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We here at free people are a curious bunch. We share an interest in exploring all aspects of the artistic culture that surrounds us and in the people that create it. This blog is about sharing those discoveries and maybe even inspiring you to do some discovering of your own.

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Yayyy!! I’m already in love with this blog.
Keep it moving.


I’m so happy Free People has a blog now! I’ve been wearing the brand since 1994.
This might be a silly question to ask, but how can one become a Free People model?


Hi Sarah! We go to the pros for our models, booking them through agencies in NY mostly. Thanks so much for commenting!

Love the clothes, love the site design and all the design details you’ve always paid such amazingly good attention to. Mentioned your fab new blog over at both and!!


Your catalog is very well designed, the paper choice is great too.


The blogs so far have been really interesting, and they nicely add to the idea of what Free People is all about. Good job so far!


Wow. Really. Love the DIY-ness and cool chick factor feel of the blog. Adore the behind-the-scenes as well. This is just my speed….

Hey! I loooove free people and am obsessed with my new wool jacket (the officer)- it’s stuplendous (did I just make that word up?), I wear it everyday! I also just wanted to say hello, and introduce you to my indie design blog, Modish, only because I think you might dig it. So, hello! And, Keep up the good blogging action, and I’ll keep up the plentiful purchasing =)


I was just wondering how you are affiliated with Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters? Are the designs teams the same? Or are you owned by the same company? The catalogue addresses are the same. But all three stores have their own look.I like the blog idea and the links.Great idea.


Hi Suzi. All three brands are under Urban Outfitters Inc. We are owned by the same company but operate separately in terms of design. Each company has it’s own designers, display team, merchandisers, etc that work within the aesthetic of that particular brand. Hope I answered your question. Thanks for reading!

wonderful blog for wonderful things and lifestyle! i’d love to place a link to it on my blog – would you mind? thought i’d ask beforehand. good luck with all things. nina


Hi Nina! We would love if you posted a link! There are some beautiful images on your blog. Thanks for reading…

Hey, I just wanted to let you know I used an image and linked back to it. I hope this is okay!
If not, just shoot me an email and I’ll change it as soon as I can.
Thanks for the inspiration and incredible blog!

Stephanie Naman

Love Free People! I wore one of your dresses to the launch party for our book, BarCode: Your Personal Pocket Decoder to the Modern Dating Scene. You can see pics at We’d also love to send you a review copy. How do we go about it?


I love the links to other fashion and art sites. I spent over two hours surfing the net because of this blog. Thanks to Free People, I will be failing all my classes this semester! ;o)


Hey. I just wanted to let everyone at FreePeople that i love all of your clothes and have been trying to afford your clothing! it is so lovely but at the same time so expencive. hehe. well i hope to make it to your store one day.

what is the link face hunter for? is that like where you get your models?? coooollll. i love this blog. thanks a quadrilliiioonn!


hey i love your clothes! thats why i chose your company for my research project, im a design major and i love your look. i know you go for an artsy urban look but i was wondering how you would describe the “design philosophy”- i know its one of those annoyingly trite terms, sorry! also do you have anywhere i could find more info on how the company started out? wheres the flagsip, target customer etc, thanks so much! please excuse the needy- student behavior


I love the Patched Fairisle Hoodie, but can’t seem to find it. Are there any available in XS?
#65X0991 on page 15 in the Holiday 2006 catalog. Thanks!

Love the catalog, love the clothes, but I think I like the blog the best! Great posts about the falling garden installation and the trapeze style fashion…oh, and the felt cake and the background info on the catalog design! I added a link on my blog. Thanks!


can we still purchase one of the adorable panda bear stuffed animals with the embroidery anywhere?


Hi Mariska,
Sadly we are sold out of the panda bears.

I’d love to use a few of the new fp umbrellas for our “baby doll anime” editorial in our summer ’07 issue. Even though our readers are 12-17 they adore fp clothes. Check out the website: We’re published quarterly.


heyyy i basically am obsessed with freepeople to the point where im mad fun of my love for this company hahaha its basically my entire wardrobe! but i was just wondering if its possible to get any of the fabrics that you have on displays in your store cause im redoing my room and your store in roosevelt field mall has inspired me


hey, i am dying to have a vintage prom dress which is relatively inexpensive (under $400). but i can’t even find many vintage dresses that fit the “prom” criteria, aka long and a spring color. freepeople blog and its readers seem very plugged in to the vintage scene, so i was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere i could find such a dress? thankyou!!