.

Our photo team took a bunch of cool photos with a Holga camera just for fun. The photos turned out really cool and we ended up using them to border a lot of the pages. These are all the negatives and the images with the blurred edges you see along the sides and in the backgrounds throughout the catalog.

Jess -Aug 06, 2007, 11:56PM
Me again haha....speaking of catalogs I had a suggestion for the free people website! I was wondering if you could have links or an archive of all the free people catalogs online. I really enjoy looking through them, and although I keep all of mine I accidently lost two of them! =( They were nowhere to be found and I would LOVE to find them on the free people website. I hope this is possible! Thanks free people! xx
Allison -Jul 25, 2007, 11:56AM
Everything in your new catalog is amazing. I'm going to have a hard time deciding exactly what to buy for this fall. I'll most definitely be buying some sweaters and thermals though, you can never go wrong with those. By the way, whoever did the models' makeup did a great job, I love their look.

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july catalog

The July catalog is coming! We called the trend concept “grunge princess” The video is already up on our site, so check it out. Our assistant creative director wrote this little note for you, to tell you all about the shoot…
ironically enough, it was a posting that our fpgirl put on the blog that led us to vintage vacations. (remember??)
that’s the name of the “camp” on the isle of wight – just off the coast of southern england – where we shot our grunge princess catalog…
helen, the woman who runs vintage vacations along with her husband, bought an airstream trailer from ebay and had it shipped to her.
and then vintage vacations was born.
situated on a plot of farmland (owned by farmer ted, I think) on the isle, the property now hosts 5 trailers which folks can rent out for friends/families/photo shoots.
we spent a lot of time photographing on vintage vacations’ property, in and around the airstreams which helen kitsched up herself with help from local flea markets/shops.
she and her uncle drove us out all around the island, too…full of hills of sheep, endless fields of flowers, beautiful rocky cliffs.
it’s an amazing place, for sure.
and no day was complete without helen’s tea and scones with clotted cream (absolutely delicious).

Ijlal/freegal -Jul 11, 2007, 8:29PM
I agree the new line is awesome. I love the scrool print hoody I went to Pennslanding last night it was a little cold and I wore got so many compliments. I also love the grandma cardigan can't wait until it get's a little cold so I can wear it. The plaid scarf matches the lining of a coat I bought a couple of years ago down South Street. I look forward to every new collection every new season because I know Free People will never let me down. Biggest Fan
emily -Jul 10, 2007, 3:08PM
i love the new line!!!!! im especially happy to see that you came out with more of the burned out tees!!! those are my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!

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The last time I thought about scrunchies, I was watching Sex and the City. Carrie was criticizing Berger’s latest book because he portrayed a fashionable New York woman wearing a scruchy. At the time, no true hip New Yorker would wear a scrunchy in public. We think it’s time to bring back the scrunchy. Check out our Tanzania Scrunchy in four tribal prints. There’s a little extra FP touch with multi colored yarn detail…

fpgirl -Aug 08, 2007, 10:57PM
hi riley! I have no idea how to get your hands on vintage free people. Ebay? We don't have stock of any old styles... sorry
Riley -Aug 06, 2007, 5:33PM
Hah, wow. Scrunchies? They are cute I have to admit! I love the patterns. I just can't see myself wearing them, I would have to see someone else pulling them off oh so well. Anyway, I run a couple style sites and one includes Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus. Both wear alot of Free People on the show and off. So I just gotta say, your line is fantastic! Also, I really liked this sweatshirt that came out around the holidays in 06 and I really liked it, but it is unavaliable now. It was the Patchwork Hoodie. It was like a navy blue color short sleeve hoodie with clasps for buttons and some patchwork detail by the hood and shoulders. Do you know where I could still get that? I'm very attached to it I must say. I also liked that one tank top with the swimming koi on it. Very cute. If someone could get back to me through email about this (click my name), that would be awesome. Thanks!

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I’m sure you’ve noticed all this talk about “homestead” on our website the last week or two. What’s homestead? It’s the name of our latest trend concept. Since we didn’t do a catalog inspired by this trend, I thought I’d give you some of the info we use in the home office to connect to this idea. Check out this poem written by one of our girls on the creative team…
land of buffalo bones and tumbling stones.
old guns and whispering ghosts,
forbidden love and untamed hearts.
old time desperado and willful maiden.
lonesome prairie and wild frontier.
across the wide, open, airy fields,
through tall weeds and wild flowers.
plaid skirt, dusty wind blown hair,
dandelion petals in your eyelashes.
my senses obscured by white lace and
a curling trail of gun smoke.
lay your blouse across the chair
let fall the flowers
from your hair
and kiss me
with that country mouth
so plain

and shop for pieces inspired by homestead here!

adeline -Dec 14, 2011, 8:41AM
very nice dress :) This is still available in 2011 ? Thanks, Adeline
Emily -Jun 30, 2007, 2:29AM
Ok great, thanks!!

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Dittos are our newest denim brand we are carrying in the stores on on the web.(check em out here) Dittos was a hot brand in the 70′s that has recently been revived for the benefit of our generation. The fit has that 70′s classic feel to it. They’re a little bit high waisted. The denim is thin, super light and flowy and the leg is really long. The back has a double yoke (with a really cute shape) and no pocket. And these puppies don’t stretch much and you should wear them 70′s style, super tight. Like, maybe you should get out your pliers and lay down to button them…
Here, the sales girls at our Paramus, NJ store try on the white dittos (the security tag is hot, right?) and get silly, Backstreet Boys style.

Brent -Nov 25, 2007, 4:34AM
OK, here's one for you -- I remember Dittos, the 'saddleseat' seams and all. Now, here's something a lot of you may NOT remember... Dittos for Guys! Yep. Short-lived, but yes, Dittos tried marketing to the guys as well, as more than a few guys actually bought the 'girls' style, myself included.
ParamusGlamorous -Jun 28, 2007, 11:39AM
Yeah, our girls are fit. Come in and try on the DITTOS! Emma Roberts loves them! http://whowhatweardaily.com/website/full_article.php?id=366

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I wanted to point out how great these bags we have are by A. Kurtz. We have this awesome cargo backpack and a fieldbag as well. A. Kurtz makes all these amazing military inspired bags with really great details, like leather trim and cool hardware, screenprinting and stitching. They’re both made of canvas. The backpack has tons of useful pockets and even has an extra handle on the side. And check out the A. Kurtz philosophy…

chris -Mar 29, 2011, 10:37AM
hey im a guy and iv been looking for a backpack like this one, do u think this backpack is only for girls?
heyheyhey! -Dec 22, 2009, 8:21PM
just was looking up this brand because my frined gets these hats and bags for free from where her dad works i didnt no they were so expensive and in style but i got another bag today it is really nice! its the one in the first picture! :D

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photo share

Wanted to show you some of the great photos you’re posting in our free (people) style flickr group. I love how much effort some of you are putting into this, with amazing styling and creative composition.
But, I’m also loving all the snapshots too! This one is definitely a favorite!
Post your own photos here and get creative! We wanna see more photos!

-May 30, 2007, 4:37PM
I think the photos in the group are great, especially the very stylish Carolina (middle photo above). She really knows how to show off Free People.
alithea -May 27, 2007, 6:46PM
hello! ive posted a few of my photos, but i also just posted some photos from my work. im a visual merchandiser at a store that carries free people and we looooooooove it, and i love showing all the different ways it can be worn. so great!

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The girls at our Paramus NJ store were having a “fit session”. They do this frequently to try on all of the newest styles to see how they fit and what you can wear them with. That way they can let customers know all the details and help them put together great outfits. This time the girls decided to make a mini photoshoot out of the event. I’ve posted some of the photos and I’ll put the rest on our flickr group free (people) style

dez -May 27, 2008, 4:57PM
I realize this blog is way old (last year) but I really want to know where i can find the dress outfit. It is so cute.
fpgirl -May 18, 2007, 10:09AM
Hi Annie, Yes, they were already sent out. I'll resend yours now so check your junk folder. If you still don't have it, maybe I can leave it in a comment on your blog? xxofpgirl

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